How To Get More Views On Youtube – Top Tips For Your Channel

If you have monetized your YouTube channel, then more views very simply mean more money in your bank account at the end of the week. Even if you are just uploading videos for the hell of it, and aren’t interested in making cash, these tips will still work for you. Now I’m not saying I can turn your channel into the next Pewdiepie overnight, but these tips are known to work. So read on to find out more about how to get more views on YouTube.

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How To Get More Views On Youtube – First Make The Title of Your Video Stand Out

I mentioned Pewdiepie in the introduction, and he is undoubtedly the king of intriguing titles that make you click on the video link. He also makes excellent use of the thumbnail, with a picture that includes a provocative facial expression for example of shock, anger or surprise. You should learn from the master in this case. Now, some call this click-bait, whilst others call it savvy marketing – you decide!

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Try using keywords in your video title – these are words that people commonly search for on Google and Youtube. You can also incorporate classic ClickBait style titles such as “You won’t believe….” or “What happens next could shock you”. Overall you want to suggest the viewer will get a thrill out of your video.

How To Get More Views On Youtube – Share Your Video As Soon As You Make It

Don’t leave your newly uploaded video to linger with no one watching it. You will want to share that creation immediately in order for it to really take off.

Also, think about the best time for your audience to get a fresh video from you. Most likely, the evening or weekend in US time is going to pay off well for that initial bump in views that you will need for a successful video.

Try Emailing The Video To Friends, Family etc

Or share the link with them on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp or other social media. Encourage them to watch it, and begin a discussion about it by saying “I can’t wait to hear what you think”. Your friends can be some of the best sources for early views, to get your video off the mark. After this, views will begin coming in from strangers. Be careful not to “spam” your friends, however, by insisting they watch the video, or by sending out a generic message to 100s of people. This is likely to get ignored and your messages could even get blocked if you post stuff like this to them too often.

The important thing with social media such as Facebook is to keep a conversation going below the video. This will keep it in the News Feed for longer.

The online automation website allows you to post videos across multiple social media accounts simultaneously.

Promote Your YouTube Channel With Your Own Website Or Blog

WordPress can be used to make very professional sites, and it is completely free. Then all you have to pay for is hosting, which can be as little as a few dollars every month. If you don’t have your own blog yet, consider asking a friend to host it on their blog. Embedding your YouTube video within a website will help it rank higher on both Google and YouTube and so get more views.

If you reckon your video is really good, you could submit it to a news website like Mashable. If they accept it and post the video then you are in for a ton of additional views.

Another good website to use is Reddit. If you have an active account for a decent period of time, say 6 months or so, you can try posting your video to different parts of that site. If it catches on you could see a big spike in views.

How To Get More Views On Youtube – Get Subscribers

Once someone subscribes to you, they get a notification if you upload a video, meaning you have a captive audience that sees your video first before it goes out to the wider world. A good subscriber base can mean guaranteed views. Now YouTube also includes a “bell” which subscribers can click to prioritize your videos over those of other channels they are subscribed to.

Encourage your viewers to subscribe to your video. Many people point towards the button in order to encourage this. Also, make sure you then post good content on a fairly regular basis. This is what people subscribe for and will help your channel gain momentum so that as the months’ progress, your videos get higher and higher average views.

You can also ask viewers to hit the like button. This will help your video to get more exposure.

You should also encourage discussion in the comment section. Hell, get in there yourself and start chatting to the viewers. This will make the video really trend.

How To Get More Views On YouTube – Use Good Descriptions When You Upload.

Naming your file correctly when you upload it can make a surprising difference.

Try to include specific keywords that people search for such as “funny”, “cute”, “cat”, gamer” etc.

Don’t Forget The Description Box!

Lots of people ignore this little step – but you really shouldn’t. If you are serious about increasing your views it actually pays to include a good description of your video. Describe it as accurately as you can in around 2 – 3 paragraphs. This takes no time at all and is another excellent opportunity to include the keywords that are going to increase your chance of being found.


How to get more views on YouTube then? What you need is a little bit of luck and a lot of determination. However, the hard work has been shown to pay off.

Forget about sites that offer views for money. Many of these are a scam, and even the legit ones aren’t worth it. Often YouTube can pick up on fake views, and this can result in your account being blocked.

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