How To Increase Internet Speed – Practical Tips To Boost Your Connection

Is your internet running slow? There can be a number of reasons for this, so it’s helpful to do some troubleshooting first. Today I’ve made a nice post for you guys about how to increase internet speed.

Especially if you rely on the internet for work or business, then having a slow connection can be really frustrating. It is also important to have a good and fast connection in order to play video games online, stream movies and to make phone calls and especially video calls through Skype or Facetime.

Read on and I’ll let you know how to solve this.

how to increase internet speed

How To Increase Internet Speed – First Test Your Service

Visit to get a simple and reliable indication of your internet speed.

How does this compare to what you are paying your provider for?

If you are continually getting a lower speed than advertised, then perhaps you should contact your provider and let them know that you are not satisfied with the service. Often they will help you from there.

How To Increase Internet Speed – Restart Your Modem

Often it isn’t a problem with your provider, but instead, it can be your modem that is having an issue. A simple reset will often dramatically increase your internet speed.

How To Increase Internet Speed – Change Your WiFi Channel

Having the wrong channel is a common cause of a poor internet connection that cuts out. If many people in your building share the same channel, then you will notice a slowdown in your connection speed during busy times.

Try the program SSIDer to scan your area for channels that aren’t as populated. Switching to this will reduce interference and even increase internet speed.

To change the channel on your router, consult the router documentation or go to their support site.

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Move Your PC Or Your Router

Often the location of your router is not ideal. This will affect the signal you get throughout the house. Of course, the other option is to move your computer closer to the router, but this is often far from ideal.

Try and put your router in a central location in the house or the apartment.

If you have an old router, then consider upgrading. There have been significant improvements in recent years in the quality of connection you can expect from your router.

Surprisingly, keeping it clean also helps. Dusty and dirty cables leading from your modem to your router can actually reduce speed. Get a can of compressed air and blow the dirt away from the connections. This also helps to reduce overheating.

How To Increase Internet Speed – Consider Using An Ethernet Connection

Nowadays many of us connect to our router by WiFi simply because it is convenient to be able to walk around with your laptop and not be tethered by a cable. However, WiFi often results in a loss of connection speed.

If a fast and reliable connection is your priority then perhaps consider connecting to your router via an Ethernet cable. There is no interference here from the environment or other devices as you are connecting directly to the source.

How To Increase Internet Speed – Make Sure Your Connection Is Secure

Did you know that other people could be logging into your network if you haven’t secured it with a password? Your spendthrift neighbors could be getting a free ride on your WiFi and using your bandwidth. If you haven’t checked your WiFi is secure – then check now!

Check Your Data Cap

Depending on the plan you have opted for with your ISP, they may impose a data cap after a certain amount of downloading. This might not be immediately apparent. To check this, log in to your account page or ring the customer service department to talk to a representative from your department. Many providers penalize you for exceeding your monthly limit by decreasing your speed for the rest of the month. This is to give you an incentive to upgrade your package, but in reality, it is just very frustrating.

Try Not To Run Too Many Devices On The Network At Once

This includes things like smartphones, tablets, smart TV and games consoles. All these things are using bandwidth, especially devices that stream video or games consoles used for online gaming. If you need a good connection now, then you should turn these off for the mean time.

How To Increase Internet Speed – Increase Your Browser Speed

Aside from your router and your ISP, the browser you are using to access the net actually affects the speed and quality of your browsing experience significantly.

If you are experiencing slowdown there are a number of things you can do with your browser.

Clear The Cache

Your browser stores a lot of info as you surf the web. This is sometimes called “cookies”. It makes websites load faster when you next visit, but over time all this information will often slow down even the best browser. In Chrome, go to Settings and then Clear Browsing Data in order to do this. Select “From All Time” in order to completely wipe what is there.

Remove Toolbars

Sometimes when you download and install some FreeWare it will install a nasty Toolbar in your browser if you aren’t careful enough about un-checking that box during installation. ¬†Yahoo is a real culprit for this. Often when I go back home, my dad will have unwittingly installed 5 toolbars on the browser on our family PC.

These annoying toolbars actually have a real effect on performance.


A lot of things can slow down your experience of the internet. Often the WiFi connection is the main culprit and after that look at your browser. If you are still having a slow connection, and it constantly runs slower than advertised, then you should contact your ISP to complain. Often they will even have good trouble shooting techniques to also help you with a laggy WiFi connection.

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