How To Stop Procrastinating – Simple Tips That Could Improve Your Life.

Procrastination is the time killer. Many people today suffer from chronic procrastination problems. Our attention spans have waned, and we have access to more on-demand entertainment than ever before. Now it is easy to say “I’ll begin later”, “I’ll start tomorrow” or “I’ll do it after this nap”. However, the only way to become a really productive person, and get stuff done, is by tackling procrastination head on. You’ll never reach your full potential as a procrastinator. In fact, it can lead you to have unnecessary stress and anxiety. As the saying goes “There is no better time than now.”. If you can really master your attention on the task at hand, truly there is no stopping you – the sky is the limit. I’ve personally struggled with procrastination in the past, as have a lot of people I know. That’s why I’ve taken my lessons and made this article on how to stop procrastinating for your guys.

how to stop procrastinating

How To Stop Procrastinating – Give yourself 5-minute tasks.

It’s amazing what you can actually get done in a short time. In the mind of a procrastinator, every task is going to take a huge commitment of time. This way it never gets started, as its never the right time.

However, push yourself into the task you’ve been avoiding and for 5 minutes be as productive as you possibly can be.

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How To Stop Procrastinating By Making A To Do List

Often we have a vague idea of what we want to achieve, but no concrete plan. This is a major issue for procrastinators – they don’t plan. Something vague like “does the assignment by Friday” and “pack for your trip” aren’t nearly good enough. Say there are 4 days until Friday – that seems like loads of time, sure what harm would there be in beginning tomorrow, or even the day after if you don’t feel like it? But trust me, once you divide that time up realistically, you might begin to see how you will need all of your four days in order to write the quality essay that you are capable of.

Be as specific with your timetabling as possible, accounting for breaks and food. Break down big activities into the small components that will get them done. As you progress through the day, you can check off these and feel a sense of achievement as you get closer to your target in good time.

“Introduction did by 12:30” is a much better way to make a plan than simply “Do introduction.”.

How To Stop Procrastinating – “Don’t do it now”

Another cool trick is to keep a notebook by you as you work during the day. Write down thoughts that pop into your head as you work. Many of these you will notice will be “urgent” things you think you need to do right now or simply distractions. This is your brain trying to get away from the task at hand which is requiring concentration and effort and not providing instant dopamine. Instead of getting into the procrastination zone and being immediately side tracked, write down these thoughts. You can come back to them later once you have completed the task at hand for the allotted time to see if they really were things you need to do. I call this my “Don’t do it now, maybe do it later” list.

How To Stop Procrastinating – Limit Access to  Distractions

Really you won’t be able to block out all distractions, you still need the willpower to avoid you getting up from your work and going to the TV or your phone.

However, you can try to minimize the temptation, by taking distracting things out of your workspace. That includes moving away from distracting friends to somewhere quiet.

Lots of us have to do our work at a computer. Isn’t it great for procrastinators that our word processors are now attached to the most distracting thing ever invented – the internet!

In order to tackle this, there are some apps you can get for your browser that help you limit the time you spend using the net. They can block off certain websites that suck your time up.

There are also dedicated writing programs you can find online that completely block out the taskbar and other parts of the screen to help you concentrate.

Another thing I cannot emphasize enough – put your phone away! Don’t browse Tinder, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc. These things will completely distract you. Put your phone on silent and don’t look at it unless you are specifically on a break!

How To Stop Procrastinating – Don’t Try To Be  A Perfectionist

There is a big overlap between people who procrastinate and those who have a perfectionist streak. Something about wanting to get it exactly right, makes any task seem like a gargantuan undertaking, which we will put off. Essays and work become painful tasks when you hold your work to an unrealistic standard. The key to getting things done is to let go of perfectionism.

Ask yourself, does the task I am currently doing require perfection? Most times the answer is no, so you can then move on to something else. Come back to the original task to modify it if you still have time at the end of the day.

Think About How It Will Feel When You Complete The Task

For me, a really great way to combat procrastination is to meditate on the sweet feeling of getting that darned thing completed. The problem is that is is difficult to do right now. There are a lot more pleasant and relaxing things I could be doing. But, if I keep putting it off, I know my stress will only increase.

Instead, what I do is focus on the amazing feeling I know I will get when I complete what I set out to do. Focus all your attention on getting this. The payoff is immense when you finish ahead of time.


Coming from a reformed procrastinator, a lot of this wisdom was hard earned. I hope you can get something from my advice. Eliminating procrastination can change your life.



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