How To Customise the My eBay Account and Its Benefits

eBay is used by millions of people on a regular basis, this is well known. What isn’t so well-known is that you can personalize your eBay account in order to make your online shopping experience that bit easier. This section on the website is known as My eBay, and it is worthwhile if you are a regular eBay user. With customization, you can do numerous things which will ultimately make everything a lot more straight forward. A┬ásummary view can now be molded to suit your means, as well as other areas of the website thanks to this rather handy feature.

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How To Customise the My eBay Account and Its Benefits

To get started with customizing your My eBay account, make sure you already have an eBay account. This seems fairly obvious, but there are still people out there who don’t use eBay at all. For those of you in question – it’s free to sign up to eBay.

You will find the ‘My eBay’ link at the top of the eBay page which will then open up your account summary. From here, you can start making everything personal to suit your needs.

Begin Your Customisation

All eBay accounts come with a standard look along with a set of features. In the My eBay section of the website, you can begin to add desirable features or dump those which you no longer need. This will ultimately determine what you see when you enter your account, so you only need to hold onto the necessary features. Within ‘Views To Display’, all the information listed here is what you will see in your My eBay account. In order to edit this, first, choose the sections you want in the summary view. You can then edit the order of these sections. Finally, you can begin to edit and personalize each section.

In order to select sections and therefore modify them, you will need to select the page options link at the top of the Summary View page. Here, you can choose which sections you want to feature in your My eBay account. In order to move these sections, click on the section’s header and then the Edit drop-down box. Finally, simply click ‘customize’. Furthermore, in order to edit each section, follow the same guidelines as moving the sections.

You Can Also Decide On Quantity Rather Than Quality

The great thing about My eBay is that you can choose how many of each section you would like. You can add numerous sections, such as a range of your most recent orders.

If at any point you feel like you have made a mistake, you can cancel any changes. A quick and easy way in which to do this is to Restore Defaults. You will find this option at the bottom of the My Summary page.


My eBay is a very easy to use addition to the eBay website. If you haven’t already started using this feature, it can certainly boost your activity on the website. Try it now! After all, it is free – you have nothing to lose!

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