How To Successfully Present Your Ideas To Your Boss

At times your boss can appear as an intimidating figure and many of us will tread carefully when it comes to expressing our ideas. On the other hand, bosses are forever in need of good ideas, and where do these ideas come from other than from the employees? In other words, bosses not only appreciate great ideas but need them. Therefore, it’s important that an employee should present his or her ideas if should be worthy. Of course, again, it can be intimidating, but there are many ways in which you can successfully present your ideas to your boss. An employee who is full of ideas and presents many is always better than a shy employee who shuns the spotlight. Bosses need ideas, and so here’s a list of ways in which you can successfully present your ideas at work.

How To Successfully Present Your Ideas To Your Boss

By Being Inspired You Can Inspire Others

If you have an idea, make sure you feel truly passionate about it. With such passion, pitching your idea won’t seem like hard work, but rather something that you need to get out of your system. Being passionate about an idea will give you energy and creativity, and will really shine through positively when you present your ideas. With energy and enthusiasm emanating from you, it will surely inspire your boss or manager. Therefore, the more you feel about the idea, the easier it should be to pitch it and the more chance you have of likewise inspiring your superiors.

Test Out Your Plans and Ideas

A good idea will often seem a good idea until it’s brought forth into action. Much like something sounding good in your head before it’s spoken, an idea can fall to pieces or fall short of your expectations when it is tested. Thus, before you present your ideas to your boss or manager, make sure you know if it will truly work. If your superiors ask if you have tried the idea and you respond in the negative, they will immediately feel skeptical about the idea. You need to instill confidence when presenting your ideas, so make sure you at least show some effort or evidence in regards to testing your plans and ideas.

Put A Lot of Research Into Your Ideas

This should be the first thing you do, regardless of the idea. Research is the foundation upon which you will build your ideas. Therefore, the most research you conduct, the more solid your plan or idea will be. It seems obvious, and it is, but if you can’t prove to your superiors that you’ve done your homework on the idea, they will again be filled with skepticism. It furthermore creates a sense of a lack of seriousness, for if the employee hasn’t fully researched their idea, how serious can they really be? It’s also unprofessional, and in some cases may be viewed as lazy. So, in sum, do as much research as you can and be ready to present your research in a constructive manner. With solid research and evidence, your manager or boss will ultimately find it hard to argue against your idea.

Take Criticism Well and Be Prepared To Adapt

Having a great idea doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s perfect. If or when your boss or manager suggests some changes, it’s highly important that you take on board whatever he or she says. An employee who refuses to accept advice or orders from their superiors will ultimately lose their chance, and in some cases, their job. The best thing to do is to do as much as you can with the idea in way of research and planning, and then put it out there knowing that it may change over time in order to suit the wishes of the superiors.

Bring Forth Some Benefits and Facts Regarding Your Idea

A great idea will naturally bring about some important and positive changes in the workplace. This is what the boss or the manager really wants. Therefore, make sure that when you present your ideas you can back them up with some solid evidence on the benefits. Some benefits may include reducing company spending, increasing work ethic, accelerating productivity, and so on. With these in mind, and linking back to research, by accompanying your ideas with a review of the benefits, your superiors can really get on board with your idea.

Try Not To Present An Idea Which Only Benefits You

Your boss or manager will want an idea which benefits the company, not just you. Therefore, be careful not to present an idea which ultimately sounds like it benefits only you. This doesn’t mean solely you as a person, but perhaps those on your floor or your fellow group of workers. An idea which makes your job easier, but ultimately other people’s jobs more difficult, will sink fairly quickly when presented to your superiors.

Don’t Get Possessive and Aggressive Over Your Idea

This is the last thing you want to do. In regards to the aforementioned idea of being ready to adapt, don’t get aggressive when your idea is criticized. Your superiors will appreciate that you’ve created a great idea. But, ultimately, this idea is for the benefit of everyone. So, if you hold onto the idea and try to take total control, it will reflect very badly on you.

Be Prepared To Put In More Work If Needed

Some ideas will need some extra work in order to perfect. Don’t take this as harsh criticism. Hypothetically, if you present your ideas and your superiors suggest more research, take this as a positive. With a call for more work, it shows they are interested in the idea. If you refuse to put in more work, you will probably lose the chance. It’s also highly unprofessional to refuse to put in more work.


With all of the aforementioned points, you should never fear to approach your superiors with an idea again. All things considered, present your ideas with passion above all and accept that it may evolve.

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