A List Of Fun Christmas Party Games For the Adults

When Christmas rolls around, so do many of your friends and family. It doesn’t take long until you’re surrounded by people, which is often one of the many great things about Christmas – that is, bringing people together. It does, however, mean on the other hand that you must keep them entertained. Once the food is out of the way and all bellies are full, the good times can’t just stop there. You can’t just feed your guests and then show them the door. If they do stay after the food, you don’t want to bore them either. Therefore, just like any other party or a gathering, it is often a great idea to arrange some games. It may sound childish, perhaps like a waste of time, but there are some great Christmas party games which will keep both you and your guests occupied, and will guarantee good times.

A List Of Fun Christmas Party Games For the Adults

(Christmas Themed) Jeopardy

Here’s an interesting take on the popular quiz show, Jeopardy:

First select a quizmaster and designate teams. The quizmaster will create categories (3 or 4 is a good amount). Within each category, there are questions which are represented by numbers. These numbers can range from anywhere, but many will select 100 – 300 – 500. You can of course do more. Now, the 100 question is the easiest, and if answered correctly, the team wins 100 points. The same goes for every question (500 being the most difficult). If the team get a question wrong, it passes onto the next team. A good Jeopardy board will look like this:

Christmas MoviesChristmas CarolsMystery ???

(Christmas Themed) Pictionary

Pictionary is a popular game which many of us are familiar with. If you have never played it before, here’s a game summary:

Place everybody into separate teams. You will need a board to draw on or a large piece of paper. Teams will take it in turns to select a member to draw something. It is then up to the teams to figure out what he or she is drawing. Alternatively, you can select a drawing master who is impartial/belongs to know team to do all the drawing. One point for every correct answer – first hand up, no shouting out!

(Christmas Themed) Guess Who (AKA 20 Questions)

Another very popular game! Here’s the game description:

Everyone gets a piece of paper. On this piece of paper, write a famous person. Once written, pass it to the person to your left. Make sure that this person doesn’t see what you have written. Everyone will therefore receive a piece of paper. Next, everyone places the piece of paper on their forehead for all to see. Then, each person will take it in turns to guess who is written on their piece of paper on their head. Questions only – and the responses must only be yes or no. You can make a limit of 20 questions, 15, 10, 7, etc…

I Went To the Shop and I Bought…

Here’s a tricky memory game:

Beginning with the phrase, “I went to the shop and I bought”, add something beginning with A. For example, “I went to the shop and I bought an Apple”. The following person will then need to repeat “I went to the shop and I bought”, only this time, he or she must include apple and then something beginning with B. Example, “I went to the shop and I bought an apple and a bear. The next person, C, the following person, D, and so forth until the entire alphabet is covered. If you make a mistake or can’t think of something, you are eliminated. You can make a theme, for example, food only, animals only, etc.

Spot the Lie

Also knows as ‘Truth, Truth, Lie”:

Each person takes it in turns to say two true things about themselves and one false thing. It is then up to everyone else to find out which one of the three is the lie. You can limit questions to 5, 6, 7, etc.

Wrapping Paper Tower

There will always be a lot of wrapping paper laying around at Christmas. This is one of the most fun and physical Christmas party games:

Divide your crowd into teams, Then, simply with all the left over wrapping, or with any paper at hand, see who can make the largest tower within a time limit. “5 minutes to make the largest paper tower” will get pulses racing.

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Another of the more energetic Christmas party games:

Divide your crowd into teams. Prepare sheets, listing the alphabet. On each letter, the teams must search for an item beginning with that letter. You can limit the game and make it more difficult by allowing only items in the room, only Christmas-related items, and so on.

Secret Santa

Christmas party games? It is and it isn’t, but Secret Santa is always fun regardless. Simply write names, put them in a hat, choose a name, and then secretly buy that person a present! Of course, this must be planned a few days in advance.

(Christmas Themed) Scattergories

Scattergories is one of the more mental Christmas party games.

Provide everyone (or teams) with a sheet or paper, listing many different categories. For example Christmas carols, red things, Santa’s reindeer, etc. Then, the people will have to name/write as many things within each category. Simple!

No, You Can’t (AKA ‘Bulls**t’)

A personal favorite, great for any time of year and not just for Christmas party games:

First, choose a category. For example, European countries. Going clockwise or anti-clockwise, it doesn’t much matter, people will say “I can name _(seven)_ European countries. (Seven is an example, you can say any number you like, depending). The next person will have to go higher. This could be eight, or twenty, it’s entirely optional. But, each person also has the option to go higher, or either say Bulls**t or ‘No you can’t!’. In this case, the person before them will have to prove that they can name XYZ European countries within a minute. If they can, the person who called Bulls**t has to drink. If they can’t name them within a minute, they have to drink.

Person: “I can name 20 colors”.

(Next person): “Bulls**t”.

Person: “Red, blue, green, orange, yellow … (hesitates for 45 seconds and fails).

Everyone: “You failed! DRINK UP!”


There are many more games out there. Before we close out the article, also try: Kings (or ‘Ring of Fire’) and ‘Never Have I Ever’.

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