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Here’s a post which both parents and primary teachers, or indeed anybody who works with young children, are sure to find useful. One of the easiest and most entertaining ways to kindle a child’s spirit is through the power of music. If you want to raise a smile on your own kids’ faces, or if you want to teach your young pupil’s a song, there are many websites out there that can assist you with great, free kids music. Personally, having taught kids myself, songs were extremely useful in both entertainment and learning. So, if you haven’t tried using music already, this post could be your first step to doing so.

The following is a small list of great websites for free kids music downloads. I have reviewed each website to help you choose which website could benefit you most. The websites are not listed in any particular order. Let’s get started!

A Review Of The Finest Sites For Free Kids Music Downloads


The Children’s Music Network, or CMN for short, is one of the most established websites for kids’ musical resources. The CMN was established by parents, teachers, singers, performers, songwriters, and others. Their aim is to compose and distribute free, quality music across Canada and the USA for anybody to use. The organization is a non-profit organization, and their website is great.

Dipping into their music library, there are three sections to choose from. You can select between multicultural songs, environmental songs, and peace songs. It’s quite easy to scroll these songbooks. The lyrics are given and you can also listen to voice clips. If you’re feeling generous, you can also donate to their website. Overall, the CMN website is a strong contender for the best website for free kids music downloads.


This website is dedicated to giving free, enjoyable kids music for the sole purpose of brightening the lives of children. All of the music on this website has been composed by independent children’s music artists. Choose between traditional children’s songs, kids music videos, and the four different musical artists page, in which you can find lists of free kids music from all of the contributing music artists. Each singer/songwriter has an individual page, on which you will find the tracks and the song lyrics. Next, to the music tracks, you will see the download icons which will only take a single click, so, get clicking!


Sing with our kids is dedicated to helping kids learn through the power of singing. Furthermore, this website offers a wealth of tips and advice on teaching through the medium of singing. Choose between either: campfire songs, global village songs, Christmas carols, a baker’s dozen songs, or alternatively just view the entire song library. On top of all the free songs which they offer, you will also find numerous videos, singing-related activities, songbooks, and more. Each page has the song lyrics, as well as options to download the song/mp3 file and the entire song sheet.

  • Kids.Niehs.Nih.Gov

This website is brought to you by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. In the songs section of the website, you will find a wide range of music to choose from. Featured are: children’s songs, favorite songs, guess this tune (an interactive game/activity), holiday music, songs from movies/musicals, and patriotic songs. Each song comes with the lyrics and a sound clip, so you can listen to how the song is properly done. In addition to all these great songs, there are also games, topics, activities, and lessons to browse through. All in all, this kids website, provided by the NIEHS, is perhaps the best website for free kids music downloads.

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“Your favorite traditional kid’s songs for free!” This website offers free downloadable kids songs, and you can find them all on the website’s homepage. All of the song titles are laid out in a descending list. On clicking on a song, you will be directed to the page which contains the song lyrics, a sound clip of the song, and a YouTube video demonstrating the song. You will also find the ‘download it here’ hyperlink for you to download the song onto your own device.




Free songs for kids is a great place to visit if you need music to entertain your young classroom. You can find not only free kids songs, but also free children’s song videos, printable sheet lyrics, musically-related coloring sheets, and sheet music for the kids to learn on instruments. On the left side of the page, you will find the headings to help navigate the site. You can browse the songs by either artist or by subject. Some of the song subjects include animal songs, folk songs, nature songs, lullabies, science songs, holiday songs, and much more.


This website is probably the easiest to use of all these websites for free kids music downloads. You can find the perfect song within seconds thanks to the layout of this site. At first glance, you will see a diverse range of song groups. Some of these groups include action songs, animal songs, friendship songs, and more. Each song comes with the complete lyrics and an audio sample.


Although this website is designed for ESL teaching (English as a Second Language), it has some useful free music to download. These songs are designed for young kids who need to learn grammar. Therefore, the songs are perfect to use for young kids, even if their first language is English. Simply select ‘other materials’, then ‘song downloads’, and get downloading.

If you find yourself still searching for the perfect songs for your kids, try using official websites such as Disney, Pixar, and other sites related to child-entertainment. Often, you will find free music which has been featured on official movies and TV shows.

This concludes the post on the best websites for free kids music downloads. After scanning the list, I hope you have successfully found a website which will bring both fun and learning to your kids’ lives.


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