Need a free movie app for your smartphone? Then go for best movie apps!

Technology is advancing at an impressive speed these days, with phones now evolving to effectively become small, hand-held TVs. With an iPhone or smartphone, you can do almost anything regarding media. Movies are now easier than ever to get hold of, thanks to modern technology. With a smartphone and some great free movie apps, you can download and watch your favorite movies within seconds. No longer will you have to travel to your local cinema and fork over the money. Instead, allow these great movie apps to deliver the goods to your phone.

A Selection of the Best Free Movie Apps

  • TubitTV

With over 80,000 downloads according to Google Play and an impressive overall rating of 4.1/5, TubitTV is easily one of the best free movie apps. TubitTV is the app form of the popular website, which operates under the same name. There are a few ads, but ads are to be expected from such a large company. To use TubitTV there are no catches, no sign-ups nor hidden fees, just plain streaming. You can TV series and movies from the most popular movie industries from around the world. This app should certainly be one of the first free movie apps to try.


  • BoxTV

Here’s a great free movie app for fans of Hindi, Punjabi and other such movies regional to India. You can find a wealth of free eastern movies through this app. In addition, you can also find some movies in English, Hollywood and Bollywood movies, as well as TV shows. Sign up for free and begin to enjoy the many features of the app. You can even download and enjoy movies offline.


  • MegaBox HD

Exclusive to Android users, this free movie app is one of the newest and best apps to download and watch movies though. The specialty of this app is, of course, the HD feature. You can stream movies in high definition of up to 720p. There are not many free movie apps out there which can give you high-quality videos entirely free of charge.


  • Viewster

It may not rank as impressively as TubitTV above (3.4/5 on Google Play), but this app has some great qualities. With Viewster, you will find some obscure greats. You can watch anime, to sci-fi, to pretty much any genre. There are no required sign-ups, and if you are a fan of anime, Viewster delivers a lot of the freshest and best anime out there. Give it a try and you could find a new, obscure movie to become one of your favorites, for free!


  • Popcornflix

The scope may not be so grand, with over 700 movies to watch, but Popcornflix delivers exactly what it says. You can watch full-length Hollywood films and there are no subscriptions or hidden fees. In addition, as an up and coming app, there are new movies added on a daily basis. It may not be the favorite of the free movie apps, but it’s always there, free and ready to download and enjoy.

With the combination of a smartphone along with these incredible apps, you can hold an entire cinema within the palm of your hand. Give them each a try and see what corner of the cinematic world they can open up for you. Some do more than others, while some offer videos which others simply cannot. In other words, there are a wide variety of apps for you to choose from, so trial each and choose which suits you best. Enjoy!


  • ShowBox

Showbox is quite a hard app to pin down. In other words, it may come off the app market within a few weeks, only to return not long after, slightly adjusted. When it is on the market, which is currently, it is one of the best free movie apps for movie and TV streaming. You can also stream music if that tickles your fancy. In sum, Showbox aims to provide the best free movie and TV services, completely free, so try to use it while you still can!


  • Hubi

A very popular app for smartphone movie watchers, this app has been downloaded more than 30,000 times according to Google Play and holds a high rating of 4.1/5. This app is popular amongst fans of Putlocker. Putlocker, in case you are not familiar with it, is a free movie and TV streaming website. Through Hubi, you can download and stream free movies and TV, as well as connect to Putlocker and therefore use that platform to watch even more free movies. Hubi, in fact, serves many of the web’s most popular streaming websites, and it’s all completely free.

  • BigStar Movies

Like Viewster, BigStar Movies is an app which will open a world of more obscure yet nonetheless great movies. With this free movie app, you can watch award-winning short films, documentaries, foreign movies and more! It holds a good rating of 3.6/5 on Google Play, with many people highly recommending the app. So, if you’re more inclined to the unconventional and more unseen side of cinema, this app is perfect for you.


  • JustWatch

The JustWatch app will not give you movies directly. Instead, this app will direct you to where you can legally watch free movies and TV series. You can find movies and TV from the likes of Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, Hulu and many more leading movie distributors. In sum, this app is a messenger or retriever for great movies, whilst importantly keeping you within the legal limits. It holds a respectable rating of 3.7/5 on Google Play.

  • Flipps

Another very popular free movie app, Flipps delivers a broad range of movies completely free. But, it doesn’t stop there; Flipps also offers TV streaming. You can watch anything from Hollywood new releases to the latest music video by your favorite music artist. Perhaps you want to watch a movie after the football game? Flipps is perfect for just that. The app currently holds a great rating of 3.9/5 on Google Play and has been awarded the number 1 spot on Amazon’s ‘Free App of the Day’, twice!

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