KissAsian: The Online Home of Asian Drama

KissAsian: The Online Home of Asian Drama
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If you need a regular intake of Asian drama, or perhaps you’ve missed the latest episode of your favorite Asian series, you need a good website to help you out. Luckily, Kiss Asian is the exact place to find everything regarding Asian drama. Kiss Asian has been steadily leading the way for Asian drama for years. Today, it stands as one of the leading (if not the leading) website for free online Asian drama. The official site is

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You may have heard of Kiss websites before (KissManga, KissCartoon, KissAnime). Kiss Asian is simply the drama part of the overall Kiss whole. (If you are interested in either Asian manga, anime or cartoons, see our other reviews on these Kiss websites). If you are already a fan of the other Kiss websites, such as KissAnime, for example, you will realize that the layout of the Kiss Asian website is pretty much the same. There are lots of similarities, so you will have no trouble finding your way around the site. If Asian drama is exactly what you’re looking for, the following review should help you get an overall, in-depth look at the Kiss Asian site. Without further ado, here’s what the free, online Asian drama website has to give …

Tons of Free, Great Asian Drama Under One Roof

How Much Drama Do They Deliver?

Kiss Asian has undoubtedly one of the largest online Asian drama libraries on the net. There are both TV series and Asian movies available. When browsing through the drama list (found by clicking on the heading on the homepage), I found that there are a grand total of 142 pages of drama series to choose from. Each page has 20 series per page, which makes a very impressive total of around 2,840 TV series available. Each TV series, of course, has many different episodes, which makes the tally that much greater. All things considered, KissAsian ultimately has thousands of hours worth of Asian drama.

Besides the amount, what about the quality of the drama? Kiss Asian draws in the most popular new releases and older classics from across the eastern continent. You can find old favorites and contemporary favorites, meaning you can catch up on the TV series you’re currently following, or dip into the past and rediscover a classic. Kiss Asian will ultimately serve you anything you need, in regards to Asian drama.


The Overall Look and Usability of KissAsian

As mentioned in the introduction, the overall form of the site is similar to, if not the same as the other Kiss websites. The first thing I’ll mention is the use of images/thumbnails. All of the drama showcased on the homepage are displayed by thumbnails. The icons are official images taken from the drama in question. Nobody wants to go through a website which has no images, but, instead, lists upon lists of words. The use of imagery ultimately makes sight navigation and choosing much easier.

The displays on the homepage are modern and attractive, and not only make the site look professional, but are effective when using the site. For example, the toolbar on the homepage which showcases a top 10 list of new drama, top day, top week, top month, and most popular, is both visually appealing and a great addition to the website. Furthermore, on the homepage, you will find a helpful list of ongoing series which you can use to narrow down your search.

However, the heart of the site has to be the ‘drama list’ section, which displays all of the available TV series. Here, as I have mentioned, are 142 pages of drama to choose from. On the right side of the page, you can browse all of this by country, by genre, by status, and by letter. The genres range from action to zombies, and some of the countries available to browse are South Korea, China, Japan, and Malaysia.

When hovering over the thumbnail of any TV series, you will be given some important information. You will be given a status (complete or incomplete) and a summary. The status determines whether all episodes are available are not, which is useful if you want to watch the entire series.

In addition, the headings are worth mentioning. Besides the homepage and drama list heading, which are self-explanatory and explained, there is more on offer. There is a ‘Report Error’ page and a ‘Request Drama’ page. Furthermore, there is a forum section for you to get involved with. Finally, there are the ‘Watch Anime’ and ‘Watch Cartoon’ headings which will open up the KissAnime and KissCartoon websites. (We have reviewed both KissAnime and KissCartoon if you are interested).

Are There Ads and/Or Pop-ups?

Fortunately, when using this website you will not be bothered by any pop-ups. There are, however, some ads, but this won’t distract or cause any major nuisance. In many cases, ads help keep a website afloat, so don’t worry about them. The website still works perfectly well with the ads and doesn’t detract any points from its overall appearance, which leads me onto my next point.

The Video Player Plus Any Nice Additions Worth Mentioning

Before reaching the video player, you must first select an episode to watch. You will then find yourself on the watch page. The video player is attractive and effective, with many options available. You can select a different player, select a quality (HD often available) and you also have the ‘lights off’ option. When choosing an episode, you can see if it is subbed or dubbed. The sub or dub icon is placed next to the title. In addition, you can view images of the featured cast and get involved in the comments section beneath.

Are There Any Downsides?

After reviewing the entire site, I haven’t found many negatives. The only negative I will suggest is the fact that there is no separate page for subbed and dubbed drama. Besides this, the KissAsian website is of great quality.

And that concludes the review of the Kiss Asian website. If you enjoyed this, give the other Kiss websites a try, or read our reviews on them before doing so.


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