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Attention all movie and TV fans! PrimeWire is here to deliver an abundance of free movies, TV series and more. From the hundreds of free movie and TV websites available on the net, this website stands tall above the rest. You may have heard of LetMeWatchThis before. Well, PrimeWire is the revamp of this website. Thus, PrimeWire is continuing the great work which was previously created with LetMeWatchThis.

With this website, you can also access free music and playlists. Taking this into consideration, PrimeWire brings you more than just something to watch and pass the time. Effectively, the site aims to give its users everything they want, and they certainly do a good job at doing so. The following information is a thorough look at the entire site and the overall positives and negatives. Without further ado, here’s my close look at the PrimeWire website…


Using PrimeWire: What Are the Pros and Cons?

Before you watch anything, you must first create a free account. Please do so, otherwise, you will not be allowed the access the free movies and TV shows. You will find the signup section on the right side of the homepage.

What Are the Movies Like?

Of course, what everyone wants to know about – the movies. This website certainly has a large collection of new and old greats. In total, there are an astounding 65,226 movies in total on PrimeWire to choose from. (Most other movie websites I have viewed rarely pass the 10,000 mark). In order to access this huge plethora of free movies, you must click the ‘movie’ heading. From here, you can view featured movies as well as just added movies. In addition, you can browse by using the drop-down boxes. These subheadings/drop boxes are the genre, and sort by date added, ratings, release date, and featured.

To reiterate, you will find many of the freshest Hollywood new releases here on PrimeWire. As for feature movies, there are (as of Jan 1oth) 1,054 movies to choose from. Of course, this is updated constantly, so the numbers may rise or fall. It is also worth mentioning that movies are uploaded onto PrimeWire on a regular basis, so the numbers are likely to climb.

Are There More Than Just Movies?

As I mentioned in the intro, this website offers more than just free movies. You can also tune into your favorite TV shows. In other words, this website delivers the best of both worlds – movies, and TV. You can access all the TV series by clicking on the ‘TV Shows’ heading. From here, you have a grand total of 11,149 TV series to select from. You will find popular TV shows from recent years, from the last week, and from decades ago. In other words, there are recent greats and old classic TV to tune into. Again, just like on the movies page, you can browse these TV series by using the drop drown boxes. Browse by genre, or sort by date added, rating, etc.

The Overall Appearance and Usability of the Site

What makes a website that little bit extra terrific is its overall attractiveness and ease of use. Looking at PrimeWire, the website’s displays are modern and attractive, which shows professionalism. Ultimately, I have found the website to be very simple, which is perfect. There are no confusing features and it makes finding and watching your movie or TV series a very straight-forward process.

The homepage is decorated with images/thumbnails of all the movie delights on offer. These images are legitimate snaps relative to the movie or TV show. Every movie or TV series title also features the release year, which is quite helpful. In addition, every movie and TV series is also rated by both the PrimeWire website users and by IMDb. In other words, you get opinions from both the current website and the movie-opinionated website giant, IMDb. Furthermore, the genre of each movie or TV show is placed beneath the title – another helpful addition.

If you have chosen a TV series to watch, you will be directed to a page in which you choose a particular episode. If on the other hand, you choose a movie, you will have to first select a server. Popular movies may have more servers than less popular movies. Once chosen, you can now watch your movie or TV episode on the player.

Any Website Features Worth Singling Out?

If you like to watch your movies or TV shows in HD, there is always an HD server option. As mentioned, the use of IMDb ratings is quite helpful, as it offers a second opinion and a very well-informed one at that. Lastly, the video player page is simple and effective. On the homepage, you can tweet about the site and/
or share it via social media.  You have all the necessary features, as well as a comments section below and a recommendations section.

Finally, Are There Any Negatives?

After taking an in-depth look at this website, I haven’t found many negatives. Everything on this site is entirely free, which is always a big positive. Also, taking into consideration the fact that it offers more than just movies, this website is better than most movie-only websites. When using the site, I didn’t meet any annoying pop-ups. Furthermore, I didn’t notice any ads. In other words, this website is completely free of any irritations. You can search the site without any bother.

Please take note that the name of this website (PrimeWire) has several different domain names. If you want to use the legitimate website, please place the domain name of ‘to’ at the end. Avoid any imitators or old versions of the website.

And that’s all of the important things to mention about the PrimeWire website. Please remember, before you do any watching, to create a free account. Without it, you won’t get very far. Once this is complete, you may freely dive into PrimeWire’s large world of free movies, TV series and music. This concludes the review – happy searching, film fans, and TV lovers!

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