South Park Season 19, Episode 1: Stunning and Brave

South Park Season 19, Episode 1: Stunning and Brave
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South Park is a classic Western Cartoon Comedy. It has been around since 1997.
The theme song is not bad. The visuals going along with it in Season 19 of South Park are pretty good too.

South Park Season 19 episode 1 is also called ‘Stunning and Brave’. It opens with a PTA meeting, where it is mentioned that the principal has been fired and that a new principal has been hired: PC Principal. He has been hired to make South Park more politically correct. He describes some of the anti-politically correct atrocities that have taken place in the past. One of the situations he describes is the situation that happened with Chef. He incorrectly states that Chef killed himself because the children forced him to sing soul music. Butters attempts to correct him by explaining that Chef was brainwashed by a cult, but the new principal gives him detention. PC Principal continues to tell off the people of South Park. He ends with a mic drop.

South Park Season 19 Episode 1

The next day Cartman gets detention for his anti-politically correct behavior. Kyle is happy about the changes that will be occurring. He feels that Cartman deserves detention. However, Kyle gets two weeks detention for having said: “I don’t think Caitlyn Jenner is a hero.” Kyle’s dad tries to defend him, but PC Principal is not having it. He accuses Kyle’s dad of being the one making his son, not PC. Kyle’s dad tries to remedy the situation, but PC Principal tells them to get the F out of his office.

That night, Randy Marsh, Kyle’s dad, and several other adults are complaining, but they are careful to not badmouth Caitlyn Jenner since they are in a college bar. Despite their best efforts, they are accused of being anti-politically correct. When they try to avoid getting in trouble with the politically correct bar goers, they keep getting told off for slips of the tongue that are anti-politically correct. Everyone at the bar who tells them off has a party at a PC Fraternity. It looks like a typical frat party. Two old men watch the debauchery and figure that the last time Political Correctness was big it lasted 6 years, so this time it will probably last around the same time frame. Therefore, they have at least five and a half years to go.

Kyle and the boys try to get Cartman to rebel against PC Principal, but Cartman isn’t having it. However, they tell him that he is Tom Brady, and so he needs to rebel like he would. Cartman is fired up!
Cartman ambushes PC Principal in the faculty bathroom. He pulls off a clever gambit where if PC Principal does not lay off on him and his friends, he will have him arrested for pedophilia. However, PC Principal does not seem to register the danger he is in, and instead, keeps nitpicking anti-politically correct things that Cartman keeps saying unintentionally. He ends up beating up Cartman.

That night, a party occurs at the PC dorm yet again. Randy Marsh is not amused. He goes over and knocks on the door. He asks to speak with PC Principal but is instead mistaken as a pledge for the fraternity. Randy ends up getting caught up in the moment, and he becomes PC.
In the morning he has a bad hangover. He tells his wife he is PC now. She is not impressed that his PC meetings have booze at them.

The next day the boys visit Cartman at the hospital. Cartman tells them that he has given up and that he is not Tom Brady. The boys try to change his mind, but Cartman tells them that it’s time to grow up and be PC. Kyle is not amused, but Cartman declares that he will not promote hate anymore.
That night, Randy is one of the last remaining pledges. PC Principal tells Randy that to make it in, he needs to tell someone to check their privilege. Randy and the other remaining pledges prank Kyle. Meanwhile, Cartman has a dream where he is Tom Brady. Cartman wakes up and tells Butter that from now on, the world will know a new, and better Eric Cartman.

Kyle shows up at Stan’s house and tells Stan to tell his dad to stop harassing him. Stan tells off his dad. Randy tries to defend his actions but ends up throwing up. Stan tells Kyle that he should stop talking badly about Caitlyn Jenner, and Kyle says that he will not and that he does not like her.

Cartman asks Butters how everyone is doing, and Butters says fine, and that they have stopped saying bad things, except for Kyle, who is now in trouble. Cartman says that Kyle is his friend, and so he will take the PC people out to protect him. Butters says but you disagree with Kyle. Cartman says that he does, but that doesn’t mean he will tolerate his friend being hurt violently. He then asks Butter to get him pregnant Mexican women and taco launchers.
Cartman and Butters send pregnant Mexican women to the fraternity. They also fire tacos at it. He also has Syrian refugee children flank the fraternity from the left. Following this, he sends in Jared from Subway. Everything is going according to plan, but then Kyle shows up and tells everyone to stop the madness.

He then bites the bullet and says that Caitlyn Jenner is a hero, which makes everyone clap. Real life footage of people clapping for Caitlyn Jenner is shown. The next day at the school, the children appear to be happy.
Meanwhile, Randy gets PC branded on his butt. PC Principal congratulates him for managing to make Kyle change his ways. He gives him a pair of sunglasses.

Cartman says that everything is going to be all right, and Kyle is not amused and feels that in the end Cartman just got his way. Cartman says he did get his way because he is Tom Brady.

And the episode ends here…

At the end, I would say that the first episode is quite good and have the ability to grab new users.

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