9 Best Free Online Translator Websites [So Speak Any Language You Want]

When it comes to language learning, the 21st century has changed everything. It is now easier than ever to learn languages thanks to the internet. In coincidence with learning languages online, you can access some of the best free online translator websites and learn some things there. The premise of the best online translator sites is quite simple – the computer does all the work. The following websites are some of the best translator websites on the net for you to use. So, if you’re currently in the middle of learning a language, these websites could certainly benefit you in some way. Without any further delay, here are the websites …

The Best Translation Websites, How To Use Them and What’s Good Or Bad About Them

(The following websites are not ranked from best to worst, or are in any particular order).

  • Google Translate

Perhaps the go-to translator across the world has to be Google Translate. Millions of people have used and are still using its services for translations. However, as a bilingual speaker myself (Spanish), the quality of translation is sometimes not of the best quality. Ultimately, Google Translate may be the most popular of the best free online translator sites, but it is certainly not the best.

The premise is quite simple and is the same for many translator sites. Simply choose which language you want your word(s) to be translated to, and begin typing. The positive thing about Google Translator is the vast amount of available languages to translate to – perhaps more than any other online translator. Nonetheless, it is still not of the greatest quality. All in all, Google Translate is perfect for a quick, single word translation. As for full-text translations of several hundred words, you may receive mistakes.

  • GTS Translation

This translation website works much in the same way as the above Google Translate. There are two boxes – one for your typing language, and the other for the translation. There are a good number of languages available to translate from. One of most notable things about this site, however, is that you can receive a professional translation. You can receive a quote on a professional translation, done by hired translators from the GTS company. If this interests you, simply look at the bottom of the translation page or visit gts-translation.com/get-quote/

  • Gengo

Here’s one of the best free online translators on the internet. With Gengo, you hire professional translators to translate lengthy pieces of important work. Say, for example, you need an essay translated into Greek. With Gengo, you can hire a professional speaker who can do that at a cost. You will be given a time period in which the work will be complete, and you can rely on the level of quality.

  • Dictionary.com Translation

Dictionary.com is one of the most popular online dictionaries. Many people, however, do not know that it also offers quality translation services. With this website, you can not only do a direct translation, but it also offers the translation of popular phrases. You can choose to translate common phrases ‘at the airport’, ‘asking directions’, ‘in the car’, and more.

All of these topics and questions are already set up on the site, so, all you have to do is choose a language you want the phrases to be translated to. In my opinion, dictionary.com offers one of the best free online translator services. On the other hand, the direct translation offers 42 different languages. The topics below offer much less. However, the translations are much better quality than, say, Google Translate.

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  • Reverso

Reverso is one of the most basic free online translators. In my opinion, it is not one of the best free online translator sites. The languages are not many and the translations are sometimes sloppy. Nonetheless, it offers a spellcheck and an easily accessible way to use foreign characters which may not be available on your keyboard. Simply choose your language, type into the box and select ‘translate’.

  • WordReference

WordReference is another popular online dictionary website which also offers translation services. WordReference is unique in that it offers services like synonym translations and conjugation translations. Furthermore, the languages are sub-headed into sections. For example, beneath Spanish, you can choose English – Spanish, Spanish – English, Spanish definitions, Spanish conjugations, Spanish synonyms, as well as other translations to Italian, French, Portuguese and German. In my opinion, it’s one of the best free online translator services to use and I highly recommend.


  • SDL Free-Translation

Just like Google Translate, SDL is a basic box-to-box translator. What makes this one of the best free online translator sites is the range of languages and the ease of use. In addition, if you want a translation done by a professional, simply scroll down and access the ‘professional translation’ option. You can also choose to learn a language if you want, or take a look at translator and translation apps.

  • FreeWebsiteTranslation

Here’s an interesting twist – translate an entire website. This site does not do single individual translations like Google Translate would do, for example. It is specifically for websites. Select the original language and choose a language that you want the website to be translated to. Then, enter the website URL and press enter. The results take mere seconds. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that this site operates under Google Translate. This means that all the work is done by the mechanisms of Google. It is an easy way to translate entire websites, and thus makes it one of the best free online translator websites.

  • Bing Translator

You’ve heard of Google Translate, well, here’s the translator from another search engine – Bing. The translator for Bing operates quite like the Google one. However, with Bing, you can copy a website URL into the box and receive a website translation. In addition, the word limit is an impressive 5,000 words. Last but not least, Bing offers a big range of languages to choose from.

That concludes the list of translation websites. Best of luck to all of you language learners out there!

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