6 of the Best Ebook Torrent Sites Especially For Manga Readers

For centuries we have been paying for the literature we read, and this means traveling to the bookstores. Times have however changed, and many things regarding the purchase of literature have become a thing of the past. Welcome to the modern age of literature, where you can read your favorite books without having to go to the library or bookstore, all completely free. Due to the rise of torrenting and downloading online, you can now use a single torrent or download and within moments own your favorite book in digital form. Such a method is not only much cheaper but of course much faster, hence why seeking out the best torrent sites for books online is gaining more popularity by the day.

best torrent sites for books

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This post will show you how to download and use torrents and thus your favorite books (or alternatively just download), with useful information on both torrents and an analysis of the websites themselves.

The Best Torrent Sites for Books

Here are 10 of the best sites to download free books that I have found on the web.


  • ThePirateBay.org

The basic but efficient Pirate Bay homepage

This torrent search engine website needs no introduction. Many of us have frequented the realms of this site before in search of torrents. Overall, this website is one of my go-to sites for torrents, and I highly recommend it for your own search.

ThePirateBay aims to deliver a simple search as well as the all-important torrents, and all you have to do is use the websites search bar (unfortunately it doesn’t have a separate heading for ebooks as it does for music or movies). Following this, you will find your book torrents laid out in list form accompanied by some icons and information.

Use the small magnet icon to download and open your torrent, and the rest is just downloading your file, followed by owning your sought-after book. Personally, I believe that ThePirateBay is one of the best torrent sites for books and is certainly worth a try.

  • Free-ebooks.com


Also, a modern site aiming to give free ebooks to the world, Free-ebooks is a great site to search for free books online. There are dozens of categories to choose from: academic, children’s books, non-fiction, fiction and much more.

Information such as formats available (PDF, Kindle, etc.) is registered beside each book, as well as date published, number of downloads and number of total pages. The website encourages you to become a free member, and you can do so if you enjoy what the site has to offer.

All things considered, Free-ebooks does a great job and stands comfortably alongside the rest of the best torrent sites for books. Give it a try!

  • TopShelfBook.org


Here’s a site that pulls out all the stops regarding display and information. You can find many new releases and popular classics on TopShelfBook, all of which are brilliantly and modernly displayed. There are no torrents here, but you can download your books which is a solution just as simple as torrenting. Although not specifically one of the best torrent sites for books, or indeed a torrent site at all, this website offers thousands of free downloads, all books. Highly recommended for all┬álovers of books and literature.

  • ManyBooks.net


ManyBooks is a fresh website dedicated to the dispersal of free ebooks worldwide. You can become a free member and receive regular updates and information on the website, or alternatively browse their selection of free downloadable books. You can browse books in many different languages, genres and also explore the new titles, recommended and popular pages on the site.

One of the most interesting and positive features on ManyBooks is the option to download your book in many different formats. After finding your book via the search bar, you will be directed to the book page which offers you the available formats to download your book in: e-reader, HTML, PDF, Kindle, .rtf, and many more formats.


The drop-down box which offers the many formats in which to download your book

This website is definitely worth searching through on your search for the best torrent sites for books.

  • itorrent.net


Here’s another fantastic torrent search engine which can help you get your digital hands on loads of free book torrents.

The site offers a specific page/heading for books at the top of the site, which is quite uncommon and a major plus for those of us in search of free online books. When searching for your online book, it can be easy to find thanks to the clear icons, the displays/color schemes and the neat order of the torrent list. The green download button is clear and should cause no problems, unlike some other torrent sites which can cause some problems.

A nice addition on this site – when hovering over the link with your cursor, an image related to the torrent will appear, which is something I’ve never seen before and therefore adds a nice, unique touch. For me, a website which puts in enough work for these kinds of features also puts in the work to deliver safe, secure torrents.

Overall, try using this torrent site for your book. It can help you cut to the chase with simplicity and for me is easily one of the best torrent sites for books.

  • Extratorrent.cc

The site’s homepage

Another well known torrent search engine site, extratorrent is one of the foremost torrent sites on the net, and has been for many years.

To get your book torrent, use the search bar at the top of the page. After entering your book title (or simply just ‘books’) you can now view the extensive list of book torrents.

One of the best things about this site is the clarity and information regarding the torrents. The torrents and the health of the torrent can be seen – green health being good and containing no viruses, in other words, a good torrent – and all you need to do is click on the magnet icon or the green arrow/box icon. Overall, along with ThePirateBay, extratorrent is one of the best torrent sites for books and a personal favourite of mine.

What Are Torrents and How Do They Work?


The BitTorrent logo

In case you have to download your book through a torrent, all you need are two things: some download software (BitTorrent, which is completely free) and the actual torrent itself.

A torrent is a small data file which contains the files on your book. When downloaded and opened, this torrent will now download the data from a ‘peer’. What is a peer? A peer is a person/computer who is essentially giving you the file via download. In other words, torrenting is basically the act of sharing things through the internet with other people.

When you open your file it will automatically begin downloading on BitTorrent or whatever torrent software you decide to use. After this, all you have to do is wait!

Some Closing Remarks

By using the above websites as a guide on your search for free books, you should have no problems finding the book you are seeking, without having to travel to the book store or open your wallet to pay for it. The days of the library and the book shops are old – join in the new world and start getting your books now by using these best torrent sites for books.

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