The Best Torrent Sites For Your Download Needs -[Tutorial For Torrenting]

When it comes to getting hold of free media – whether it be movies, games, music and so on – the internet has pretty much all of it on offer. One of the most effective ways in which to get hold of your media downloads is by using torrents, and surprisingly not everyone is familiar with the process of downloading things through torrents. This post is aimed at giving you the best information on the best torrent sites out there on the world wide web, and with this information, hopefully, you can go surfing for your own media via torrenting.

This post will give you all the needed information to get you started on your torrent odyssey. I have carefully laid out information on how what exactly a torrent is, how is it created, how does it measure up to alternative download methods, what torrent software will be needed in coincidence with the download, and the main heart of the post – the best torrent sites in which you can grab all of your desired torrents. I have created a personal top 10 table of the best torrent sites for you to have a good look at – hopefully these sites will help you on your way – and following the table, I have included an in-depth analysis of each individual site. So let’s get started!


Hi-Tec Information On Torrents

Before I go any further, I should explain the ins-and-outs of a torrent, which will help you understand what exactly a torrent is and how to use it. Of course, if you are already familiar with all this technological stuff, scroll on down to have a look at the best torrent sites!

So, first of all …

What exactly is a torrent and how is it created?

A torrent is a file which holds a bunch of data within it. Torrents are created by computer users – you or I could create a torrent ourselves – and we can give it any name that we wish. After naming our torrent and filling it with the data which holds the media – music, movies, games, etc. – we send it out onto the internet for sharing.

There are millions of torrent files out there, all differently named, all owned by millions of respective creators.

What are seeds and peers?

When searching for a torrent, you will find that they all have ‘peers’ and ‘seeds’ – these are the fellow computers who have your wanted files and who will be sharing the data will you/giving you your files. The more seeds and peers the better, because it means there are many computers sending you data at once, therefore resulting in a high download speed. If a torrent file has 0 seeds and 0 peers, there is nobody out there on the web ready to give you the files, so don’t waste your time and please avoid it .


Seeds and ‘leeches’ (peers) as seen on a website

How do I get a torrent and what must I do with it?

Along with the millions of torrents, there are thus millions of torrent sites which showcase and share them with millions of online users. Torrents are downloaded, and with the correct software program, a torrent will be automatically opened onto your torrent software, which leads me onto my next point – torrent software.

The software needed to complete a download.

To download something via a torrent, you need two friends – 1) the actual torrent, and 2) torrent software. The most popular and without a doubt the foremost torrent software available online is BitTorrent. This software program is completely free and it carries out all your download needs. Once you get hold of your torrent, click to open it and BitTorrent (or whatever torrent software you choose) will open it onto the program platform, which looks like this:


The torrent opened onto the BitTorrent platform

As you can see, the media files are within the torrent, and you can now choose which media files of the torrent you want – perhaps only some files, perhaps all files. Once you have checked the boxes/chosen which files you want to download, BitTorrent will begin the download.


A torrent downloading on BitTorrent

Once your download is 100% downloaded, click onto the torrent and select ‘open containing folder’ – in this folder is your movie or music or whatever it is that you wanted to download – simple!

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Instead, it would be awesome to support the original copyright holder of contents, products, and data. Moreover, there is no guarantee of us – if you are being tracked down or any other issues you face when surfing through these pirate sites.

Please Use a VPN at least

Table Of the Top 10 Best Torrent Sites

Without further ado, after searching through the lands of the internet, I have assembled a personal top 10 on the best torrent sites. Here you go.

 SITE NAMELOGOSOME COMMENTS (also known previously as Kickass Torrents)kickass-torrents-android-appA long standing provider of torrents. The best torrent site currently and throughout the past.
2piratebay.orgtpbOne of the leading contenders in torrent sharing, a simple site with many torrents.
3isohunt.toisohuntlogoOne of the largest torrent search engine sites on the web. There are thousands of torrents easily obtainable here.
4extratorrent.ccxtraA great site, despite its sometimes hectic outlay.
5mininova.orgmininovaA simple site with a broad range of torrents.
6torrentking.eutorrent-kingAlthough strictly a movie-torrent site, this site is the best when it comes to movie torrents.
7torrentfunk.comfunkA great site with many torrent, though a bit messy in regards to display and outline.
8torlock.comtorlockAn upcoming torrent site, simple and straight-forward.

All of these sites (minus the exception of torrentking) offer a variety of media, so you’re sure to find what you need with these guys.

I will now dip into each of these sights and give you a deep insight on what they each have to offer – what are the special features, and overall the pros and cons of the site, with an overall rating at the very end.

In-Depth Analysis Of Each Site

  • (or Kickass Torrents)

Placed at number 1 on the list of the best torrent sites on offer, this site truly has everything you need. The website is plain and simple, meaning you won’t be wondering aimlessly throughout the website for hours searching for a torrent. The homepage gives you the option to narrow your media search – choose either games, movie, music and so on – or you can just search it through the big search bar on the main page.

1homepage homepage – plain and simple!

After choosing a category or simply entering the title of the thing you are after, you will be directed to the torrents page, which is attractively and neatly laid out. All the information is there – peers, leeches, name, size, download icons – all very easy as you can see below:


The list of torrents on the movie torrent page

This site has been a dedicated server of torrents on the internet for many years. It has taken many forms, but its survival at the moment is very much genuine and it still retains its wealth of torrents.

I am rating this site a solid 10/10 – there are no downsides to using this site when searching for torrents. In other words, to put it simply, this is the leading competitor for the best torrent sites.



On first glance, this site is quite messy – the homepage has words everywhere and the flashing adverts can become annoying. It can take a while to become use to this site, but once you do, it’s pretty great. One feature which this site offers that not many others do is the ‘health’ icon – an icon displaying how healthy or safe a torrent is, green meaning its reliable, and orange and red meaning it’s unhealthy (perhaps a virus).


The homepage features a lot of unuseful text which detracts from its appearance

Despite the site’s appearance, the torrents are easily got and it has a huge database full of torrents.

All in all, I give this site a good 9/10 rating – a point deducted due to the shabby appearance.

  • (Biggest Torrent Site)

Like Kickass Torrents, this torrent search engine site has been a long-standing proprietor of torrents throughout the years. It has also changed its face many times throughout these years, but it has never lost its luster as a leading torrent site. There are many similarities between this site and, making it a tough choice to choose between them in regards to the number one spot.

Nonetheless, the site is great. On first glance, the homepage (like Kickass Torrents) is plain and simple, featuring everything there which will get you well on your way to getting your desired torrent. There are a range of media torrents to choose from – music, apps, games, movies, TV shows and so forth – so you can also narrow your search if you need to.


The pirate bay’s simple home page

As you can see, the site has much to offer, and by entering your desired movie, game or music into the search bar, you will be directed to a list of available torrents. The list is neatly laid out with all the information displayed clearly – peers and seeds, torrent name, date added, file size – so you should have no problem choosing the right torrent for you.

I am rating this site also at 10/10. As a torrent search engine, this site offers bundles of legit torrents in the simplest and most effective way, so I really cannot add any negatives here.


Another torrent search engine, this site has undergone changes too throughout the years on the net. In fact, IsoHunt was once the leading torrent site with the largest amount of torrents within its database. It was recently shut down but it has triumphantly resurfaced, once again offering an abundance of torrents for users everywhere. So let’s get analyzing.

For a torrent search engine site, there are lots of written paragraphs on the site’s homepage, some of which is helpful, some not so helpful. There are categories to help you narrow your search on the left-hand side of the homepage, which also demonstrates the range of torrents available. Unlike the previous two sites mentioned, IsoHunt offers not just a list of torrent names, but a list of images/thumbnails for you to scroll through. This is quite visually attractive and scores some points for me. Here’s an example of the movie torrents page below:


The appealing movie torrent list – not just words but images

When you find your desired movie or game or whatever, you will be directed the download page. This page is highly informative and offers many alternatives for the download. Importantly, there is the list of torrents here in which you can choose which torrent you want – all the necessary information is there: age, title, seeds, peers and torrent size.

I am giving this site also a solid 10/10 – it was difficult to choose which site deserved the number one spot, but to be fair, Isohunt, kickass torrents, and pirate Bay are all winners in my opinion. What this site has, however, which the other two do not, is some attractive visuals. A slight downside though, is that this site is not as simple or basic as the previous two, but I still highly recommend! It was the best torrent site once upon a time, yet today it still is one of the best torrent sites.


Yet another torrent search engine site, this site is definitely worth a use on your search for the best torrent sites. I have ranked it fifth because of the unattractive appearance and due to the fact that I received a security warning when searching for a torrent.

Nonetheless, this site has a good range of available torrents. You can find your torrent quite simply, but you may receive a security warning like I did. Besides this, the displays are quite outdated, and the information can seem a bit vague at times.

I have decided to give this site an 8/10 – losing points on the security issue and another for the appearance. Still worth a try though if you are stuck in your search for torrents.


Although strictly a movie-torrent search engine only, if you are in search of movies to torrent, this site is a your-go site. It has perhaps the largest database of available movie torrents and the website is beautifully displayed, making it easy for you to navigate your search and thus find your torrent.


An example of a torrent list from the site

All the movies are perfectly displayed, rated, and given the necessary information. As for the torrents themselves, as you can see above the list is both informative and straight forward, making things very easy.

I have placed this site sixth due to the fact that it only offers movie torrents. Besides that, I am giving it a complete 10/10 rating – if movies are your desire, this site is kind of the best torrent sites in movies.


The final option on my list, this site is perhaps one of the easiest to use and modern of torrent search engine sites. The displays are attractive and you can find your way around it quite easily. On the homepage, you are immediately greeted by a long list of torrents, and up top, you have the headings, which aim to help you narrow your search (which they most certainly do).

The category heading is a drop-down box, which offers a wide variety of torrents: music, movies, anime, software, e-books and more. There are many torrents being uploaded on a daily basis, and on the homepage (as you can see above) there is a specific section for the most recent torrents uploaded. Like torrentfunk, this site offers the health icon on each of its torrents, letting you know if your torrent is legitimate and non-dangerous, which ties in nicely with the site’s mantra – “the no fakes torrent site”.

Ultimately, this site is very simplistic and should cause you no problems in your search for your torrent. You also needn’t worry about viruses with this site, for there is not only the health analysis on the site but a certification given by the website to a torrent which is deemed 100% good – symbolized by a green thumb.

I am rating this site a 9/10 – some torrents, despite what the site says about legitimacy, are sometimes not what they claim to be. Other than that, this site is one of the best torrent sites on the net.



Upon entering the home page of this site, I am immediately reminded of extratorrent – the advertisements and the unhelpful writing. If we look beyond these things, however, we find a pretty decent torrent site. In addition, and just like extratorrent, this site features the health icon which determines if your torrent is good or bad.

This site has torrents to not only the main media types – music, movies, and games, but also anime, television, software, and e-books. Ebooks and software, in particular, are quite unique for a torrent site, and so this broadens their range of offers.

When it comes to obtaining your torrent, the torrents are laid out neatly in a list with the following information given: torrent name, date added, file size, seeds, and peers, and finally, the mentioned health icon.

Final judgment – I am rating this site 8/10, losing marks due to the many advertisements which pollute the page and the unattractive displays. But these are mere trivial matters – the site has all you need in terms of torrents, and thus deserves its place as one of the best torrent sites.


What About the Law?

As you may have heard throughout the years, some sites have time and time again been shut down due to legal problems regarding downloads. Most of these sites, however, after shutdown, will soon reappear under a different domain name. That’s why websites like IsoHunt and kickass torrents have changed names so many times throughout the years. Despite changing names, they have however mainly stayed the same.

Torrents themselves, on the other hand, have remained floating around the net from one website to another, so with one website shutting down, there will always be another few dozen websites which can offer you the same torrents. The best torrent sites will, however, come back again and again, but with a slightly changed identity. No matter what, the world wide web will always be swarmed with free stuff due to constant peer to peer sharing, and torrenting, is just one result of this constant peer to peer sharing.

Some Closing Tips On Using Torrents

  1. Make sure you know when a torrent is authentic and not a fake. Some of the best sites will not allow any fake torrents into their databases due to their strong protection measures. More obscure torrent sites may, however, have more false torrents, which can perhaps lead to downloading suspicious material and therefore catching a virus.
  2. Make sure to download and use the BitTorrent software – it’s completely free and it is without a doubt the best software program to use for the use of torrents. It has all the features there to give you a safe and straightforward download, so don’t consider anything else to take care of your torrents because you won’t find a better alternative.
  3. Please be aware that the names of torrents may not always be clear. You will often find torrent titles which have the actual title squashed somewhere amidst a bunch of other unhelpful details. For example, the lion king might be placed within like this – torrent452.1994thelionking.avi.torrent. A torrent title will not always determine whether or not the torrent is genuine – you will have to inspect it with BitTorrent and judge the material there. For example, if you chose to download the above lion king torrent, and you open it on BitTorrent and find that the file size is only a small 3mb and in a foreign language, it is definitely not what you want it to be and it can therefore potentially be a virus.
  4. Torrent sizes are very small in size – often only a few kilobytes, at most a single megabyte, so you don’t have to worry about clogging up your computer’s memory with numerous torrents.
  5. Be careful on torrent sites which you feel are genuine – sometimes they may not be. Ultimately, it’s only by following what I mentioned on steps 1 and 3 that you can really see if a torrent has just what you want. Some sites can be spotted as fake from a single glance, whereas others may not be so easy to detect. Basically, use the above sites which I have mentioned and you shouldn’t go wrong.
  6. Make sure you have enough disk space on your computer – you wouldn’t want to begin downloading something which will have to be cut short due to a lack of memory space on your computer (trust me it happens).
  7. And finally, if you want, create a folder for you to store your torrents in, just in case you decide to delete whatever you downloaded but change your mind – the torrent will be there for you to re-obtain your download.

Please Don’t Use Torrent Sites Or Any Other Pirate Sites. 

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