8 Best Travel Forums To Inspire Your Next Adventure

There is not much better than a holiday, or a trip around the world. These days, more people than ever before are experiencing the vast experiences which this planet has to offer. Thanks to revolutionary transport and new visions, people want to see and feel what other countries have to give. But, prior to any journey, there must, of course, be some extensive planning. This is where travel forums and other travel websites come into action. Nowadays, many websites are dedicated to sharing experiences from around the world. Thus, this post is dedicated to the best travel forums which will hopefully inspire an upcoming adventure.

If you have a place in mind, all you have to do is fish out some useful information on that country by visiting a travel forum. There, you will find many like-minded people who have much to say about these places, offering tips and other advice. I have reviewed each of the following websites, offering up information, positives and perhaps negatives, and other bits about the websites. Furthermore, the following websites are in no particular ranking order.

Reviewing the Best Travel Forums

The first website on this list is undoubtedly one of the most popular and best travel forums on the web. Tripadvisor draws in many thousands of daily visitors, all of whom are seeking valuable advice on their trips. With Tripadvisor, you can find the best hotels, holiday rentals, information on the best things to do, the best restaurants in the area, and the cheapest flights to the area. There are literally millions of posts here dedicated to millions of areas. Without a doubt, you are sure to find a page packed full of useful information on any area. Furthermore, the information offered on this website is from people who have traveled there. In other words, like an interactive blog, the visitors of these places have voiced their opinions, rated the restaurants, shared their favorite places in the area, and so on.

  • Travbuddy.com

Travbuddy is one of the easiest travel websites to use. Simply key to your destination and Travbuddy will retrieve many posts and other information on your desired destination. As well as information on some great destinations, you can also meet other travelers on Travbuddy, and also share some travel advice yourself. There is a whole network of online travelers to meet with and share information, so, perhaps it’s time to become one.

  • Lonelyplanet.com

Another very popular travel forum, Lonelyplanet has tons of information on millions of places across the globe. If you haven’t a place in mind to search for, you can browse by continent or use their many lists, such as ‘countries for road trips’, or ‘the best honeymoon destinations’. There are also lists for places to go when on a budget, where to see polar bears, best places for food and drink, and much more. The best thing about Lonelyplanet are the organized and informative pages on the destinations. On each page for every popular destination, you can easily find the top sights, the best restaurants, a survival guide, a map, and more. Furthermore, you can find out more about these restaurants, places, and hotels by simply clicking and delving further. There is so much information, which makes Lonelyplanet easily one of the best travel forums on the net.

  • Fodors.com

Fodors Travel is another great travel forum which can help you find out all you need to know. With Fodors, you can find from the homepage alone a range of different information. For example, there are unconventional guides like ‘this weird and wonderful world’ which will offer unique experiences, a latest news and features section, a section for the top winter pics, and also a section dedicated to cruises. When browsing destination, Fodors will show you the best destinations in all the seven continents.

However, if you have a particular place in mind, you won’t be able to type it in and hit search. You will have to follow the browsing section, narrowing your search along the way. There are benefits to this, because you may find some information along the way which would’ve never entered your mind in the first place. Ultimately, Fodors has lots of many different sections which are all interesting and useful for an upcoming journey.

  • Ricksteves.com

Rick Steves is a travel guide and writer, who has thus shared his wealth of travel information through this, his official website. You can keep up to date on Rick’s travels, as well as dip into his tips and information on the many places which he has covered. In particular, there is a great section on Europe, complete with many posts.

  • Travelfish.org

Travelfish is solely dedicated to travel within south-east Asia. In fact, it is one of the best travel forums when it comes to exploring the Asian continent. You will find specific travel pages on Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Islands, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. There are also pages for planning and itineraries, as well as a forum in which many people have cashed-in their unique experiences of south-east Asia.

  • Indiamike.com

If traveling in and around India peaks your interest, Indiamike is the very site for you. This travel forum is one of the most popular travel forums which focuses solely on Indian tourism. There are many forum discussions for you to browse through, as well as individual pages on Indian destinations, hotels, journals, and images. As far as Indian travel forums go, Indiamike is one of the best Indian travel forums.

  • Tauck.com

Tauck covers a lot, but more specifically, you can plan a cruise, a small boat tour, or a small holiday adventure on land. If you are searching for a small group to join you and your wife (or perhaps even your family) on a tour of water or land, Tauck will have you sorted. Explore the many tour possibilities which are unique to only this site.

This concludes the post on the best travel forums. If you want more information on forums, try forums which are broader and not specific to travel only. Websites like Quora and Yahoo Answers have many people on their forums discussing travel.

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