18 Best Classified Sites Which Help You To Advertise Or Sell

There once was a time when only newspapers and word of mouth would help you advertise your business or sell your unwanted items. In this modern age, however, we now have the help of the internet, which reaches a worldwide audience at a much quicker speed. Classified pages in the newspapers have now become classified sites, and you can start using them too.

The following classified sites will allow you to sell your items or spread your company’s name better than any newspaper can, and I have included only the best websites for you to choose from.

The Best Classified Sites


4474436421_91da8c6f34Although not all of us may have actually used eBay before, we all certainly know what it is. The influence of eBay has left an indelible mark on the world of online trading and advertisement – for the better. It is currently one of the leading classified sites throughout the world, and it can certainly help anybody seeking to sell or buy.

With eBay, it only takes a few minutes to set up a free account, which, after completion, allows you to post an ad online for free. With your advertisement, you can give a range of information, such as a description, a price range, a selection of images, and other features. After completion, your item will be categorized accordingly, and you can also select how long you would like your advertisement to stay on the site.

Please be aware that, although it is free to post an ad if you do happen to sell your item, eBay charges 10% on service fees. For example, if you sell a TV for £100, eBay will lawfully claim £10 of that. Having said that, eBay can also help you to ship your sold item, offering the help of mail services and their subsequent charges, so there are many positives about using it, despite the small fees.


craigslistAlso in the race for the best-classified site is the American-owned ad-giant, Craigslist. This classified site has spread its work throughout the globe, with millions of people in dozens of countries using it on a daily basis to advertise, well – pretty much anything. Here’s why Craigslist is one of the best-classified sites.

As I mentioned, Craigslist advertises, or at least tries to advertise, everything and anything – “for jobs, housing, for sale, personals, services, local community, and events”. As you can see, Craigslist not only helps you sell items, but it is also a great platform in which to publicise. You can even place dating ads and job postings on Craigslist. One of the best things about Craigslist is the locality which it brings to each user – the website will automatically try to narrow your search by tracking which country/area you are in.

Ultimately, with Craigslist, you can advertise or sell pretty much anything. It is undoubtedly one of the largest online advertising platforms on the internet, and one of the best-classified sites on this list.


Quikr is an India-based online advertising website, founded in 2008 and now one of the largest and best-classified sites on the net. It’s free to post an ad with Quickr and the process is simple. You can advertise a range of items, from computer gadgets to jobs and homes – you can even advertise for flatmates with Quickr. You can also download the Quickr app for your phone.

Quickr is perhaps the largest classified site in India, and it’s easy to see why due to its fantastic features and the simplicity at which you can both browse the site and post an ad for sale.


Olx has many thousands of users within their buy-and-sell ‘community’. From a glance at the homepage, there are in total 42 countries which are available to browse through with Olx, from the United States to more obscure countries like Kenya and Mozambique. After finding your community/the country in which you are from or selling or buying from, you will be directed to the Olx site specific to that country. Here, you can post your ad for free or browse the thousands of available items on sale.

(Please note: the UK is connected with the USA on this site, so if you are a user from the UK, click on the USA option at the homepage and begin posting or browsing). Use the search bar at the top of the site to search for your item, or alternatively type in the zip/postcode to search for an area specific to you. Olx also has an app available for you to download onto your phone. Furthermore, you can take a picture of your item for sale with the let go app, advocated by Olx, which posts your item for sale after photographing.



In the race for the number 1 spot for the best-classified site, along with the above mentioned, eBay, is another classified giant, Gumtree. There are many people who will place ads on both eBay and Gumtree in order to increase their chances of a sale, and it often works in their favor.

Like eBay, it is free to post an ad on Gumtree, and the process is very straightforward. Sign up for a free account (you won’t be able to advertise without one) and begin selling your item right away. One of the best things I like about this site is how they categorize your ad. There is certainly a category for every item on sale, and this makes the advertising process much easier. Once you have your ad completed with all the right information included, your item will be sent out to the website’s online market where it will stay for a month. You can, however, add an urgency option with your advert – for an extra £3.99, you can alert people that you want to sell your item as soon as possible. You can also select to have your ad placed near the top of the search page for a certain amount of time at an additional cost. There is also the ‘spotlight’ option, which will place your ad on Gumtree’s homepage, at £19.99 per week on the homepage.

All things considered, Gumtree is without a doubt one of the best options in regards to classified sites, and there’s no mystery as to why millions of people use it to advertise their items.


The motto of the Vendanything website is “buy, sell, or trade anything for free!”, and it certainly stands up to this assertion. To post an ad, you must first create a free account, then place your item within its category, followed by the entering of details, and finished by uploading photos of your item – simple!

One of the great things about this site is how you can narrow down your search. On the homepage and specifically in the search bar, you can choose how close you would like your item to be to you. For example, you can select your item to be within a walking distance of a zip code selected by you or within 5 to 500 miles. This makes it very easy to find your item within a realistic distance to you, and the results are accurate. You can also narrow your search further by choosing ads from either: the past 24 hours, the past week, 2 weeks ago, or 3 weeks ago and longer. Not many classified sites have such features, which puts Vendanything in good favor with me. Give it a try and use the excellent search features to narrow down your search.


Here’s a classified site specifically for the United States. You can search for items using the interactive map on the homepage (or alternatively select ‘all states’ and include the entire country in your search). To post an ad, you must, like many other sites, first create a free seller account. To post an ad, however, is not free. It costs 3 dollars to post an ad for 60 days. If you would like to make your ad top of the search result list for a week, the cost is 5 dollars. With these features, and if you are a seller in the USA, this website could be quite useful for you.

The categories for items for sale on this website are broken into 5 main categories: Leisure time & hobbies, household, electronics, real estate, vehicles. It may be a classified site available for use only the USA, but it’s still one of the best-classified sites, regardless.


With Worldstuffer, you can post an ad for free without registration. With registration, on the other hand, which is free, you will be given full control over your ad. With an account, you can also trace ads and view other buyer’s and seller’s profiles. You can buy and sell a wide range of stuff, from art to tools (and other, for those items which don’t quite fit into any conventional category). You can also search for services such as childcare, find apartments for sale, browse community events and activities, and view job postings. There are also forums available on the homepage for you to take a look at art, music, beauty, jobs, garden forums and much more.

Overall, worldstuffer offers more things than many other classified sites out there – more than just buying and selling, so check it out and see what it can do for you.


indeedThis website is designed specifically for employment – for those seeking to hire and for people seeking work. Millions of people across the world use Indeed when searching for a new job, making it without a doubt one of the world’s leading classified sites in job hiring.

When searching for a desired job, all you have to do is search the job title and the postcode or area. One of the useful features about Indeed is that you can upload your CV onto their online platform for employers to have a look at. All in all, if you are seeking a website to help you on your job hunt, Indeed is one of the first websites you should try.


Xoocal is one of the most basic of classified sites, which can be seen as either pro or con. On the homepage, there are two main things to glance at – the website’s search bar, and the latest listings. Other than that, you can sign in, create an account or post a free ad. To post an ad is quite easy and should only take a few minutes, but there are, however, no special urgency features, like those offered in Gumtree.

One of the best things about this site is that you can subscribe to a search. By subscribing to a search, (for example games) you will be updated on any new posts regarding your search. It’s quite easy to contact the seller, simply use the ‘contact publisher’ box on the right-hand side of the page – you can leave your email address and your phone number, followed by your phone number. Another great thing I found on this site is the useful information, one in particular which warns users of paying with PayPal or using the Western Union. (As a user of classified sites/an online seller myself, I have in the past been almost scammed through a false buyer who suggested PayPal and Western Union).


This website is one of the most basic classified sites of the lot – don’t be put off by the lack of display features, for it works just as well as any other classified site. Created in 2011, this classified site draws in items from across the globe. (You can find out all about the website and its owner on the ‘About’ page.

To post an ad with Outlived is free (you must create a free account), and the categories are wide – from real estate to jobs, pets to lost and found, clothing to boats. You can also check out services: classes and tuition (educational, musical, etc.), auto, astrology, career, childcare. With each item for sale, you can see where the item is located on a map (provided by Google Maps). It’s easy to contact a seller, all you have to do is send a message by using the message box on the item for sale page.


Loot is an upcoming classified website specifically for buyers and sellers within the United Kingdom. It’s free to post an ad with Loot – first sign up for a free account and begin entering the information on your item for sale. From the headings, you can see a splice of what is on sale: motors, jobs, property, pets & livestock, home & garden, electrical, travel, leisure & lifestyle. From the ‘what’s on’ heading, you can also view tickets for sale, as well as gigs, trade shows and exhibitions, pubs & clubs and car boot sales. The list of things on sale is neatly arranged and including all useful information, ensuring a safe and simple search for your item of desire.


kijiji_logoHere’s a classified site for Canadian buyers and sellers. Owned by eBay and ranking popular with Alexa – Kijiji is currently ranked as the 594th most popular website in the world – Kijiji is one of the most prominent classified sites in the world. I have searched the Canadian branch of Kijiji and found thousands of great things on sale online. The categories are extensive and, importantly, it’s free to post an ad on their site and free to create an account.


Like Loot, this site is specifically for UK users only, and it’s free to post an ad on their online platform. As well as searching for items for sale, you can also browse through local services such as childcare, mechanics, and other services within your selected location. When searching for an item or service, simply enter the title and select a location – you can also narrow or broaden your item location by selecting how many miles away you wish it to be (0 miles away – 100+ miles away).

Overall, though not as well known as classified giants such as eBay and Gumtree, Locanto is one of the best free classified sites for users in the UK.


Mozge is a global classified site which deals with the buying and selling of thousands of items, ranging from common to more obscure items. You can browse art, boats, jobs and even stamps, animals and pottery with Mozge. As for posting an ad, it’s free and you can create a free account.

Mozge is one of the most basic of classified sites, and although not well known, it could harbor some quality items for sale.


At a first glance, this classified site is not very well laid out. Locations are arranged in lists according to continent or country. It does, however, offer a wide range of listings. Not only are there thousands of things on sale, but there are also services to browse, jobs, car rentals, and dating services.

It’s free to post an add, and you must choose from one of the following categories in which to place your item for sale or service on offer: automotive, buy/sell/trade, community, dating, jobs, local places, musician, real estate for sale, rentals, services, and adult entertainment. All in all, Backpage offers one of the widest range of options for selling, and its simplistic nature makes for a quick and easy buy or sell.


This classified site is available for use in India only – “non-registration classified site India”. With Adpress, you can find anything from wedding services to education and things on sale. There is certainly a wide selection of things being sold, and when it comes to posting a free ad, you have the alternative option of posting an ‘image ad’. You can narrow your search by place by using the box on the right-hand side of the site, which includes areas and cities from all over India. Adpress is essentially one of India’s leading classified sites, so if you are a buyer or seller situated in India, give it a try.


Another classified site native to India, Apnaindia deals with not only buying and selling but also movies, news, and entertainment. Staying within the classified section, however, I have found that this site has much to offer. It’s free to post an ad, and you can find things on sales, such as vehicles, places for rent, real estate, jobs, roommates, electronics, jewelry, and more. You can also narrow your search by choosing a specific city in which you want to browse for your specific item. You can also search the US classifieds section, which offers pretty much the same as the Indian section of the site.


Postwanga is a site available only to UK users, and it offers many items on sale through a most simple process of buying and selling. It’s free to post an ad online to Postwanga, and when it comes to buying, you can contact a seller and find their location. When reading the fine print on this site, Postwanga asks for a small donation of £1 when using their services. In other words, it may not be a free classified website to be exact, but it’s only a small donation to make.


A lesser-known classified site, Beatyourprice offers items under the following categories: services, for sale, jobs, housing, cars & vehicles, personals. It’s free to post an ad, and you also have the option to promote your ad. You can choose to have your ad placed at the top of search lists for 30 days for 3 dollars, or have it displayed on the homepage for 30 days for 5 dollars.

Closing Words + Information On Scams When Using Classified Sites

Try social media sites! Posting your ad or creating a page for your independent company is free and it will reach your immediate friends and perhaps thousands more through sharing. You can also find pages which are specifically for people selling items in your area.

Please be aware of online scams when either buying or selling an item. When selling an item through a classified site, do not accept offers outside of the classified site. For example, if a person contacts you by email or by text message rather than through the site, you have every right to be suspicious and to ask for further details or clarification of their person. Also, as I have mentioned, do not accept PayPal transactions – there are fraudulent ways in which people can set up false payments, or create an image of a false payment to show to you as ‘evidence’ of a payment. Finally, do not accept people who use the Western Union as a courier service. Many scams have been carried out through the use of Western Union.

In addition, some of the key warning signs regarding a scam are over-payment and pre-payment. In other words, if a person claims to pay you before you have sent your item, or, pay you more for doing so, do not place your trust in them – this is simply a lure. You will never actually receive this money, and if you carry out their wishes and ship your item to them via the Western Union before receiving payment, you are effectively paying a courier service to give your item away for free. Ultimately, be careful, stay within these guidelines and stay within these classified sites and their rules and regulations.

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