5 Best Sites For Comic Torrents: Your Free Online Comic Store

We all know the comic, and for decades, comics were only obtainable by going to the local comic store. Well, not anymore thanks to the world of the internet and its charitable spirit. You can now find your favorite comics without having to leave your home and without having to spend a penny. How is all this possible? All of this is possible due to the phenomenon that is torrenting, which is one of the most simplistic and fast-growing means of obtaining things online, and thus we are given comic torrents!

All you need is some torrent software (such as BitTorrent) and the following sites which can offer the best comic torrents on the net. Torrents are small in size and are easily downloaded.

So let’s get started – here are some of the best torrent websites out of thousands which can give you free comic torrents and thus your free online comics.

The Best Sites For Comic Torrents



                                                                           The simple and effective Pirate Bay homepage

One of the most well-known sites on the internet, this popular torrent search engine site has much to offer. You may already be aware of The Pirate Bay’s nature and what it can do, but here’s what I think about it and how it can help you get your free online comic.

  • A Huge Database of Torrents: As a long-standing torrent-server, this website has thousands of torrents stored away within its database. In the way of comics, you can find one of the largest variety of comic torrents anywhere else on the net.
  • Simplicity: One of the best things I like about any torrent site is often the simplicity. The Pirate Bay holds no confusing or unnecessary features which will slow down your search for your free comic torrents. The homepage / main page is nothing but a search bar and a few headings, which is efficient due to the fact that it can lead you straight to your torrent from the very outset. The torrent lists are very much the same. There are some icons which can be confusing, but ultimately you should find what you’re looking for with this great torrent search engine.


Here’s a great torrent site which can offer you a range of comic torrents. (As well as comics, you can search for almost anything: movies, music, games – this website is a torrent search engine). So why use this site?

  • Many Torrents: This site has a great collection of torrents to choose from, with an overall total of 20 pages full of available free comic torrents and at 50 per page, which makes a grand total of around 1,000 comic torrents to choose from.
  • Attractive Site: Unlike most torrent search engine websites, this site has some appealing displays which not only makes the site look good but can help you find your torrent, which leads me onto my next point.
  • Nice, Useful Features: One of the best things I’ve noticed about this site is the health bar on each torrent, which informs you of how safe a particular torrent is. There are also symbols for torrents which come as a single comic and torrents which feature a collection of comic torrents – all both attractive and helpful icons/features.


This torrent site, another torrent search engine, delivers some great comic torrents with simplicity. Here’s what I thought about the site:

  • Basic Measures Does the Job: There are not many flashy, fancy displays or features here, just plain old torrents and information. This, of course, can be seen as either a pro or a con. For me, it doesn’t necessarily matter, for it delivers free comic torrents just as well as any other torrent site.
  • Helpful Headings: You can narrow your search by choosing one of the headings which are designated for particular torrents: movies, TV, music, games, software, anime, ebooks.



The website’s homepage and its many offerings

An odd name for any website, this torrent search engine is one of the most effective websites for comic torrents. Here’s what I found:

  • Wide Range of Torrents: Lots to choose from here, nicely listed and very informative.
  • Layout: The layout of this site is perhaps the most hi-tech and features more than any other torrent site mentioned in this article. This doesn’t subtract from the site’s simplicity, but it may very well add to it, for it offers you many torrents and many ways in which to get to your comic torrent, which leads me onto my next point regarding features.
  • Features: The homepage is crammed with offerings. Most popular torrents, browse torrents by trending torrents, view the torrent library, top 100 torrents – there is so much to choose from here and all is neatly laid out and attractive in appearance.


Another basic torrent search engine, this website certainly delivers. Here are some points about the site:

  • Basic, But Efficient: This website hasn’t gone all-out to impress its visitors with extravagant, modern features and displays, but don’t allow that to put you off – this site delivers quality torrents just the same as the best websites. In other words, it doesn’t need to impress, because it delivers torrents which is enough to impress anyone.
  • Lots of Comic Torrents: When you get into the website’s realm of comic torrents, you will find a list neatly displaying all of the available torrents – all you have to do is scroll through and choose what you’re searching for. Simple!

Some Honourable Mentions:

  • GetComics.info – A great site (not to download comic torrents) but to read comics online for free.
  • Comixology.com – An Amazon-owned site, this comic site offers freebies and other great free comic additions, along with some great comics features and displays – no torrents, however, but nonetheless some great free comics to read online.
  • NewComic.org – Another great site which offers free comic downloads, if you prefer to download directly from the site rather than torrent your comic files, you should definitely give this site a try. You may, however, have to register for a free account, but don’t let that stop you, it’s really worth it.
  • ComicsAll.net – On this site, you can download many popular comics from DC Comics to Marvel, all free. Again, just to mention, you can download the comics from the site, which means no torrenting is required.

Get torrenting now or alternatively download your favorite comics with these websites. With these five great websites (and the mentions below) you should be able to find your favorite comics online within moments, all completely free and within having to leave your home.

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