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The world and its many social changes have revolved around politics for many centuries – dating back to ancient Greece and the minds of some of the most enlightened people ever to have lived. Similarly, great minds have brought us new and more recent politics and inventions, such as the internet and the political ideology of Conservatism. With these two things meeting in modern life, we can thus find our Conservative politics through Conservative websites.

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If politics is your passion, here are some of the best Conservative websites to find information on current, political events. There are indeed thousands of websites out there which are related to Conservative politics, so we have narrowed them down sufficiently for you. Some websites may be partly Conservative websites, others catering for many areas of politics, though all of which are political sites in which you will find what you’re looking for. Many are news websites, which is to be expected, as they are highly informative in regards to politics.

The Best Conservative Websites and Other Political Sites

The following are 10 great websites which source current political affairs across the globe, chosen personally by myself, with an in-depth analysis of each site. You can find information on many political occurrences and parties, Conservative or otherwise. I have also included the Alexa rankings for each website, letting you know which website ranks where in terms of global online popularity.



This website tackles many 0f the most pressing matters today. According to Alexa, which tracks information on all the websites on the web, the Young Cons website is currently globally ranked at number 5,147 and is currently the 910th most popular website in the USA. In other words, this website is quite popular with both Conservative Americans and the rest of the world. In the past month, this website has received over 55 million views and 13 million different visitors, which is a staggering amount for a political website.


The Young Conservatives homepage

Pretty much every breaking story here is politically-related and current, which is just what you need. You can narrow your political search by clicking on one of these headings: Breaking, 2016 Election, and Trending. Overall, even if you are not a Conservative supporter, this website still delivers some crucial political news. I recommend for all followers of politics.


    Here’s the American TV network giant, Fox, and their online website dedicated solely to delivering the news. This website is easily one of the most popular websites used amongst Americans, for both current political and non-political affairs. Glancing at the site now, you can see that the majority of Fox New’s stories are, however, in fact politically related, so if politics in America is something which interests you, Fox News is without a doubt one of the first websites that you should search through.

According to Alexa, Fox News is at the moment the 34th most popular website in the USA, and it ranks at an impressive 219 in the global rankings. (Bear in mind that this website is not competing with other news websites, but all websites everywhere, which makes it that bit more impressive).


Fox News homepage

Fox News is always on top of current affairs, with immediate updates on things happening all over the world. When a breaking news story hits the globe, political or otherwise, Fox News will certainly get hold of it within moments. You can browse the website by using its headings, with the specific page for politics, business, entertainment, science and much more.

All in all, depending on the political events of the day, Fox News can deliver some of the most important information and news stories on Conservative politics, which therefore makes it one of the best Conservative websites out there on the net.



Stepping back to the United Kingdom, The Guardian is first and foremost a newspaper publishing company/journalistic source. In recent years, however, The Guardian has spread its wings onto online areas, now delivering its news not only through newspapers but also through the net. Despite being a British tabloid, The Guardian receives much attention across the globe, reaching its news stories into many countries and homes across the globe. For example, according to Alexa, The Guardian’s website is ranked at an impressive 118th in the USA, which is outstanding for a British website/tabloid. In fact, most of this website’s visitors are in fact American, with its home nation behind the states on viewer statistics. On the other hand, The Guardian the 16th most popular website in the United Kingdom.

The Guardian is forever up-to-date on political and worldly affairs – when huge news breaks, The Guardian are sure to be right on it. In terms of Conservative politics, The Guardian certainly delivers. As you may or may not know, Conservative politics is huge within the United Kingdom, and so many of its political articles are related to or make mention of Conservatism and its affairs.

On the homepage, simply click on the politics heading and enter the political section of the website. Here, you can find all the current political issues across the United Kingdom and the world, dealing with issues from Brexit to the US presidential election. If you are searching for Conservative news, The Guardian is just one of many tabloids now-gone-online websites which you should certainly try. All things considered, The Guardian online is one of the best Conservative websites to find modern, current Conservative news stories.



Another major, American news website, Western Journalism delivers some of the most impacting news stories within the United States and throughout the world. In terms of online popularity, Western Journalism ranks not far behind Fox News, being ranked as the 81st most popular website in the States, and an impressive global ranking of 595. With around 4.5 million likes on Facebook, this website is very popular.

There are political areas in this website that makes it one of the best Conservative websites on the net; you can simply search ‘Conservative’ in the website’s search bar and you will find many recent news stories regarding Conservative politics. At the moment, for example, there are many Conservative news stories on offer following the presidential election in the US. You can also browse through the main stories on the website’s homepage, or use the headings: news, opinion, videos, the point, about and subscribe.

All in all, Western Journalism holds some of the most important Conservative and political news stories of today, so try it out for your future online political searches.


As the word ‘heritage’ suggests, this website is dedicated to the cultural and political heritage of the United States, and therefore, it is largely dedicated to serving Conservative politics in the USA. According to Alexa and its online ranking statistics, this website is not as popular as many other websites making this list, ranking in as the 3,733rd most popular website in the USA. But, don’t let this put you off the site.

Unlike many of the other websites on this list, the Heritage website is not strictly a news website, but a creation of the Heritage Foundation. Here is what the website has to say about both the website and the Heritage Foundation:

As you can see, this website is completely dedicated to the Conservative cause in the United States. You can read about and get involved in some of the current conservative issues in the United States through this website, and therefore, through the Heritage Foundation.

In my opinion, this is one of few websites out there which is taking an heritage-2active role in real Conservative issues, unlike many other sites, which prefer to report rather than act. If your heart is truly dedicated to Conservative issues and the cause, you may want to take a look at the Heritage Foundation and what it can do for you. Having said all this, I now conclude by saying the Heritage website is one of the best Conservative websites which the internet has to offer.


The first thing to mention – do not be put off by the bare, minimal appearance of this site. Drudge Report, despite its lack of modern digital appearance, offers some of the most important news on current political events across the planet. It is well ranked in regards to the Alexa rankings – currently ranked at a very respectable 103 place in US rankings, and a ranking of 584 in global rankings, which testifies for its quality as a political news site.

This site covers many areas of political news, with stories from Trump and the presidential election, to crises in the EU – all of the news on this website is politically related. You can find many well-written articles on politics on Drudge Report, Conservative or otherwise, which is why you should consider it when searching for Conservative websites online.

All things considered, ignore the website’s appearance and get scrolling through the many political news articles available on the site. You will find some important, current articles on Conservative politics.


This British website is a site specifically dedicated to the Conservative party in the United Kingdom. If Conservative politics in the UK is what you are searching for, or if it interests you at all, this website is a must. Although a British website, the Conservatives website reels in around 10% of its visitors from the USA and a small percentage from Russia, according to Alexa statistics. In other words, the Conservatives website is one of the go-to websites for Conservative supporters throughout the United Kingdom and for Americans interested in UK Conservative politics.

Through this website, you can not only browse through the most recent and press Conservative news, but you can also sign up to become a supporter of the UK Conservative party and donate some money to the Conservative cause. This is a change from the many political news sites out there which simply report. With this website, you can actively get involved by donating and signing up.

Overall, this website holds the beating digital heart of Conservative politics in the United Kingdom, so, if Conservative politics is your game, this website is easily one of the best Conservative websites to choose from.


Here’s a popular US website that deals with a wide variety of news stories, particularly politics. The majority of the news on this website is in fact politically related, and it officially deals with the global news – the site’s logo claiming to serve “breaking news from around the globe”. In terms of rankings, it sits at a respectable rank as the 578th most popular website in the USA, with a global ranking of 2,452, according to Alexa online.

On the site’s homepage, you can browse the news by choosing the following: America, politics, opinion, the wire, and others. To find some Conservative political news, you can use the site’s search bar, which will bring up many results from around the web. Ultimately, this website is a well-functioning online news source, which serves some of the most important political news from around the world. You can easily find some Conservative news here, which thus makes it a good Conservative website for you to find you Conservative news. I recommend you give it a try.




This site can be viewed as quite controversial. Many of us are familiar with the term ‘right-wing’, which is basically another term for a Conservative or reactionary political stance. This website is brought to you by John Hawkins, a Conservative journalist who has had many of his views published and discussed in political newspapers, discussions, and TV. This website covers not only Conservative politics, but it also delves within political affairs such as the law and global warming. In other words, this is not exactly a strictly political website, but a website which offers news on pressing issues through a Conservative voice.

In terms of rankings according to Alexa, this website is the 5,895th most popular website in the USA, though it also attracts some visitors from Canada and other non-American countries.

All things considered, Right Wing News is certainly one of the foremost Conservative websites out there on the net. It offers controversial articles on a wide range of topics, not only politics. It also offers interviews and humor pages. Overall, Right Wing News it is definitely worth a glance if you are Conservative-minded. You will find a wide range of news articles which will suit your political leanings.





Here’s a great news site from a great network which flaunts the slogan, “the right news. Right now”. CNS News is fairly popular in the States, ranking in as the 2,524th most popular website in the USA, and 13,429 in the world, according to Alexa online statistics.

This website deals with news from all over the world, news on all worldly topics, meaning you can find many news stories here. You can find a politically specific page by choosing the ‘Washington’ heading on the homepage, placed between ‘home’ and ‘culture’. There are many of the hottest news topics on the homepage, but if it’s Conservative news that you’re looking for, you can use either the Washington page or the website’s search bar, which is powered by Google.

This site is great for worldwide news due to the wide variety of topics that it delivers, both national and international. Therefore, you can receive political news from many different areas across the world. For Conservative politics, you can find some good news here.

Other Useful Websites

  1. The Times – Another British tabloid giant, dealing with all of the world’s most pressing news. You can certainly find Conservative news on this website.
  2. The Telegraph – One of the foremost British tabloids, this newspaper now online delivers some important Conservative news every day.
  3. Conservative Home – A website dedicated to Conservatism.
  4. – The official website for Conservatism in Canada.
  5. Scottish Conservatives – You’ve guessed it, this website is for Scottish dedicated to Conservatism.
  6. The Imaginative Conservative – the US, a patriotic website, centered upon Conservatism.

Closing Words

There are hundreds of online choices out there when it comes to Conservative websites. The aforementioned websites should, however, deliver all the Conservative news and topics that you need. Most of them offer news, whereas others offer interesting insights into Conservative politics. Although most websites may be situated in or related to the USA, you can find news and issues relating to the entire globe. Finally, please be aware that Conservative politics in the USA may often be referred to as ‘right-wing’ politics rather than Conservative politics. In the UK and Canada however and other Commonwealth countries, Conservative politics remains as it is. Hopefully, this article will offer you everything in the way of Conservative politics, for, in my opinion, these websites are the best Conservative websites on the net.

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