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File sharing sites have many purposes for users. First of all, with certain websites, you can upload gigabytes of your files for storage purposes, which helps you lighten the load on your gadget or PC. On the other hand, many sharing sites are designed to be an online community in which thousands of online users can share their files. You can upload your media files onto a file-sharing website and in turn receive some great music, videos or other media file from another user like yourself often for free.

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One of the biggest creations to come out of the internet over the past few years is Cloud storage. What Cloud storage enables people to do is store huge amounts of files online in what is essentially an online security box. Many gadgets today also include Cloud storage, such as your iPhone or tablet. Cloud storage is vital in today’s business world, so if you are a member of that same world in search of some sites which can help you with storage, many of the featured sites below are perfect for file sharing and storage. The following websites offer many similar services in the way of storage, but they also offer more – than being, the sharing of many different types of files.

These websites are, in my opinion, some of the best file sharing sites the internet has to offer. I have narrowed them down to a slim number (from thousands) and have offered up a brief review of each site and what it can do for you. But before this, I want to share another amazing post written by me which will allocate you to some of the best sites to unzip and unrar files online.

So, get reading!



Here’s what Google has to offer in regards to file sharing. If you use Google Chrome as your default browser, you may already be familiar with the services that Google Drive provides. Google gives you up to 15GB of storage space to upload and save your files onto. In other words, Google offers one of the largest online, secure storage spaces. It’s simple to use and there are no tricks involved – just honest, straight-forward file storage.



This popular website has many great features. Ultimately, you can “search, store and share easily”, 4shared-logowhich gives you a few options. You can search for and download: music, videos, apps, pictures, books and other files. The file database on this website is extensive, and this is due to the large community of file sharing users which are part of 4Shares sharing experience.

You can also upload files – a quick an easy process which takes a click on the upload button on the homepage, followed by the selection of the file on your computer. It only takes seconds to offer a contribution to this great, file sharing site.





The vast majority of us have at least heard of iCloud. If you are not an Apple user/if you do not own or operate any Apple gadgets, this site will not apply to you. If you are an Apple customer, you will already be familiar with iCloud and its services. It is perhaps the largest and most popular storage site, used by millions of Apple customers worldwide.





Another very popular file-sharing website, Dropbox came to the forefront of file uploading a few years ago and has stayed firmly at the top since. Millions of people use Dropbox to store gigabytes of files in a temporary, online space.

One of the great things about Dropbox is that you can share huge files with other people. Say, for example, you have a photo album which is more than 2GB in size and you want to share it with a friend – you will find it difficult to send such a huge file over a social media site or via email. This is where Dropbox comes in. You simply upload your huge file onto the online platform and your friend can access the file through the website.




With this website, you can upload up to a maximum of 5GB. As well as the option to upload huge files, you can also download thousands of files which fellow users have uploaded. In order to ‘leech files’, you will, however, have to first create an account, but don’t let this deter you – DownAce has some of the best features available. It offers unlimited storage, multiple file uploads, as well as many other fantastic features.



With over 15,000 registered users and more than 4 million downloads since the beginning of the site, EasyPaste is one of the most popular file sharing sites on the internet. You can share huge files of up to 10GB with the sharing community on this site, and in turn, you can browse many thousands of free files for download. It’s a very basic and easy site to use, so I recommend giving it a try.





This website is an offspring of the Microsoft Corporation. If you use Outlook email, this sharing service may already be familiar to you. In comparison to Google, OneDrive’s 5GB limit of storage may seem insufficient. If, however, you use Outlook and other of this website’s services, OneDrive can link with your past files which you shared via email.



This website allows you to upload and thus share files with other online users, download files from them, or simply store your files online in a digital safety box. This website, is, however, designed for business use and comes at a price. Box is ideal for business interaction and is therefore not exactly the ideal place to search for your favorite music album, for example. If you are, on the other hand, a business person who deals with constant file sharing on a daily basis, this website and its available app might be perfect for you.



Like its name suggests, this blossoming company aims to bring its users the biggest online storage space possible. It’s completely secure and can be customised to suit your needs. It is not free to use the services of BigFileBox, but you can choose from a list of options. You can choose from 5GB of storage at £15 per month, up to a hugely impressive 250GB of storage at £150 per month. You are also given large bandwidth in conjunction with your large storage (up to 1TB). So, if you deal with the sharing of gigantic files on a regular basis, BigFileBox is worth considering as your file sharing site. It’s leading trait – the offer of one of the largest storage spaces, larger than many other file sharing sites.



Not to be confused with 4Shared above, this website is a minimal, uploading site. It’s not a personal favorite of mine nor would I imagine the finest of file sharing sites on the net, but it’s another option – a quick and very easy option.


Yet another cloud storage site, OpenDrive is suitable for both business and for personal use. The offers that this site provide are incredible. For a personal account on OpenDrive, it’s completely free, and you get up to 5GB of storage. For a custom account, which is 5 dollars per month, OpenDrive gives you an astounding upload limit of 500GB and a bandwidth of 25GB. Finally, a personal account comes with the largest upload storage I’ve ever come across – unlimited storage capacity – which comes at a very reasonable price of 9.95 dollars per month. With a personal account, you can also add 4 users, making it perfect for a small business group.



With this website, you can both share and receive great files, from music to videos to apps. You must, however, create an account before you can access such goods, but it’s entirely free to sign up. It offers unlimited uploads and downloads, as well as unlimited storage (each uploaded or downloaded file must not exceed 5GB). In my opinion, one of the best file sharing sites in regards to media (videos, music, apps, etc.).


Egnyte is an enterprise which deals with both save and secure file sharing and data protection and management. As for the file sharing, Egnyte is perfect for business activity. You can access files stored on any cloud or account. You can also choose from three different accounts:

  • Office: “team and small office collaboration”. 5-25 employees. 5TB of storage. 8 dollars per employee per month.
  • Business: “cross-site collaboration for business”. 25 – 100 employees. 10TB of storage. 15 dollars per employee per month.
  • Enterprise: “file management for global enterprises”. Unlimited employees and storage. Contact the site for more information on prices.

Overall, Egnyte is without a doubt one of the best options for business file storage and file sharing.



Here’s another one of many file sharing sites designed for business. ShareFile is fast, secure and offers many other digitally advanced features. It aims to deliver the most professional and simplest file sharing for business people – as simple as click, tap, share. A personal account at 16 dollars per month offers you 100GB of storage, as well as 24/7 customer support. Other options include a team account, business account, and a ‘virtual data room’, all of which offer huge (and unlimited) storage space and 5 employee accounts which can access the ShareFile account.


Uploading is a website which allows the upload of all kinds of files. You must, however, create an account in order to fully use the site. All in all, it’s a storage site of the most basic nature worth trying.



Yet another simple and easy uploading website, FileDropper allows you to upload files of up to 5GB in size. It’s free to sign up and use the website.



If you want the most basic website in which to store your files, JustCloud is a good choice. If you decide to join the site and claim a free account, you will receive 1GB of storage space. You can sync your files across all of your devices, simply by linking your account to all your gadgets. There are, however, different account options, all of which offer different features at different prices.



As you can see, there is a variety of file sharing sites out there on the net – business storage, personal cloud storage and media sharing sites. By browsing through the above sites, you will certainly find the ideal site you’re looking for. There are thousands out there to choose from, but the above is certainly the most authentic and genuine to choose from.

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