Free Cell Phone Directory Websites To Help You Find A Number

We have all been in the situation in which we miss a call from an unknown number. An unknown number? How can you find out who this person is without calling them back? Luckily for us, there are many websites out there which can help you find out who called. On the other hand, perhaps you are searching for the phone number of a business or a dialing code for a different country? Again, the internet has many ways for you to look up numbers and find out who contacted you and how you can contact another person. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of free cell phone directory websites out there which can not only answer the burning question on who called, but you can also find phone numbers for companies and people in your city.


The following websites are a selection of these free cell phone directory websites which can get you the important information and phone numbers. Some are simply websites which track information on a certain phone number – a site which reverses the caller and gives you information on who called. Other sites are simple cell phone directories, and some sites combine both services as well as many other services. I have offered a thorough analysis of each site to help you choose the right one for you, so get looking below!

Free Cell Phone Directory Websites


First on the list of free cell phone directory sites is 411 – the “free people search” website which aims to help you find who you’re looking for by entering a phone number or name. (This website is only accessible to people in the USA).

On the homepage, you can use the search box – browse by choosing either: people, phone, business or address. After choosing one of these, enter a name and/or phone number and hit ‘search’. 411 will then bring up the results – delivering their age and their location. You can also browse marriage and death records at the bottom of the page. Each name/person has a profile which you can access for more information. It shows their address (if they have a registered address), their name and directions/map to them if you need it.

This website will ultimately allow you to find the mystery number that called and help you find a business partner, for example.



Very popular in the United States (it currently ranks as the 376th most popular site in the states according to Alexa statistics), this basic directory site should definitely find the person, phone number of the company that you need. Use the website’s search box – select from people, reverse phone, reverse address or the public records section. Just like the above 411 website, each person or company comes with an informative reportage, name, current and past address can all be viewed, as well as a personal profile on the person or business.

This site is great to use if you either want to find a person or company’s phone number or if you want to find out who called (use the reverse phone section on the search box). Give it a try and you’ll find lots of helpful information here.



On this website, you can search a person and their information by name, address, zip code, or phone number, or alternatively reverse a phone number. In other words, this website offers everything – a free cell phone directory and a free company and person directory.

There are ample amounts of useful information following a search, such as an email address and other phone numbers, map/directions, full zip code and home address, and options to get full background checks and information on a person. The reverse phone number search works just the same, so I would recommend giving this website a try if you want some vital information on the person who called, or, alternatively, useful information on a person you already know of.


The Yellow Pages company has been a long-standing server throughout many countries and continents for many years. Many of us have had our houses filled with their huge, chunky yellow books, which are filled with thousands of names and phone numbers and other useful information. Your home may not be filled with them anymore, and one of the reasons for this is because many people seek their services via online. Their website is quite popular, currently ranking as the 355th most popular website in the United States.

The online website works just like a digital yellow pages book, only it is much easier and quicker to use. You can find thousands of people and a huge range of different companies and businesses within their database. In other words, if the Yellow Pages website does not have the phone numbers and other legitimate information you need, it’s probable that the person or phone number doesn’t exist. You can join the Yellow Pages for free and therefore use their services at any time. Personally, if I have a phone number that I need to find or a business or service in mind, I would try the Yellow Pages first.


This website delivers an extremely extensive search of people’s backgrounds. You can find any lawful or public record on a person by using this simple site. All you have to do is enter the person in question’s name and (optional) the state in which they live in. The results are astounding – you can find their current and past locations, their relatives and, as mentioned, their records.

If you are searching for personal information on a person such as their cell phone number, this website can give you that (and more). In order to access this information, you do, however, have to become a member, which isn’t free. If a thorough background check on a person in addition to the phone number is what you’re searching for, this website could prove useful. It acts as a search engine on people’s information, which in turn makes it partly a cell phone directory website.


For all you Canadians out there, this website is the 411 website for Canadian searches. You can find a person or business by using the search box on the homepage and also use the reserve number lookup for both person and business. You can also reverse postcode and address. All in all, this website is a thorough search website which allows you to search for people’s information and also reverse phone numbers. In other words, it does all, so certainly give it a try if you need some important details on a business or person who called you. Of course, it is only applicable to Canadians (it is, after all, the Canadian version of 411), just be aware.


Spokeo is a very minimalistic and attractive website that efficiently delivers just what you need. It currently stands at a respectable rank of the 1,022nd most popular website in the United States, and hundreds of companies out there use if for their own searches.

By glancing at the homepage, you can see that you can search for people by name, social, phone or address. The site is very easy to use, and after entering the name, phone or address or a person or business, the website will deliver an array of results accompanied by lots of helpful information. You can find the person or company’s location(s) and relatives (if a person).

I recommend Spokeo due to its simplicity and its efficiency – it’s one of the best free cell phone directory websites out there on the web, so give it a try.

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This website is specifically designed to find the mystery numbers which called and which you missed. The website itself claims: “Have a missed call? Need to know whose number is it? Spy Dialer is the newest, fastest, SNEAKIEST free reverse phone lookup on the web”.

This website certainly boasts of its stealthy nature and its efficiency. If you need some advanced information on the mysterious number that called, this website could be your answer. All you have to do is enter the number in the website’s search bar and begin your search. It’s all completely free, thus making it one of the best free cell phone directory websites.




Here’s another website specifically designed to find that all-important mysterious number that called. It’s very easy to use – just enter the phone number on the homepage search bar and begin your search. You will find lots of helpful details and information following your search, and it’s all entirely free, so definitely consider it if you need to find out who called. Plain and simple!


    On this website, you can search phone numbers throughout both the United States and Canada, or phone numbers for the rest of the world. That’s right – you can search international phone numbers, meaning you could find a mystery phone number which called from some far corner of the earth. You can also narrow your search by entering a country, by the city, by zip code, and by number prefix. All in all, this search is extremely thorough and certainly delivers some excellent results.

Don’t be put off by the lack of modern appearance on this website – I assure you it works just as well (if not better) than any other website on this list.



This is brilliant which delivers reverse phone lookup services. The main aim of the site is to find who called you, a straight-forward quest, and they make it very easy. There are many things which this website can give you about a person or business by simply entering their phone number: who the actual person is behind the number, whether the number is a landline number or a mobile number, if there is an email address connected with the number, and if there is an alternative or extra contact info available. You can also search for mystery people or companies by searching by name and address, email address, VIN number or IP address.

For me, this is one of the finest free cell phone directory websites out there online, as it offers many alternative ways in which to find a person or company, even if all you have is their number.


This website is a free cell phone directory or reverse number website based in the United Kingdom. If you live in the UK or if you believe that the mystery number is a UK number, this website is perfect for you. By using the website’s homepage, simply enter the phone number and hit enter. A good thing about this website is if you have been receiving threatening or suspicious calls from this number, you can leave information beneath this phone number. You can leave a comment warning people about this number, so when another person searches for the same phone number, they can be aware that they are not alone and that this number should be avoided.

All things considered, if you’re from the UK, try this website out.

Dialling Codes

If you are left with a weird number with a dialing code you’ve never seen, try using this website: The BT Phonebook.

This website offers dialing codes from across the world. It may not find the secret caller, but it will certainly get you one important step closer to finding out. All the dialing codes are official/legitimate so you won’t experience any problems. (Note: the website is also very useful if you want to make a phone call overseas).

Closing Tips

When it comes to mysterious phone calls, be aware of something commonly known as ‘chain calling’. This means that a certain somebody, whose aims are often devious, is calling people one by one, within a certain vicinity. In other words, this devious caller may call you and then move onto the next person who is situated nearby, who might even be a friend or relation. If you receive a call from an unknown number, ask your friends or family if they received a call from the same number.

You can alternatively type the phone number into a search engine like Google and see what can surface. For example, a legitimate company may arise after entering the phone number into the search engine, so consider this often quicker alternative.

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