Some of the Best Free Email Account Websites

All of us need an email address or account – it’s almost impossible to successfully get along in life without one. Whether it’s for business or for personal reason, and email account makes life much easier. When starting out, it can be difficult to choose the best email account for you. There are indeed many, but all you really need is one. Therefore, all the more reason for choosing the best one. The many email accounts out there all have their differences and similarities. With so many different features, such as storage capacity and customisation options, you will want to choose the best email service for your needs. For those of you who are new to email, it isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Plus, once it’s created and underway, that’s all there is to it.

Prior to creating any email account, you will of course need to think of a personal email address. Some email addresses may be taken, but don’t worry, the important thing is to choose something that’s easy to remember and that relates to who you are.

The following are some of the best free email account websites worth looking into if you are in search of a free email service. We have also included a short description on each free email account site, as well as how to essentially use it.

Some of the Best Free Email Account Websites


It should come as no surprise that this free email giant is first on our list. Gmail has really taken over the world of emailing, and should be your first choice when creating a free email account. Designed by and property of the giant that is Google, Gmail is a fairly recent creation and has many modern features. In fact, Gmail is indeed the most popularly used email server in the world. It’s very easy to sign up to Gmail, and once you have yourself an account, you can begin linking it to many other services and sites, thus making online lifeĀ a lotĀ easier.

One of the most attractive features with Gmail is the vast 15GB amount of storage that it gives to its users. There are in addition many unique personalise settings that you can play around with. Above all, Gmail is very easy to use, stripping away any superfluities that exist in similar email servers. There is also the offline Gmail option, which allows you to check your emails without an internet connection. Another attract feature is that Gmail is linked to many other Google services, such as Google Drive. So, if you intend on sending large files via email perhaps for business or whatever the reason might be, with Gmail you can access your Google Drive and make it very easy. Once you have a Gmail account, you can then link this email to many other popular sites, such as YouTube.

Just a final note: the form of a Gmail address is – [email protected]


In second place is Outlook, which is extremely popular though a little outdated in comparison to Gmail. Outlook was once the forerunner MSN Mail, but changed its name approximately five years ago. If you remember MSN Mail, Outlook is essentially the same thing. The user interface is fairly basic and the storage allows up to 5GB of storage. Although, you can upgrade your account for more storage. Outlook also has some interesting features, such as the conversation box. You can stay in touch with friends via the email zone, search for emails and for people, as well as some other handy things, such as a calendar.

Outlook is sometimes alternatively referred to as a ‘Microsoft account’. Indeed, the Microsoft corporation own Outlook, which was once MSN. During those days of MSN, the email address ended in ‘Hotmail’. Today, it’s still the same, for example – [email protected] (or, depending on where you reside).

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo has been around for quite some time, and is still a reasonable choice when in search of a decent free email account. The stand-out feature which draws in a lot of users is the huge amount of email storage that Yahoo offers – 1TG, all free. When creating an email, you may notice that it’s a lot like Gmail. (This is perhaps where Gmail drew its inspiration for their features). Another great thing about Yahoo Mail is that you can attach files from Dropbox and Flickr without having to exit your email. There are of course other smaller but nonetheless useful features, such as a calendar, a note-taking feature, and a messaging feature. So, Yahoo essentially has much the same features as the previous two free email account services, only the storage is larger.


Another very popular choice, AOL offers a variety of cool features. One particular great feature is the email alert, which is a notification service which will prompt you when a certain email has been received – an email which includes a keyword. So, if for any chance you are awaiting an important reply regarding an ‘Interview’, you will receive a notification when that email comes through. There are also messaging features, a calendar, and other such features you’d expect from a great free email provider.


Much like Google, Yandex enables you to remain connected to its other services, such as Yandex Cloud. There are many themes to choose from and thus personalise your account. The interface is very easy to get the hang of, and there are also some nice features such as the weather features, calendar, and so on.


Not as popular as the above, but just as good, Inbox offers users free 5GB email storage. You can store files such as photos, videos, and more, and there are the recurring features, such as the calendar, note-taking, and so on. Inbox also allows you to bring up your most recent draft at the click of the button. It’s ultimately another good option to bear in mind, and of course, free.


With all of the above options, you should have no problem finding yourself a great, free email account.

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