Collection of top free movie download sites 2017 for avid movie fans

Collection of top free movie download sites 2017 for avid movie fans
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Thanks to the great universe of the world wide web and thus the gift of free movie downloads, we are now given the opportunity to watch some our favorite movies right within our very home. No longer do you have to dip into your savings in order to watch a new release – you can sit comfortably within your own place with your loved ones and nestle down to a great movie, totally free!

It’s never been easier to get your hands on a much sought-after movie. With millions of movies being uploaded onto the internet on a daily basis, there is so much out there and in fact too much for any one person. There are thousands of websites at your fingertips which can offer you free movie downloads, some of the course more suitable than others. New releases can be obtained moments after officially leaving cinemas, meaning you don’t have to wait around months for a DVD or a TV viewing.

For you today, I have gathered all of the finest websites which offer free movie downloads, so you can delve into their digital gardens of digital delights and pluck out a great movie for free. Some sites may also offer free streaming online, which I guess is always an added bonus if you would prefer to stream your movie. I have arranged a top 10 table based on my own personal predilections, stating special features and a logo so you can identify. Following this table, I have also dived further into these websites and fished out some of the most important characteristics that each website has to offer – mostly good, sometimes bad, so you can make an informed decision on which website is best for you.

So, all this being said, let’s get down to business! First of all, here is the table/list of my top 10 favorite sites for free movie downloads.

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The Top 10 Movie Download Sites

1torrentking.eutorrent-kingPerhaps the largest variety of movie torrents on the internet. Attractive layout. Easy to use. Lots of info on the movies.
2housemovie.tohouse moviesAlso a streaming site. A huge range of movies on offer. Easy and attractive design.
3moviewatcher.iomoviewatcherAttractive layout. Easy to navigate. Must register (for free).
4isohunt.toisohuntlogoA huge torrent site - dealing with torrents in not only movies, but many things.
599hdfilms.com99hdA good selection of movies, including recent releases.
6hdmoviespoint.bizhdmoviespointA wide selection of movies to download, all of which are HD.
7YouTube.comyoutube-logo-full_colorEveryone's familiar with this site, and I will explain how this site can give you free movies.
8300mbmovies4u.net300mbmovA fair selection of movies in many different qualities up to 720p HD.
9moviescounter.commoviescounterRecent movie releases. A fair amount on offer.
10kat.hoqkickass-torrents-android-appOne of the world wide web's most popular torrent sites. Lots of movie torrents here.

These sites are just a snippet of what the internet has to offer. With more movies being uploaded every day, movies being constantly released, websites disappearing, reappearing and being created, the internet is a constantly changing place. In other words, there will always be more sites and more ways in which to get your hands on free movie downloads.

Before moving on to the thorough analysis of all these sites, I first want to make clear the intricacies of using torrents in order to get free movie downloads. This means torrents, and for those of you who are not familiar with torrenting movies online, the following is crucial and will ultimately help you on your way to free movie downloads.

A Quick Guide On How To Torrent Your Movies

If you are relatively new to the movie downloading game, there are some things which you must first know. You may notice when scrolling through some of these mentioned sites, that some sites may offer direct downloads, whereas other sites are strictly torrent-only sites. You may ask yourself what exactly can a torrent site do for you, and how it can get you free movies. So what exactly is a torrent?

A torrent is a created file which holds a collection of files within it. When you download a movie torrent, your movie will be inside. You will, however, need a programme to open your torrent and thus start the download, and that’s the next step – getting the appropriate software.


The BitTorrent Icon

One of the most popular software programmes for torrent downloading is BitTorrent, and it’s completely free. BitTorrent will automatically open your torrents and sync their info onto the programme. From there, the download will commence and you can keep an eye on the whole process.

An added note about the torrent: when the torrent is opened, you can inspect it and choose what you want to download the torrent file. For example, a movie torrent may come with a lot of it – the actual movie file, an official trailer, subtitles and the official promotional image, for example. If you want, you can select to download the movie file only and discard the rest of the things you find useless.


An example of an opened torrent file and its contents

All movie torrents are different, and that’s because people create these torrents themselves. Therefore, it depends on how generous and competent these torrent people are when they create their torrents. Some torrents may be bogus and can feature no legit movie at all. These files, however, after a short while, can be easily spotted, but just be careful not to download a dodgy torrent which can lead to a virus. Most legitimate torrent sites have already taken care of getting rid of viruses, so just make sure to use the correct sites.

Personally, I feel that downloading the BitTorrent software programme is essential when it comes to torrents and free movie downloads. It is also the simplest way to get the movies that you want, so get downloading the software for free and get searching for the appropriate torrent sites.

Getting Deeper Into All These Great Movie Download Sites

I will now jump into each of the selected websites and thoroughly pick apart their pros and cons. Each site has many similarities, but each ultimately offers something different than the others. I have added a rating out of 10 at the end of each analysis just to add a further opinion (and to try and convince you further!).


This torrent sharing site is, without a doubt, the go-to movie torrent site. The selection of torrents on this site is wider than most, meaning you can find almost any movie thanks to its broad collection of torrent files. Personally, I have found some of my most cherished and obscure movies on this site. In the analysis, on first glance, you can view all the recent releases as well as the most popular movies, accompanied by a star rating and the movie’s release year. There is a search bar which serves as the main gateway to all of the site’s movie torrents at the top of the site.

When you find your desired movie (and I’m confident that you will) you will be directed to the download page. Depending on how obscure or popular the movie is, the movie may have many of few torrents available. The torrents will range in size due to the video coding format which the movie may be, for example – avi., .mov, ogg, and so on.

On the download page, there is a lot of information on the selected movie – rating, MPAA, duration, release date, genre, cast, director, IMDb link, language, and country.

Just to reiterate, if you don’t already use torrents in order to obtain your free movies, it’s seriously worth considering. Here is how the torrents work on this site:


A look at the torrent table courtesy of the torrentking site.

As you can see above, there are many torrents available for this particular movie. Importantly, and I say important because these are the things that matter most, pictured are the torrents’ size, seeds, peers and the download icon. I will explain how these things work, ultimately helping you with your free movie downloads.

The size is pretty self-explanatory. The file size will be usually around 700MB – 2GB because most movies just are that size. Some are bigger than others depending on what format the movie is, which leads me onto my next point.

You can sometimes tell what format the movies are by reading the torrent title. Others, however, may not mention the movie format, meaning you will have to open the torrent through your torrent programme and inspect it for yourself.

As for seeds and peers, these are your friends who will source the movie to you. These guys are harboring your files, and without them, you won’t be able to download your movie. The more of these, the better, for it will ultimately affect your download speed. For example, if there are 0 seeds and 0 peers, you will have no luck. A further example – if there is only 1 peer, you may hope that this peer is active on a regular basis, so he or she can source you the material. With popular new releases, however, of which this site has an abundance of, there will be many peers and seeds and thus a quick and easy download.

Finally, by clicking the blue download button, your file will automatically open within your software programme, which as I recommended should be BitTorrent.

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All in all, if you are a regular torrenter, or if you are interested in beginning to download movies through torrents, stick with this site and you will rarely go wrong. It is the ultimate site for free movie downloads and it has easily one of the most extensive movie torrent databases on the world wide web.

I give this site an easily rated 10/10, due to its simple layout, its plethora of torrent files and its informative guides. Highly recommended for free movie downloads.


This website has gathered a lot of attention over the years for many reasons. One of the key reasons why it has recently been in the spotlight is due to the sheer size of its torrent library. Millions of people throughout the world were using it as their go-to website for torrents – torrents for all things, and thus it was briefly shut down.

Today, Isohunt is back in action and delivering torrents for all of the fans, making it relatively easy to get hold of the best, recent and classic media items, including movies. This site is a torrent search engine, and one of, if not the very best of the lot out there on the internet. It’s similar to torrentking, only it deals with more than just movies. As a matter of fact, I imagine that most of torrentking’s torrents originate from the IsoHunt database.

There is a page specifically for movies on this site, which proves that movies torrents are in big demand. At present, there are a total of 5,543 movie torrents online and available for you. So how does the website work? It’s all very straight-forward. You type whichever movie you want into the site’s search bar and then choose a torrent which suits your liking. As mentioned above with the BitTorrent and Torrentking section, look out for peers, seeds, the torrent size and the format of the files. Once you decide on your torrent, you will be directed to a page which offers you the choice to either stream the torrent or download – click download and your BitTorrent programme will take it from there.

I’m giving Isohunt a rating of 9/10 – in recent years, I would’ve given it a full 10/10, only the total amount of torrents on this site has recently fallen. Nonetheless, the site is easy to use and there are a whole bunch of movie torrents on there for you to choose from. It’s a good place to visit on your quest for free movie downloads, as it still stands as one of the biggest and best torrent sites on the net.


This fantastic website gives you the option to both stream and downloads your movies. On the homepage you are immediately greeted by the newest and most popular movie releases, so you know that you’ve come to the right place for free movie downloads.


The site’s homepage, displaying some of the newest cinematic releases.

In addition to their cornucopia of free movies to download and stream online, you also have the choice of TV series and articles. This site gives you many options for entertainment, and you can search for your movie either via the search bar or by going through the genre-allocated page. After finding the movie that you want, you will be directed to a page like this:


The movie info page.

From here, you can download your movie by just clicking the orange download button (or alternatively choose to stream it online). As you can see, there is all the necessary information on the movie, such as genre, release year, cast, duration, and so forth. Also beneath the download buttons are a rating system and a comments section which you can interactively engage with and leave your mark. You also get the choice to choose alternative links for the movie if the site’s original link doesn’t work.

After clicking your download button, you might be directed to a registration page – that is, if you haven’t already registered for free.

Overall, I give this site an almost solid 9/10 rating – I have deducted a mark due to the small reason regarding the registration process, which can prove to be a slight hindrance. But besides that, the site is easy to navigate, attractive, informative, and it has many movies on offer, so definitely consider it on your way to getting free movie downloads (or if you want, alternatively stream your movie).


Despite what the website’s title might suggest, this site is more than just a place to watch/stream movies. In addition, if new, popular movies are what you are after, this site is a must-visit.


A look at the moviewatcher homepage.

New releases are leaping out on the homepage, all neatly arranged and rated. As you can also see, the websites head has pages which will help narrow your search: Genres, years, most popular, new movies and TV series. Once you find your movie, you will then be directed to a page like the following:


An example of an individual movie page.

As you can see, you are given the option to either stream online or download – both in HD, which is an added bonus. However, as you can also see, you must register in order to access the website’s cinematic goods, which is a deterrent on your journey for free movie downloads. It’s not so bad – registration is free. There is also a range of alternative links and an information section beneath the afore-pictured image, which can only be useful.

Personally, I feel this site is on par with house movie at number 2, the only housemovie has more attractive displays. It’s not a big difference I know, but it’s a difference nonetheless.

I give this site a rating of 8.5/10 – the registration obstacle and the slightly unattractive displays standing in the way of it achieving a full score of ten.


This site reminds me of 99hdfilms – the homepage is quite plain and up top, there are several headings ranging from Hollywood movies to Bollywood movies, to TV shows and full HD movies. On first traveling through this site, I noticed several pop-ups, which can be quite frustrating for some. The site is an all-download/torrent site.

When you find your movie and click on the thumbnail, you will be directed to the download page. There are many images taken from the actual movie, and unlike most movie download sites, there are numerous external links to sites where you can obtain your torrent link for download. The more torrent links there are, the better your chance for free movie downloads. As an added bonus, there are also external links to stream your chosen movie, so ultimately you get the best of both worlds.

I am giving this site a 7/10 rating – the number of movies is not as broad as some of the leading sites, yet on the other hand, it does offer recent releases as well as a wide variety of movies.


This site is a unique mix of movies on offer, and as its title suggests all of the movies can be watched in HD. The site is pretty simple – the layout is plain and there are no complicated processes to meet when searching for free movie downloads.

A unique thing about this site is the movies on offer – Hollywood, Bollywood, and Hindi dubbed movies. If these movies are your thing, this website is a must visit.

After choosing the film that you want to watch, the download page will open. This page features your download link/torrent, as well as a story/plot on the movie and other info, such as a trailer and importantly the file size.

I rate this site 7/10 – the collection of movies, although unique, is quite limited. On the plus side, there are recent releases and the torrents are readily available. Ultimately, it is an easy site to use and has torrent links which are easy to access.


On first glance, this site can seem slightly unorganized and unattractive. Up top, there is, however, a wide range of pages to choose from: many genres from action to romance, Hollywood, Bollywood, Season and Latest. Here’s what the homepage looks like:

The site is easy to navigate – choose one of the headings and a new page will open, listing all of the HD movies of that particular category on offer. On the download page, there are many images and lots of information for you to scroll through. It can be difficult to reach your download – the torrent area is unclear and personally, I feel skeptical when hovering over the download button. There is a comments section in the movie download area as well as a movie overview and IMDb images.

I am giving this site an overall rating of 6/10 – the displays on the home page are unappealing and overly large, but the listings on the individual movie pages are fine and straight-forward. As for the torrent page, it could be much easier to get hold of your torrent than it is on this website.

  • YouTube

Really? Yes – we are familiar with the site, YouTube is undoubtedly the largest movie-sharing site on the world wide web, but many are unfamiliar with its movie-sharing secrets. Many know that the site harbors amateur home videos movies, videos which are created and shared by their rightful owners – but never a Hollywood blockbuster or a full-length movie for that matter.

In fact, there are many movies lurking within the colossal YouTube database. The movies which YouTube has, however, are often black and white classics, documentaries and obscure cult movies. If this is your thing, YouTube definitely deserves a chance. However, that takes care of streaming movies through the site, but how can you download a movie from the actual site?

That’s where a second site comes into play. There are many sites out there which will help you to take the movie from YouTube and place it into your own computer. The process is quite simple., for example, is just one of many YouTube movie converting websites. What this site does is take the YouTube URL, grab it, and download it onto your computer. In other words, it takes the video from YouTube and puts it onto your computer, all for free.


A very plain and simple homepage

Up above, you can see the large URL bar. This is where you copy and paste the URL of your desired link – the YouTube link which holds your movie. Once you have pasted your movie/YouTube URL, click download and the website will begin downloading the file attached to link onto your computer.

All of YouTube contain movies uploaded by individual users, and therefore these uploaded movies can be downloaded. Sites like keepvid act like messengers, which go in there and grab the movie for you and bring it faithfully back to your computer.

I won’t give YouTube a rating because it involves more than just one site. I will, however, highly recommend trying to find your movie on YouTube and then trying the download/converter site, like keepvid, for example.



A strictly HD movie site, this website on first glance is quite simplistic and therefore easy to use. At the top of the homepage is a helpful search bar, and the headings offer a diverse range of movies and functions, such as drop-down boxes if you want to search for movies by the year or the ‘popular categories’.


The website’s homepage – take a look at the useful headings

There are also TV shows available for download. On choosing your movie and after being directed to the download page, there is some useful movie info: genre, release date, cast and so on, and even a lengthy synopsis. The download link is conspicuous, so you won’t have to go on an irritating search for that.

Overall, I am giving this site a 7/10 – the movies, although mainly recent and available for download, are not broad enough – there are simply not enough options. Besides this negative, the site is helpful and can be easily used. One further negative regarding this site are the pop-ups – it can become annoying.


This site has undergone many changes throughout the years, but it is still standing and retains some of its original identity. Known popularly throughout the years as KickassTorrents, this site is one of the giants in torrent downloads. The site is essentially a torrent search engine, and at its peak, this site held most of the internet’s torrents in its gigantic database.

Today, is basically the same, only it has lost many of its torrents. However, along with torrentking and IsoHunt, this site is one of the main sites for torrent downloads.


The bare but effective homepage

The site runs on the bare minimum – a search bar is the main feature on the homepage – but that’s all that anyone really needs. One thing I admire about this site is, in fact, its simplicity. Some torrent sites can have you meandering and jumping through hoops in order to find the right torrent. With this site, the torrents are listed quite neatly and can easily be downloaded thanks to the simple icons.

The listed torrents are very informative – you can see the file size, peers, seeds, and often you can see the file type within the torrent title.

I am rating this site a perfect 10/10, because of its simplicity and its broad range of torrents. It’s currently (and has been for many years) one of the leading torrent sites on the net.

Further note: this site offers more than just movies – games and music, for example.

(That concludes my in-depth analysis of the sites which can deliver free movie downloads for you).

Some Closing Tips On Securing Free Movie Downloads

  1. Remain open-minded about torrenting movies – all of the biggest, legitimate sites have cleared all torrents of harmful material, so you don’t have to worry about the threat of a virus.
  2. Larger files are often higher quality files. For example, a movie file which is a large 4GB is likely to be of a higher standard than a movie file which is a smaller 500MB. Just make sure that your computer has enough space to hold the larger files.
  3. Beware of bogus sites – as mentioned, there are thousands of sites out there which can offer you free movie downloads. This, unfortunately, on the contrary, means that there are many false websites out there which claim to offer you free movie downloads. Be wary and make the right choice – look out for irrelevant advertisements on a site’s page – this is a major sign of a harmful site. Also, take into consideration the overall appearance of the site – is it neat, tidy and helpful, or is it confusing and unattractive? The sites which are looked after and therefore attractive often mean that they are a product of legitimate owners.
  4. Make sure you download movie files which are compatible with your movie-playing software. For example, some movie players may not support an ogg. file, meaning if you download a movie which is is ogg. format, you won’t be able to play it. The most popular formats are avi and mp4, so try aim for these video formats when searching for free movie downloads.

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