Free Music Downloads – Making Things Easy For Music Lovers

Free Music Downloads – Making Things Easy For Music Lovers
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Welcome to the modern world of music, where you can listen to your favorite music artists from your computer without having to leave your home or travel to your local music store! These days, music stores have become transformed online in many different forms, and ultimately it makes things so music easier for you the music consumer. Indeed, the internet has changed everything regarding buying music, so, if you haven’t already, it’s time to jump on board and allow the internet to bring you your music.

This post will offer you a deep insight into what the world wide web can offer you in terms of free music downloads. There are thousands of sites out there on the net in which you can fish out some free music, but where exactly do you start looking?

Fortunately, we have done all the work for you, and we thus bring to you the finest websites for free music downloads. On top of this, we also give to you the foremost Android apps, in case you prefer to use apps instead of websites and programs for your laptop or computer.


In this post, I have included some important information on free music downloads, as well as a ranking list of the brilliant sites and Android apps which can deliver free music. In addition, I have delved deeper within each site and app to draw out some of the pros and cons, as well as some of the most prominent features. There are also some added tips on how to successfully download your music and which alternative gadgets (other than a computer) are best for free music.

So let’s get started! Here is a top 10 list of the best Android apps ranked, beginning with the best.

Top 10 List of the Best Free Music Download Apps

14Shared Music1
2Music Paradise Promusicparadise
3Google Play Musicgoogleplay
4Omega MP34-omega-mp3
5Free MP3 Downloads5
7Advanced Download Manager7
8Copyleft MP3 Downloader8
9Super Cloud MP3 Downloader9
10Gtune Music Downloader 10

Android Apps, Your Smartphone, and Other Gadgets

With the sudden flood of smartphones happening throughout the world, technology has taken a huge leap forward. Almost everyone owns a smartphone these days, and likewise, almost everyone enjoys music, which thus means many smartphone owners downloading music onto their gadgets.

What are the pros of using a smartphone to download your music?

Personally, smartphones are a great gadget for downloading music, and this is mainly due to the copious amounts of music download apps, or Android apps which are available to everyone. So how is this done – how can you start downloading music onto your phone? It’s simple – you can visit the app store and search for apps related to music downloading, some of which are completely free, some come at a small price.

What are the advantages of using a smartphone or other devices for free music downloads?

The days of the mp3 player are gone, being replaced by gadgets such as smartphones. By using a smartphone for your free music downloads, you can store your music onto a portable device. Many smartphones have gigabytes of storage available for media like your music, so you can store heaps of albums onto your smartphone. This means that you can take your music with you wherever you go. By using Android apps to download music onto your smartphone, you could listen to your favorite music on your way to work, at lunch time, or at any other event outside of your home.

Having A Deeper Look At the Apps For Free Music Downloads

If you don’t already use your smartphone or another portable gadget for your music, it is time to seriously consider Android apps and the use of smartphones and other portable gadgets for free music downloads.

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With almost 700 thousand worldwide downloads, this app is very popular with music lovers everywhere. This app allows you to download and share music with other users and it comes to you completely free, so it’s certainly worth a download. The app is created by the developers at 4share – one of the foremost storage programs. So how does it work?

It’s quite simple; each user is given a very generous 15GB of storage for their music library – you can upload your own music or download the music which other users have uploaded onto the database. Search for the music you want by using the search bar – it’s that simple. Basically, 4Shared is a music sharing app, in which a community of users offers up their music for others.

This app has around 55 thousand worldwide downloads and is one of the foremost music download apps out there. Of course, this app is free and follows the same sharing mantra as 4shared. Music Paradise Pro enables you to download free music from the copyleft search engines, and importantly all of the music has been verified for legitimate, legal free usage.

Supplied by Google inc., this free app currently holds an overall rating of 4 stars out of 5 based on a massive tw0-and-a-half-million vote on the Google Play site – clearly, this is one popular app. More than a million people have given this app a full 5 stars out of 5, and here’s why:

Google Play Music is essentially a free radio app. You can browse for your music depending on what mood you are in, what activity you are currently doing, what year you are interested in, your favorite artists, and through many more options. If you subscribe, you can get immediate access to approximately 35 million songs with no interruption from radio advertisements. Without a subscription, you can still store up to 50,000 songs, free of charge, with recommendations for both music and podcasts.

With a current overall rating of 3.5/5 based on more than 10,000 votes on a leading app site, this app (although not quite as good as the previous three) gives music lovers a decent collection of music. The app is quite straightforward and easy to use, with a search bar which channels all of your searches. Ultimately, this app does everything you need it to at the most basic level.

At a first glance at the ratings on this app on the Google Play site, there are both good and bad things to say. The overall rating is 3.2/5, but 75,000 thousand people have given the app 5/5, whereas 66,000 users have given the app a measly 1 star rating out of 5. The reviews are clearly very mixed, but perhaps it is due to the basic nature of the app.

The app offers simple music downloads – no flashy digital features, just free music through simple means. If you prefer a simple option, try this app.

  • Free MP3 Downloads

A recent creation since September 2016, this app has a current rating of 3/5, based on a whopping 32 million votes on All songs on this app are licensed for free use, so you have no problems there. This app is very basic, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

This app is aimed for those who love to listen to music whilst working out. At the moment, this app has an overall rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 based on 7,483 votes, and furthermore, this app has received a lot of media attention and advertising recently. If listening to music for inspiration at the gym is your thing, this app is essential.

You can create unique workout playlists for your next gym session/exercise, and the app can also recommend some great music based on your workouts – there are many genres available and the app mixes beats per minute (BPM) into your playlist. The New York Times reviewed the app, saying: “Music can be a great help to runners, but sometimes putting together a playlist can be a chore. Leave the running song selection up to RockMyRun.” Ultimately, RockMyRun is the number one app for those who love to listen to music during their workouts.

This popular app currently holds an impressive overall rating of 4.5 stars out of a possible 5 on Google Play, based on 387,000 user votes. With this app, you can download up to 3 files at a time, resume downloads after a failure, choose the file destination, design a customized theme, and many other advanced features. All music on this app has been legally certified and is therefore open for lawful downloading.


Another simple app, this choice offers free music downloads at a fast rate, through a basic set-up. You can enter the artist, name, album into the app’s search bar and download or alternatively stream the music. A nice feature: the legitimate album artwork is supplied according to each song, and there are indeed a vast number of songs available.

Simplicity is this app’s key feature. This app eliminates all the unnecessary difficulties when searching for free music downloads. The user interface is basic and should pose no problems in your search both streaming and download your desired music. All in all, this app takes minimal measures for downloads and does it effectively. Recommended despite being the bottom of the top 10 list of the best apps for free music downloads.

Sticking With the Computer: Websites For Free Music Downloads

If you prefer to download all your free music onto a computer or laptop, there are of course plentiful numbers of websites out there that can do this for you. Web sites offering music downloads have been around years before the age of apps and smartphones, so there are millions of music files on the internet and therefore thousands of great websites on offer.

Here are some music download websites which you should really have a look at if you prefer to store your music in a music library on your computer. They have not been ranked according to their quality, but I have however ranked them out of 10 to give you some help on choosing.


Previously Soundowl, this easy to navigate website is quite modern in appearance. The website is easily laid out; you can choose from the popular list on the homepage (choosing between popular today or this week), or you can use the website’s search bar at the top. Also featuring on the website are current top-trending artists and Hip Hop, Indie Favourites and Dance Floor options. If you like the site and aim to use it on a constant basis, you can sign up to the site for free.

When you find the song, artist or album that you are searching for, you will be directed to the streaming page (please not, this site is not a download site but a streaming site). Also on this page is a description of the song and some further recommendations.

I am giving this site an overall rating of 7/10 – deducting marks due to the fact that you cannot download your music here but instead stream. It has however scored marks on appearance and efficiency. Ultimately, if you want to stream music, which is what this site offers, but whilst you’re on the go, it would be best to use one of the mentioned apps mentioned up top, such as Google Play Music.


On first entrance to this site, you’ll meet a nice blue screen with a search bar in the middle. This site is effectively another free music search engine, and its speed and simplicity put it ahead of many other mp3 download sites.

When entering the music artist, album or song which you are after into the search bar, you will be given the results beneath within seconds. You will also be given the option to listen to your track or to download, so you get the best of both worlds with this site. This site operates on youtube downloading programs, which is something which I will mention soon, and which will ultimately give you more options for free music downloads.

I am giving this site and overall rating of 9/10, mainly because of its attractive appearance and its fast and effective service, not to mention the many mp3 files which it has on offer.


On first entering this site, you can immediately detect the site’s simplicity. The homepage displays an alphabetical option, so you can search for music depending on what letter it begins with. Also on display on the homepage top songs, top albums and top artists, making things very easy for you the music lover in search of free music downloads. With one simple click, you can begin your free music download.

There is one slight annoyance – before you can download anything, or if you attempt to download anything (a song, album, for instance) you will automatically begin downloading the site’s setup, which will thus result in you downloading the site’s software program.

I am giving this site a rating of 8/10 – deducting marks due to the annoyance mentioned above.


Simplicity is key, and this site offers everything in the most simple ways. The displays are quite outdated, but that won’t deter you from getting the free music that you want. This music site is predominantly for popular Indian music, but there is also a wide variety of “English and International” MP3 files on offer. The categories on the homepage are Top 100 songs, Latest English Music, Top English Albums, International Music, Music (all categories), Bollywood Songs, Punjabi Songs, Pakistani Songs and finally a search option. In addition (unlike many MP3 sites, this website can also offer mp3 videos for your phone.

In my opinion, this site is one of the best if Indian music is your flavor, and with the additional offering of international music, I am giving this site a rating of 8/10 – removing marks due to the outdated display features which may question the site’s legitimacy and quality.



Now here’s a site which aims to offer everything through the most simple methods. For example, the homepage is centered upon the site’s search bar, essentially making this site a mp3 search engine website. There is no superfluous text or unwelcome advertisements, which is always an added bonus.

This site offers both the option to stream your music and to download, all completely free, meaning you can listen to a track before either downloading the file or to judge if it’s the legit file that you’re seeking. The icons are clear, causing no confusion on how to download or stream as wished. There is a broad range of mp3 music files on offer, so you are sure to find your music here. All of the music is streamed via SoundCloud – a free open-sourced website. The titles of the mp3 files are clear and the displays are attractive, thus making this site simple, effective and attractive.

I have decided to rate this site 9/10, perhaps a personal favorite, due to how easy it is to find the music and to download it onto the computer. Another plus is the lack of ads or pop-ups, making your search a smoothly uninterrupted one. Highly recommended for free music downloads.


Consider An Online YouTube Converter

In case you’re unfamiliar with a YouTube converter, this simple online service can have your music file downloaded within minutes onto your computer. There are several converters online – just type ‘YouTube converter’ into a search engine and choose one. They are all completely free to use. So how does it work?

A YouTube converter will grab the music file that is attached to the YouTube video and give it to you for download. What you do, is enter the URL of the chosen music video on YouTube into the search bar on the converter site, wait for the site to fetch the file, and then start the download of the mp3 file. These sites basically act as messengers sent to grab the music from a video and give it to you, and it is one of the best ways to obtain free music downloads.

(Please note, a YouTube converter cannot snatch music files which are attached to legitimate music videos, such as the likes of Vevo music videos – try searching for an amateur video which has been created by a fan).

Consider Using Torrents For Free Music Downloads


The BitTorrent logo

One of the best ways to get free music without using a website is by using torrents and torrent websites. If you are unfamiliar with torrents, their advantages and how they work, I will now duly explain.

A torrent is a file which has data within it. For example, a Beyonce music torrent will have data relating to Beyonce music inside it. Torrents are very small in size, and when downloaded and opened in a BitTorrent software program (which is essential for a torrent download, but a free program to download) you can choose which files you want to download. Torrents can reach high megabyte download speeds, which means that you can download whole albums within minutes.

There are lots of torrent sites out there which harbor thousands of torrent files: music, movie, game, e-book torrent files and more, so it is seriously worth considering using torrents for the acquisition of your free music downloads.


An example of a torrent file (a movie) downloading on BitTorrent

Closing Tips

  1. When using websites for free music downloads, try using a site which offers both streaming and downloads, so you can at least try listening to the file before you download it. Some music files may be dangerous, so try to avoid downloading any files which you find suspicious.
  2. As I mentioned, consider a YouTube converter for your downloads. These online sites act just the same as any other music download site – the only difference is you have to search for the music yourself.
  3. Make sure you have the software compatible with the file formats of your downloaded music files. For example, a mp3, being the most popular file format, should work on many if not all music players. More obscure file formats will require different software, so always check the file format prior to downloading.
  4. If you are downloading files onto your computer, try creating a folder to act as a library to store all your files. Alternatively, you can use a program like iTunes to stand as your music library. iTunes is free and it offers many special features, and it specializes in syncing music to your iPod (that is if you own an iPod or any such Apple device).

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