A Review of Some of the Best Legal Torrent Sites

The internet is crammed full of available torrents. Some of these torrents are illegal, malicious and of poor quality. Furthermore, there are many torrent sites out there which are more reliable than others. Most of us are well aware that some torrent sites walk a fine line when it comes to legality and should be used with discretion. However, there are actually some torrent sites out there which are legal to use. If you want to use a torrent site which is not only legal but of actual good quality, there are few worth mentioning. It certainly narrows down things considerably, but there are in fact legal torrent sites which harbor many fantastic torrents.

Within this post, I have laid out for you some of the finest legal torrent sites which I recommend if you are in search of torrents the legal way. I have reviewed each site, pointing out the pros and cons, and basically how to use them. (The websites are in no particular ranking order).

Before that, you must know how to download and use a torrent file.

Scrutinising These Great, Legal Torrent Sites

  • Librivox.org

This site is dedicated solely to free audiobooks. All of the featured audiobooks on this website are the property of the public domain and are therefore perfectly legal to be shared/downloaded. You will find thousands of great audiobooks here, from old classics to contemporary novels. The website offers an extensive search, and you can, if you prefer, join the online community by creating an account. You can furthermore offer yourself to become a reader.

  • Legittorrents.info

“100% legally free media”. First on this list is Let Torrents, which is exactly what it claims to be. The site is very simple, effective and should only take a few seconds to figure out. There are no sign-ups required in order to use this site. On entering the site, you will find the search bar in which you will enter what you’re looking for. Legit Torrents offers movie torrents, music torrents, as well as games, literature and image torrents. There may not be as many torrents available here as many of the larger, more illegal websites, but this is simply because all of these torrents are certified as legal. There is a generous offering of 22 pages of movies, for example, which isn’t bad at all. Furthermore, Legit Torrents displays the seeds and leecher information, as well as the date the torrent was added and other information. To download a torrent, simply click on the black floppy disc icon.

All things considered, this website is as basic as it comes, and it has a fair amount of torrents on offer, including movies, music, books, software, and games. It is well and truly a legit legal torrent site.

  • Bitlove.org

On the ‘about’ page, the website self-claims, “Bitlove creates Torrents for all enclosures of an RSS/ATOM feed and seeds them”. The website specializes in podcasts, supplying people with peer-to-peer torrenting for all lovers of podcasts. There are, however, torrents which are not solely related to podcasts, but ultimately not that many. To discover the torrents on this site, you can simply use the search bar, explore the ‘new’ page, the ‘top’ page, or the ‘directory’ page. All of the vital information on seeds, peers, etc. is clearly displayed. To download a torrent, all you have to do is click on the large green download buttons. I highly encourage people to use this site if they want to download free, quality, and important legal podcasts.

  • Linuxtracker.org

If you are searching for software programmes for a Linux system, Linux Tracker has a huge library of free Linux-related software torrents. This website has a huge community of online Linux users, who have shared and even created most of the programmes which are available through this site. To download the torrents, you will find all the necessary information on the tables of torrents. It takes one simple click to begin a download, and lots of the torrents have copious amounts of seeds and peers.

  • Mininova.org

Mininova has been a popular torrent site for many years now. At present, it still keeps its well-earned title as one of the best torrent sites on the net. Mininova has vowed to keep copyright laws and is thus a website dedicated to providing completely legal torrents. There are thousands of legit torrents on Mininova, most of which are popular movies, popular music, books, games, and software. The site is very easy to use, and the torrents are nicely laid out with all the valuable information, such as seeds, peers, etc. You can browse many categories or use the advanced search option, which will help you track down your desired torrent. Ultimately, Mininova has heaps of torrents, perhaps more than any other site on this list, and it claims to be 100% legal.

  • Frostclick.com

Frostclick is a torrent site which looks like no other. It is not exactly a search engine, like Mininova, for example, but a more contemporary website with lots of visual displays and information. Frostclick aims to scope the web for the best, free and completely legal media torrents. All of the music and other files shared on this website are given complete consent by the distributors.

The overall appearance of this website is one of its most praiseworthy attributes. Besides the displays, there are many torrents, such as musical torrents, movie torrents, software, games, and other torrents. You will find the ‘free download’ button on the page after you have selected something you like.



  • Panda.cd

Panda is designed specifically for budding musicians who have agreed to the legal and free distribution of their music. In order to access all of this great free music from independent artists, you can sign up for free. On the other hand, you can also access torrents without having to create an account. Each artist has a lot of featured information. Think of it as an Amazon in which you can get your music without having to pay or wait the few days for delivery.

This concludes the post on the best legal torrent sites. My personal favorite would have to be Mininova, but all of the featured sites specialize in different areas.

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