Top 10 Online QR Code Generator Websites

The QR code, meaning Quick Response Code, is just one of the newest technological creations. A spin-off from barcodes, the QR code is essentially the online version of a barcode. Top businesses across the world are now using this simple technology on a daily basis. Concert tickets and online purchases, in general, will often come with a QR code on it. These codes make for fast readability, meaning the code can be tracked much easier by computers. You can track an item within seconds if it has a QR code, and you identify items much quicker. You can also sort out documents much faster – ultimately, the positive possibilities are many. If you are not familiar with these QR codes, you may very well come across one in the near future.

If you yourself are an online business person, or you want to code a piece of online merchandise quickly and just once, the following websites are some of the best free online QR code sites to generate a code. Not only are they completely safe and legal, but they are quick and easy, and have therefore been selected as some of the finest.

The Best QR Code Generating Websites (In No Particular Order)

  • QRCode.kaywa

First on the list is a website from the Kaywa corporation. At the moment, this website holds over a million customers – 1,208,055 in fact. Their popularity speaks well for their quality as a QR code generating site. So, what can they do?

With Kaywa QRcode, you can generate a code for a website, for contact, and for a coupon. This is quite easy to do – simply visit the homepage and you will see the search bar, or rather, the generator bar. By clicking ‘more’, you will be given more coding options. You can also create QR codes for text, phone, Vcard, and SMS. In addition, you can choose between a dynamic code or a static code.

  • Kerem Erkan

First of all, Kerem Erkan is a ‘developer of Qrafter for iOS’. There is a lot of information to get through before you find the area for generating your codes. Beyond the text of ‘read this first’, you will find the generator. There are many options here for you to interact with and choose from. The options are quite specific, so you can create a precise code which meets your desires. For example, you can select pixel size, margin size, foreground and background color, and more.

  • QR-Code-Generator

On first entering, this site declares – “Create your QR code for free”. Everything is quite simple here. You are given the generator bar and a range of options. You can create QR codes for the following: URL, Vcard, Text, Email, SMS, Facebook, PDF, MP3. Furthermore, you can choose if you would like a dynamic code or a static code. However, if you decide to sign up to the site, you will be offered more features. By signing up, you can select the function and design of your code, track campaign performance, and more.

  • QRstuff

At first glance, this site seems more complicated than the previous two. This is mainly because there are more options than the others, and therefore more text and areas to explore. On the QRstuff homepage, each process is numbered. Beginning at 1, select a data type. Data types range from website URL to bitcoin. There are many data types to choose from. Next, on number 2, enter the URL and select encoding options. On step 3, you can select the foreground color of your unique QR code. Finally, on step 4, select an output type. Output types include download, print, and email.

If you subscribe to this site, you will get a whole lot more. You will be able to create dynamic QR codes, use batch processing, create unlimited QR codes, and more.

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  • The-QR-Code-Generator

This site is very basic and effective. From the homepage, select to enter text, a URL, contact details, phone number, or an SMS text message. After this, the website will generate your code in the adjacent window and all you have to do is click ‘save’. Simple and effective.

  • VisualLead

On this site, first select a QR code type by clicking on one of the phones – there are 21 options in total. These options include Skype code, URL code, vCard, coupon, email, and more. Next, enter the details, and when complete, simply click next and have your QR code generated for you. Yet another simple and effective QR code site, free!

  • GoQR

Similar to QRstuff above, GoQR operates on a step by step process which is easy to figure out. On step 1, select the type of your code (SMS, URL, Vcard, etc.). Next, on step 2, enter the contents/details. Finally, on step 3 your QR code will be previewed/generated for you to download. Also on the site is valuable information on QR codes. You can also create a logo for your codes.



If I had to choose a favorite amongst these sites, Unitag would be high on my list. Not only is this site free, but it is very straight-forward and attractive. It follows 2 steps – 1. QR code type, and 2. Customisation of the code. There are many attractive designs available, more than any other QR code site I have visited.



  • QRdroid

This site operates on a basic generator box on the homepage. There are 9 different options on choice for coding. These include URL, text, phone number, SMS, email, contact, calendar event, Geolocation, and Android app.

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