Russian Movies Online For Cinephiles Everywhere

Are you a lover of cinema, in particular, Russian cinema? A fan of Tarkovsky and Sokurov? Maybe Battleship Potemkin is your favorite movie? There are hundreds of great websites out there online which offer the Russian cinematic greats. The following movie streaming websites contain hundreds, perhaps thousands of free movies to choose from. Some of these sites are specifically for Russian movies. With most other websites, however, you can find movies from around the world, as well as, perhaps, some of your favorite Russian movies online. All things considered, all of the following websites are worth a try, so, get searching.

The Best Sites To Watch Russian Movies Online

(Please note: if you do not speak/read Russian, you can translate the web page. Depending on your web browser, you should be given the option to translate when visiting the page. If your web browser does not offer the translation option, try using Google Chrome web browser).


  • Filmo-Grad

First on my list is Filmo-Grad, a great website to watch Russian movies online. Here, you can find many new releases, as well as some classic movies. The movies here are not strictly Russian, but movies from all over the world, though dubbed and sometimes subbed in Russian. There are many genres to select from on the homepage, with individual pages for ‘Russian movies’ and ‘Soviet movies’. You can also search for movies depending on release date (the best for a week, month or year). In addition, Filmo-Grad also offers both Russian and worldwide TV series. There is lots of info given on each movie, you can watch movies in HD, and you can also leave a comment in the comments section.

  • Kino-Filmi


With this movie website, you can watch Russian movies online, Hollywood movies (dubbed) and also Russian and worldwide TV series and cartoons. In other words, Kino-Filmi offers quite a lot, from recent movie releases to movies from all over the world. The site is nicely laid out, displaying its movies well, with lots of information given. Up top, on the headings, you can browse movie releases from the past six years. This will certainly quicken your search if you’re looking for a good, new release.

Some recent releases, however, may not actually have the video available, but only a trailer. Nonetheless, for the movies which are available, the process to watch them is as simple as can be. Kino-filmi may not be the strongest website to watch Russian movies online, but it still offers a lot of great movies to watch for free.


  • Kinogo


This website and its nice displays offer a range of movies in Russian, from the native land to around the globe. You can find the latest US Hollywood releases, to some of the best, recent Russian movies with Kinogo. In fact, this movie website is dedicated to delivering only the best of new movie releases. (If you are searching for a Russian classic, I’m afraid you won’t find it here). On the homepage, you will find the useful navigation bar. Through the navigation bar, you can browse movies by category/genre, by country, by year and by ‘soaps’. Besides this, you can also view movies which are soon to be featured on the site, which is a useful feature

  • Ivi

Ivi is a movie site which holds a huge collection of movies and TV series (over 30,000 movies online), most of which are strictly Russian only. From the homepage, you can browse through many different categories and genres of movies. You can browse, movies of the 2010s, Russian serials, cartoons for boys, entertaining melodrama, movies about sports, and much more. There is also extensive information given on each movie.


To view the movies on Ivi, you must, however, subscribe to the site. A subscription costs 4.99 euro per month, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.


Baskino has tons of information, fancy displays, and, of course, several great movies on offer. The movies widely range from obscure US movies to independent foreign movies, to Russian classics. You can also find Russian TV series and cartoons, as well as TV series and cartoons from around the world. There is also an HD icon which features on every movie which offers high definition. There are a good number of genres to choose from, and it’s fairly easy to navigate the site. All in all, this website offers free Russian movies online, regardless of how obscure they may be.

  • Srubirubli


This website has a great wealth of Russian movies to watch for free online. From the homepage, you can select from the many Russian-related genres the movie that you’re seeking. Some of these genres include Russian crime, Russian militants, Russian comedy, Russian detective, and more. You can also find movies and TV series from Ukraine and India. There are two navigation boxes on the homepage – ‘Russian’ and ‘Overseas’ – and here, you can narrow down your choice.

Judging by a number of Russian movies, and the wide selection of Russian movie types, I believe that Srubirubli is one of the best websites to watch Russian movies online. There are no ads, the process to watch a movie is simple, and it’s all completely free.

  • KinoLiza


On first entering this free movie site, you can see many new Hollywood blockbusters displayed and available to choose. This site has much to offer, and to get into the thick of its goods, try the headings or the search bar. The headings offer both movies and TV series, animation movies, and series, and also movies from 2014, 2015, 2015, and Russian-only movies. In the Russian movies section, there are thousands of great movies on offer, as well as a broad range of genres. Here, you can also browse movie by the year.

However, one of the biggest negative aspects of this site are the pop-ups, which not only slow down the process of movie-watching but prevent it completely. Try to avoid the pop-up ads, and you may have your movie unspoiled and for free.

  • TVCok

Despite what its name suggests, TVCok has a good selection of movies, though it also branches out and delivers some new American movie releases. In fact, most of the movies here are indeed from the USA, meaning you can find many current blockbusters.

With TVCok, you have many options to choose from. You can browse the movies section (which features movies from all over the world), soaps/TV series, cartoons, TV, and humor. If you want to view all movies, just use the headings. Here, you can find many recent releases from Hollywood to the UK.

One major problem, however, is the pop-ups, which, like Kinoliza, disrupt the entire operation. You can still find some great Russian movies online, though best try to avoid the pop-up ads.

  • SK-Kino

SK-Kino offers many new movies from different countries in high definition, for free. In my opinion, this is everything that a good movie website should deliver. It also offers TV series and online TV, leaving nothing wanting. You can browse the many genres on the homepage, or enter the ‘new films’ page via the headings on the site. There is good, helpful information on each movie, such as a rating, country, plot and number of views. If you are searching for Russian movies only, you can find these in ‘popular movies’ or simply use the website’s search bar. All in all, SK-Kino is one of my personal bests for watching Russian movies online.


  • Kgrant

A movie site which looks like no other, you can browse ‘Russian melodrama’, fiction, military, and many more genres. Ignore the basic displays on the site, for although it seems low-key, there is a lot of good movie material on Kgrant. There is a specific page for Russian movies, which has an extensive list of over 100 pages of Russian movies on offer. So, if you have a specific Russian movie in mind which you’d like to watch, you have a good chance of finding it here.


So, there you have it – 10 of the best Russian movie sites which offer free Russian movies online, as well as other great worldly movies. If these sites don’t meet your standards, or if you cannot find what you’re looking for, there are other alternatives. Why not try using international movie sites? There are many websites which offer many thousands of great movies to stream online. If you can’t find your movie from one of the websites above, it might be a good choice to try another, more global website.

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