Top Proxy Sites To Boost Your Computer’s Performance

Before we get started on the top proxy sites and servers, there are some things to first clear up. First of all, proxy servers are perfectly legal. It is not against the law to use a proxy site or server to hide your IP address. Secondly, if you are not familiar with a proxy server, let me explain. A proxy server acts as an intermediary computer, between your computer and another server. This proxy in the middle has many benefits. These are, to name a few – the access of websites filtered by institutions, enhancing of computer performance, anonymous browsing (as mentioned), and GeoLocation testing.

The following post is dedicated to bringing you the top proxy sites which can enhance your online status. If you already use a proxy but you want to begin using another, or, you’re a first-time proxy user, these sites should sort you out. I have reviewed each of these proxy sites, picking out what it can do for you. Let’s get started…

The Top Proxy Sites and Their Benefits

These proxy sites are in no particular order. There are 15 proxy sites in total listed for you to browse through.

  • Hidester

One of the most popular proxy websites, Hidester offers many services. You can find out your IP address, use their password generator to help fight hackers, or use their proxy checker. You can also browse their proxy list and use their web proxy to browse blocked sites anonymously. All in all, Hidester offers fast, free anonymous VPN and secretive, safe web searching. There are no log-ins required. Hidester is also a website on the constant mend – there are new updates on a regular basis. It’s certainly worth using this website first if you are searching for a new proxy server. I highly recommend.

  • FilterBypass

Another popular proxy site, you can learn about many things with this site’s help. You can check your IP/location, browse information on socks proxies, and learn all you need to know about proxy servers. If you haven’t figured it out by now, this website is information only. Nonetheless, the information is learned and helpful and deserves to be on this list of best proxy sites.

  • CantBlockThis

With this site, you can use their wide range of helpful IP address tools. You can also browse email tools, conduct a speed test, or search for an IP, domain or hostname. All given information and tools on this site are completely free.

  • OrangeProxy

Orange Proxy allows you to access sites anonymously by simply using the search bar on the homepage. You can also decide whether or not to encrypt URL, encrypted page, allow cookies, remove scripts, or remove objects. You can also request your own IP address. Ultimately, Orange Proxy is dedicated to guarding your identity to the highest standard when searching the web.

  • Whoer

This proxy website is a fast and free way to alter your IP address, unblock sites, and acquire anonymous status when searching the Web. It also offers service from multiple countries. You can also check your own IP, access VPN information, conduct a speed test and read articles about proxy use.


The first thing to mention is that Unblocker is not free. For a fee of $4.99 a month, or $49.90 a year, you can access your favorite sites without being spied on and avoid any general online irritations such as redirects, viruses, and pop-ups. Unblocker is certainly one of the most legitimate and of these top proxy sites. It might be worth the small monthly fee to give it a go.

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  • Proxify

Proxify is a clandestine proxy service that allows you to surf the internet in complete privacy and safety. With Proxify, you can use websites without them being able to identify or track you. Proxify shields your IP address and their encrypted connection service prevents monitoring of your network traffic. All of this is not completely free. You can, however, use a free trial. Beyond this, Proxify Pro will cost you.

  • NewIPNow

As the title suggests, this website will help protect your IP address in order to allow you to browse the internet completely hidden and protected. The site gives you alternative IP addresses for you to choose from. The services are not ultimately free, with the premium service costing $5 per month.

  • 4EverProxy

Here’s another proxy site which offers clandestine surfing of blocked sites. Simply enter the URL of your wanted site and begin searching. You can also select a web server, an IP location, and choose to remove page titles, scripts, encrypt the page and allow cookies (or not).

  • HideMyAss

One of the more creative titles on this list of top proxy sites, HideMyAss is completely free. Use the search bar on the homepage and select what country to connect through, a speed, and select a choice on ‘what you want to do’. Then, simply enter the URL.

  • NinjaCloak

This top proxy site is one of the most simplistic of proxy sites. Just like DontFilter above, with this site, all you have to do is enter the desired website’s URL and begin your surfing. The services are free to use.

  • UnblockMyWeb

Another basic proxy site which will unblock protected websites. Simply use the site’s search bar and enter the URL of your desired site. All completely free.

  • DontFilter

This proxy site is an anonymous website unblocker and an online privacy tool. In other words, this top proxy site will help unblock guarded sites. You will go unnoticed during this, fighting off any third-party onlookers as you go. The services are completely free. In addition, the site is one of the most basic proxy sites there is. Simply enter the site URL and go on your protected way.

  • KProxy

KProxy delivers the basic unlocking of blocked sites whilst keeping you secretive, as well as other features. You can access the KProxy extension feature for free. This will unlock all sites. You can also upgrade to KProxy Pro for a small fee.

  • Anonymouse

Perhaps the most basic proxy site on this list, Anonymous is a long-running proxy server which offers total protection and anonymous surfing at a small fee.

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