8 Top Sports Streaming Sites For Online Sports Fans

Good evening sports fans! When it comes to watching the important game, it can sometimes be a pain. Televised crucial games can be costly and hard to find. Often, you will have to travel to either a bar, a friend’s house, or pay the full whack for the game. Sometimes, the game might not even be televised, which leads to many disappointed fans. However, there is one crucial solution. Finding live sports online is often just as easy as finding your favorite movie or TV show. There are thousands of websites out there which will stream the sports live, without you having to pay for it. Many sites will offer a wide range of different sports, and some will specify in a particular sport. Taking all this into consideration, we are now on the hunt for the top sports streaming sites.

Today, I have brought to you just that. The following are the top sports streaming sites, each of which includes an individual review, highlighting how to use the site, and what are the site’s pros and cons.┬áSo, less reading, more browsing, get scrolling below and within a few minutes, you could be tuning into the much anticipated live game.

The List and Reviews of the Top Sports Streaming Sites

  • Watchsports.live

First on this list is a very popular live sports streaming site. Watchsports offers an extensive table which features a list of different sports which are scheduled to go live. Here you will find the sports type, the time scheduled to begin, the home and away team, and a link to the online stream. Furthermore, on the headings, you can choose a particular sport that you want to watch online. These headings include NBA basketball, baseball, NFL football, football (soccer), hockey, NCAA F, NCAA B, tennis, UFC, and others. You can also stream this website to your smartphone. If this interests you, visit the website and look for ‘stream from a smartphone’ on the homepage.

All things considered, the live table of sporting events makes this site, for me, one of the top sports streaming sites.

  • Mamahd.com

If European football (that’s soccer for you Americans) is what you’re after, managed offers many top sports channels in HD. These sports channels include Sky Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, BT Sport 1, 2, 3, FoxSports 1, 2, and more. You can also find links to NFL, NBA, boxing, hockey, tennis, motorsports, rugby, cycling, cricket, golf, and more. However, before you can access any of this, you must first sign-up (don’t worry, it’s free).

  • Streamsports.me

Similar to watchsports above, streamsports also has a similar table full of scheduled live sporting events. However, streamsports appears to offer a wider variety of sports from across the world, rather than just sports native to the USA. With streamsports, you can watch anything from European football to Russian hockey and more. There are also links for American sports, making this website a more global top sports streaming site than watchsports. You can also browse upcoming sports happening either tomorrow or next week, which is a great plus when using this site.

  • Vipbox.me

vipbox homepage screenshot

On visiting the homepage of this top sports streaming site, you will find all of the featured sports displayed in icons which are easy to understand. All you have to do is click on the sport which you are searching for. Some of the sports covered on this site are golf, tennis, basketball, hockey, handball, cricket, darts, winter sports, and much more. In fact, vipbox may have one of the largest offerings of free online sports. You can even find live links to Irish Gaelic football and snooker, which is more than what most other sports streaming sites can supply. Ultimately, this site offers sports which most other websites don’t have, which makes it one of the top sports streaming sites for me.


  • Stream2watch.cc

With stream2watch, you can not only find great live sports, but you can also browse live links for television. Sticking with the sports, however, you can browse what you want to watch by selecting the images on the homepage. You can alternatively use the website search bar or the headings, ‘Live Sports’ and ‘Leagues’. There is a wide range of sports on offer here. To mention some of these sports: soccer, American football, tennis, UFC, snooker, darts, rugby, squash, horse racing, and more. There is also a table displaying all of the current live and upcoming sports. One downside to this site, however, are the pop-ups which can become frustrating.

  • EPLsite.com

From premier league football to NFL, EPLsite is great for a number of reasons. As well as live football and American football streams, you will also find exclusive news on both sports. You can keep up to date on all the latest stories, as well as actually watch the game for free. In addition, there are also live links for formula 1 racing and a mobile app version of the site.

  • Freelivesports.co

Freelivesports has a whole bunch of live sports on offer. Furthermore, the website claims that all activity on their site is completely legal. Some of the sports channels displayed here are the Sky Sports channels, the US Sports channels, racing, BT Sports channels, boxnation, MUTV, Prem Sport, and others. Near the bottom of the homepage on the right side, you will find an extensive list of all the channels featured on this site.

  • Streamhunter.tv

Like most of the other top sports streaming sites mentioned here, streamhunter tv has a table which lists all of the upcoming live sports happening today. You can narrow down this table/your search by selecting a specific sport and/or a specific competition. Up top, you will find all of the featured sports listed on the heading pages. These sports include football, basketball, baseball, handball, hockey, moto (motocross), rugby, NFL, tennis, volleyball, boxing, and others. Furthermore, again like most other live sports streaming sites, you can select your time zone, which will keep you on track with the current, live sports.

This concludes the post on the top sports streaming sites. I hope you can now find what you are looking for with the help of these website reviews!

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