Turnitin Alternative: Better Sites For the Fight Against Plaigarism

There are many people out there who need good, reliable websites or software to detect plagiarism. If you are a student, teacher, or an employer who deals with literary work, having a dependable plagiarism checker is a must. For many years, Turnitin – a site which millions of students and teachers will know and will have used – has been the main plagiarism checker in regards to academic papers. In recent years, however, there have been new and often better creations online, which can speed up the process and offer more accurate results. The following 10 websites, as advocated by myself following thorough research and analysis, like Grammarly, for example, is my opinion a better Turnitin alternative, and will offer you more options when either running checks on your essays or checking your students’ or employees’ work.

Turnitin Alternative Websites

  • Grammarly

grammarlyFirst on the list, is Grammarly, a free grammar checker which offers more than just a thorough and accurate plagiarism check. Grammarly will assess your writing with pin-point accuracy, highlight grammar mistakes, suggest edits and effectively make sure that your text is completely mistake-free and easy to read.

In regards to the plagiarism check, it takes a matter of seconds to complete and the results are accurate. Grammarly, like Turnitin, will report all the websites in which the plagiarised material was taken from, and will also tell you how much is plagiarised.

All things considered, Grammarly is perfect for both students, teachers, employers, copywriters – pretty much anybody who deals with writing on a regular basis. In regards to the costs, Grammarly offers a free trial, but beyond that, there are three pricing options – $19.95 per month or pay for the yearly subscription at $7.95 per month. In my opinion, and in regards to Turnitin, Grammarly is a better Turnitin alternative, and the thousands of Grammarly users out there will certainly agree.

  • Copyscape


Copyscape is a unique brand of plagiarism which helps protect the content on websites. Millions of website owners across the globe use Copyscape to help protect the content on their website. How is this possible?

Copyscape not only copyrights the work on your sight but it also vigilantes your work in case it gets snatched up and copied by another website. For example, anybody could copy and paste your blog onto their own website, and thus not only steal your work but steal your audience and revenue. With Copyscape, such stealing will be quarantined and legally destroyed. Copyscape alerts you to any website which has taken your work unlawfully. But what if you have bought material from another website? Copyscape premium can scan this material and tell you if has been unlawfully stolen. You will be notified each time Copyscape finds your content plagiarised by somebody else.

The costs for Copyscape are not free, but it is perhaps the foremost protector of website content. If you or somebody you know owns a website, Copyscape is certainly worth a recommendation.

  • Copyleaks


Here’s another great Turnitin alternative. Like both above websites – Copyscape and Grammarly – Copyleaks offer plagiarism for both website content and individually written texts. In other words, Copyleaks offers everything in the way of protection against plagiarism.

From the homepage, you can select the plagiarism service which you need – ‘Businesses’, which protects law firms, media publishers, and other legal bodies, ‘Academic’, which fights plagiarism in regards to student work, and ‘Websites’, which fights the plagiarism against website content, as mentioned above with Copyscape. You can try it for free, and it’s suitable for all sorts of people – students, teachers, SEO agencies, website owners and companies.

  • Unplag

Unplag is another popular plagiarism protection website, offering products for students, educators, and writers and journalists. In order to use their services, however, you must first sign up, and it is not free. Despite the charge, you do get broad range services, such as 4 seconds to check a page for plagiarism, the ability to scan billions of web pages, total privacy on your documents, and the ability to download or email the plagiarism report after every scan. The prices vary, from $4.99 per month for a year, to $6.98 per month for three months, or the basic account which is $9.97 per month.

  • PaperRater


PaperRater is a great plagiarism and spelling check/grammar editor which you can use online for free. It offers extensive scanning for plagiarism, as well as suggested edits to grammar, to make sure your text is grammatically perfect.

You can use it for free, though you will be limited to a maximum of 5 pages per scan or edit. With a free account, you will also receive the grammar and spelling check and automated scoring. You can, however, choose a premium account, which is $14.95 per month. With a premium account, you will receive all the features of a free account, as well as: no ads, an enhanced plagiarism checks, the ability to upload files, faster processing, and premium-only modules.

  • Plagscan


With over 1,000 major companies across the world using Plagscan, Plagscan is by far one of the most popular alternatives to Turnitin and other plagiarism programmes and software. Plagscan is complete ‘browser-based’, and in order to check the authenticity of texts, you can either upload a document or directly paste the text onto the site. Plagscan delivers a thorough report after every scan for plagiarism, notifying you on where on the web the content was taken from.

In order to use the services on Plagscan, you must first sign up. You can alternatively tree a free trial, but if you want to use it long term, the costs range from $4.99 for 6 months for a private user, to $14.99 per month for an organization.

If you are searching for a great online Turnitin alternative, Plagscan is one of few sites that I highly recommend.

  • Solo.noplag

Noplag is another plagiarism finder which is popular amongst many companies. With Noplag, you can sign up for free and choose an option suitable for you – either an Individual or Business option. Noplag also offers API, and the pricing options to use this site are quite unique. To search for plagiarism per page costs 10 cents, a database is 4 cents, a publication is 5 cents, and for something from ‘my library’, the costs are free.

Of course, Noplag is not just for companies but for everyone – from students to bloggers and for the much in-between. Sign up for free – no credit card required nor any obligations make this website a fantastic Turnitin alternative.

  • DupliChecker


One of the more obscure plagiarism checkers, DupliChecker provides plagiarism checks for websites as well as proofreading and suggested editing of website content. The site has been providing these services to a website and business owners since 2006, and since then, many people from several professions have begun using its free, accurate plagiarism services. DupliChecker offers many services: plagiarism checker, comparison search, anti-plagiarism banners, spell checker, visitor hit counter, IP checker, sitemap generator, domain age checker, and more. If these services strike a chord with you, I would certainly give it a try.


  • WriteCheck


WriteCheck is quickly gaining speed as one of the best plagiarism, grammar and editing programmes on the net favored by students. With WriteCheck, you can scan 60 billion websites when scanning for plagiarism, millions of student papers and published texts online and also bibliographies. You also get a grammar check which helps with grammar and spelling, as well as style and usage tips and online tutor help with your writing.

These great services are, however, not free, and it costs $7.95 to have WriteCheck perform their services with a single paper (with 3 available resubmissions). There are other available pricing options – the semester plan, and the graduate plan – which cost more but offers more services and resubmissions. You can also pay to have your paper critiqued by professionals before handing in your paper. Nonetheless, despite these costs, WriteCheck is a better Turnitin alternative in several ways, due to its many features and the great additional services.

  • PlagTracker

This plagiarism is a no-nonsense website with a solve-all attitude. It states that it is free to check your paper for plagiarism, and the process is as simple as it can be – upload your paper, wait for PlagTracker to scan, and then receive and read the plagiarism report. If you are a student in need of a free, rapid check, this website is perfect. It is also ideal for teachers (checking student reports), publishers and site owners.


So, all things considered, if you are a website operator, a student at work on an important paper, a teacher marking dissertations, or whatever profession that involves the threat of plagiarism, the above websites are great Turnitin alternatives which each have an array of different features. You can, of course, stick with Turnitin, but there are certainly some features which Turnitin cannot provide, which, however, the above websites can.

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