Watch Anime Online: The Ultimate Site Guide For Anime Lovers

Watch Anime Online: The Ultimate Site Guide For Anime Lovers
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From comics to television, now to your PC, anime is now easier than ever to get hold of. Here at Filmbiz, we are huge anime fans, so it would be an injustice to avoid a full list of the best anime websites in which you can watch anime online. We have hand selected some of the best websites which are both free and easy to use, which will hopefully deliver hours upon hours of free anime whenever you need it. In addition, these websites were also chosen for their compatibility with smartphones. Not only can you use these sites on your computer, but you can also get them up and running on your phone. So, in sum, all of the following websites are leading anime websites – they are primarily free and straightforward, and can easily be whipped up on your anime online

(Please note: the following websites are accompanied by a short description or analysis. For some of these websites, we have more in-depth posts. So, if one website strikes your fancy, you can have a look at what we have to say on it here on our site).

Watch Anime Online: The Ultimate Site Guide

The following websites are ranked in no particular order.


First on our list is undoubtedly not only one of the most popular anime websites in the world but in fact one of the most popular websites in general. GogoAnime has an impressive Alexa ranking of 933, which gives you the sense that the vast majority of the world’s anime fans are plugging into this site. Such may very well be the case, and if you are on the hunt for a reliable, go-to anime website, GogoAnime is the perfect candidate.

gogo anime

One of the outstanding aspects regarding GogoAnime is that it’s free. There are no sign-ups, hidden costs or any such financial nonsense involved with this website. Subbed and dubbed anime are on offer here. Simply visit and start watching your anime, it’s as simple as that. To continue the previous sentence, this website is all about simplicity. Despite there being thousands upon thousands of free anime TV shows and movies, you can find your way around this site quite easily. All things considered, this website is in many ways the leading anime website and should be on top of your list of the best free anime websites. Furthermore, besides the ability to watch free anime, you can also indulge in some manga. Not bad!


Next, we have KissAnime, another contender for the best anime website trophy. To watch free anime on this site is just as simple as GogoAnime. Again, there are no mandatory sign ups or any hidden costs. One of the great things about KissAnime is that it is one of a collection of websites, all of which are dedicated to Asian entertainment. KissAnime is the anime section of this group of websites. Other Kiss websites include KissManga (manga website), KissAsian (Asian TV and movies) and KissCartoon (Asian cartoons). If you are a fan of such Asian entertainment, all of the Kiss websites will come in handy and are a great asset on any computer or phone.


KissAnime has one of the biggest online libraries of anime TV shows. In terms of quantity, it may genuinely have the most. On top of all this, the contents on this website are all completely free. Importantly, subs and dubs are also available. With KissAnime, you rarely go wrong. Get it bookmarked and start using it right away!


On first entering this website, you may be put off by the outdated graphics. Don’t let it fool you, for this site has a lot of top quality stuff to offer. There are also links to drama and manga, which will always prove useful if you’re a fan of Asian entertainment in general. This site may not ultimately match the previous two sites in terms of visual quality, but the quantity is much the same.

There is a wide range of anime TV shows on offer here, all of which are listed without images. The only downside regarding this site has to be the pop ups. Of course, websites like these will always come with some form of ads or pop-ups. However, the pop-ups on this site are more just slightly annoying at times. Bearing this in mind, you may have to be extra patient when using this site. Besides this, again everything is free here and there are no mandatory registrations.


This website has one of the most modern, up to date appearances on this list. With Crunchyroll, you won’t have any of the problems to be faced in the AnimeFreak website. For this reason – it’s neat display, along with its overall quality of content – Crunchyroll is one of the most popular anime websites on the net. Watch free anime on this website once, and you may never have to switch to another. It’s that good. You will find all your shows nicely displayed with thumbnails. Plus, the navigation options are very helpful. Finding your anime shows is easy, and to crown it all, CrunchyRoll is free. The pop-up problem is not so volatile here. So, you can use this website without having to test your patience.

The overall amount of anime on this website is also great. You will find some of the newest classics, plus manga, forums, news and a store. Subs and dubs are also in there too of course. So if you love the site a bit more than most, you can update to CrunchyRoll Premium, which will give you all you ever needed in regards to anime.


The first thing to note about this website is the wide range of subbed and dubbed anime. The website does the slogan, “free anime source”, and there are no sign ups to impede your progress. The homepage displays a mosaic of ‘latest anime shows’, showing that this website is kept up to date (usually by the minute). New and recent anime shows will be found here, and it’s quite clear whether or not they are subbed, dubbed, new, and so forth. The general appearance of the website is also quite good, for with the use of images/thumbnails you will find what you’re looking for quite fast. Overall, Chia-Anime is a good standard website to watch anime with. Again, there are some irritating popups like on most sites, so just be patient.


This website belongs to the free movie giant that is fmovies, and on both of these, you can watch anime online without any hassle which probably explains its success. As far as appearances go, 9Anime has one of the most modern. Fancy navigation features and a wide array of website headings make this website a cornucopia of anime thrills. You can browse anime by genre, newest anime, last updated anime, ongoing anime series, anime types, most watched anime, upcoming anime, scheduled anime, and request anime.

Finding what you want to watch on this website is essentially a breeze, thanks to the many search features. Besides all the modern features, there is also a lot of anime shows. The anime library on this website is quite impressive. So, when you combine the amount of anime along with the quality of the videos, plus the quality of the website features, you have yourself a fantastic anime website. Again, all is free here and no sign up is needed. This phenomenal website is all yours.

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The first thing worth noting about this anime website is that it contains ‘2000+ anime shows’ and around ‘40,000’ anime episodes. Most of these many episodes and shows are also subbed and dubbed so it offers a great experience to those who are anime addicted and wanna watch anime online. There is nothing much to argue with in the way of appearance, but there are nonetheless some negatives which keep it from claiming one of the highest places on our best anime websites. One such downside is the lack of leading anime series. There are some classics featured on this site, but ultimately a lot of them are missing. If you can manage to find what you want with this site, then you shouldn’t have any problems.


This final website on our list is a little bit different than the rest. If you have heard of IMDb, the movie database website, AniDB is essentially the anime equivalent. Here you can join with and interact with many thousands of anime lovers. AniDB is in many ways the net’s leading online anime community. If you have anime opinions to share, this website is perfect. In addition, and importantly, this website also offers some free anime shows, which makes it the perfect website for all things anime-related. Keep this website at hand, for it can offer some great recommendations and insights into anime. It’s also a great place to meet some like-minded friends.


“Watch anime online for free” – Furthermore, a lot of them are offered in HD. MoeTube does everything a good anime website should do, so there is not much to argue with. There is an option to sign up with the website, but what exactly the benefits are is unknown. Ultimately, this website is another good name to add to your list in case you run out of options on your search to watch anime. In addition, the website appearance is quite modern and there are some good features. So, all in all, a great website worth a go.


A Personal Selection Of the Best Anime Shows You Should Be Watching

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

This popular anime show is taken from the popular and much loved Full Metal Alchemist manga. What makes the show so popular is that it directly draws from the original manga series, which has made it one of the greatest anime series of all time. You won’t regret starting to watch this anime.


DragonBall Z

Everyone knows and needs this classic. DragonBall Z has captivated the world, and for any anime fan who doesn’t know this show, you may begin to doubt if he or she is truly an anime fan at all.

Attack On Titan [Updated]

attack on titan

This one is my favorite. This show will have you gripped from the very beginning. Giant bloodthirsty titans, apocalyptic battles, human survival, it’s all there on an epic scale. It can be best described as ‘the end of the world, due to a titan onslaught’. Humans find themselves trapped within their city, with only a wall keeping these murderous titans out, which really gets the pulses going. Attack On Titan only has one season out at the moment, but the much anticipated second season will be gracing our scenes pretty soon. There are many puzzles to be cleared up, all of which are incredibly exhilarating, so if you like post-apocalyptic carnage and human power, this show has it all.

[Update] Season 2: Attack on titans

Attack on titans new season is out now. Every AOT lover must watch the season 2 coz the mystery of the colossal titan has been reviled in this season and you will definitely find this season more interesting. I myself watched this season. However, there are not many episodes released yet as the episodes are released every week so it’s the worst thing because you have to wait for the whole 1 week to see its next episode. But in my opinion, it is worth waiting for a week to watch this anime online. Just go ahead and watch attack on titans on any of the sites mentioned above.

Death Note

Death Note involves one of the most interesting concepts in all of the anime. This show presents the idea of being given the power of Death, which creates a deep moral dilemma within all the show’s characters. Death Note carries a lot of moral searching, which makes it one of the most intriguing anime shows out there today.

The Devil Is A Part-Timer!

There’s been a lot of furor surrounding this popular anime series recently and for good reason. The Devil Is A Part-Timer quickly gained a dedicated following, only to suddenly stop. There are speculations of more to come from this series, which is what all the fans so direly want.So if you happen to get invested in this show, there will be more to come.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Here’s a classic from the mid-90s. Neon Genesis Evangelion was the first broadcast in Tokyo around 20 years ago, and still, holds much of its luster. Much like Attack On Titan above, this show tackles the idea of an apocalyptic event. It takes place around 15 years after a catastrophic Armageddon and is still one of the most popular anime series of all time. Treat yourself to a classic!



And so there it is, a range of websites which should end your search for free anime. All of the above sites are some of the most popular and best. Choose wisely, relax, and watch your anime, hassle free.


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