Watch Cartoons Online Free Without Registration…. Yes it’s true!!

Watch Cartoons Online Free Without Registration…. Yes it’s true!!
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Here’s one for all you cartoon fans searching to watch cartoons online! We all fondly remember our childhood and the great cartoons which we were treated with. When it comes to cartoons, perhaps it’s time to pass on these great cartoons to your own children? Maybe there are great cartoons which you still love, cartoons which you want to watch even though you’re a grown adult? Whatever the case may be, the internet and its abundance of sites is a great place to delve into if you are on a search to watch cartoons. In other words, you can forget to rely on the television to deliver the goods, but instead, turn to the internet to watch cartoons online – without having to download and often completely for free!

The world wide web is an extensive goldmine for both the old classics and the present day greats. With the right website, you could be watching your childhood favorites within seconds, or, watching some of the best cartoons the modern age has to offer. Your favorite cartoons can be available with just a few simple clicks, it’s very simple, and there are thousands of sites out there which can offer you the cartoons which you crave, you just need to know where exactly to search for them. That’s why I have done the extensive searching for you!

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In this post, I have rounded up the finest sites for you to watch cartoons online, whilst trying to keep it all completely free and without having to download. I have included a ranked list of the best websites to watch cartoons online and following this I have delved within each site and analysed the good and the bad parts, so you can get a clear view of what these websites have on offer.

So leave the television behind and let the internet become your new means of viewing cartoons.
Here’s the list of the best websites to watch cartoons online.

A Ranked List of the Best Sites To Watch Cartoons Online


Discovering More About these Websites

After looking at the above list, you may want to know more about what they can offer. Here is a thorough analysis of each website and their respective pros and cons.

Another top-quality site to watch cartoons online with, you can find many of the current cartoon favorites and past cartoon classics all under the one Kiss cartoon roof.

On first glance, you can see that this is a modern website. The homepage is packed full links to great cartoons, most of these links being accompanied with legitimate images or thumbnails of the cartoon. Also on the homepage, you can find the latest updates (the newly added cartoons), an effectively efficient table in which you can choose from new cartoons, top of the day, top of the week, top of the month and most popular. In addition to all this, there are headings on the homepage: cartoon list, anime list, request cartoon, forum, read comic and watch drama – all of which should help you find your cartoon, help you around the site or offer you additional things.


After choosing your desired cartoon, you will be directed to the cartoon’s own page. Here, you can see the extensive list of available episodes, laid out in listing order. Beneath this list, there is a comment section which you can engage with and leave your own comment. By clicking on the episode that you want to watch from the list available, you’ll be directed to the watch page. The player on this site has some nice features, such as a quality selector, a choice to switch to a flash player and the ‘light off’ option, which will dim all other lights from other websites on your computer, thus giving you a cinematic feel.

Overall, this website scored very well with me. I am giving it a complete 10/10, because, honestly, I couldn’t find anything majorly wrong with it. In addition, if you become a free member of this website, you can download the cartoons available on the site. If you want to watch cartoons online for free and through easy means, certainly give this website a try!


You probably guess it already – this website is the official website of tv cartoon network, Nickelodeon. Like the above mentioned Disney Junior website, this website offers all of its own cartoons and characters just like it would on tv, only the power of choice is now in your own hands.

The site offers a cornucopia of fun things for kids – not just an offering of videos, but also games, activities, apps, the chance to win prizes and an online shop. But to stick with the cartoon side of things, this website is great. You can see some of the best cartoons advertised on the homepage – all you have to do is click on the image or the link. Alternatively, you can use the site’s search bar to search for your favorite cartoon or use the headings at the top of the homepage.


It is completely free to watch cartoons online on the Nickelodeon site. You can, if you want to, become a member, which will allow you to favorite, rate, and comment on the videos, as well as receive regular updates and news from Nickelodeon themselves. (Please note: you must have Adobe Flash Player in order to view the videos on this website).

To conclude and rate, I am giving this site an almost perfect 9/10 – reducing a mark due to the fact it only offers Nickelodeon cartoons, but then again, of course, it does. In addition to this, there is also a slight downside which I found this site – it is quite difficult to navigate your way through it, and this is because of the large amounts of things available. In other words, this site has almost too much to offer, which can cause a distraction. The homepage is cluttered, which makes me think that a child browsing this site may find it difficult to find what they want. Having said all this, if you or your kids are a big fan of the work of Nickelodeon, this website is a must. Just like Disney Junior, you will neither have to worry about viruses nor about the poor quality videos because of the fact that you are using the legitimate website

If anime is your thing, this website is sure to deliver what you want. You can find recent anime releases and ongoing series, as well as dubbed anime and anime movies. All of the anime options are nicely displayed by images/thumbnails and the headings on the page – anime list, new season, movies, popular – are perfect if you want to narrow your search (or alternatively use the search bar). On clicking on the anime list, you can choose from the extensive list of anime titles or go through them alphabetically. The new season, movies and popular pages are arranged by thumbnails, which makes your search both easy and attractive.



When you find the anime cartoon that you want to watch, you will be first directed to the cartoon page, which features information, a comments section and most importantly – the list of episodes available to watch. After choosing your desired episode, you will be then directed to the watch page. The video player poses no problems, it’s quite straight-forward, and below you can see alternative servers/external links to other versions, just in case the version on the website doesn’t work or doesn’t meet your standards. You can also choose to download the episode or movie if you wish.

Personally, I am not that big a fan of anime, but if you are, I would highly recommend this site. Overall, I am rating this site at 8/10 – some of the downsides of this site are the large amounts of advertisements, which dominate parts of the site – particularly the flash player. I am also eliminating a point because of how limited the cartoons are on this site – in other words, it offers only anime, which, if you are a fan, I guess is a positive and not a negative. So, for all you anime fans out there, if you are in search of some great anime cartoons, series or movies to watch online, give this site a try – it’s completely free and easy!


Although not ranking in the top 5, this is another great website to watch cartoons online. In addition to cartoon episodes, you can also choose to watch animated movies, meaning you get almost anything animated from this website.

Upon looking at the homepage, there is a list of constant new cartoon additions to the website – in fact, on a daily basis. There are two headings, both of which offer a wide variety of animated goodies. The top heading bar offers anime, Korean drama, and manga, whereas the toolbar beneath it offers – cartoons, full movies, popular series and daily episodes (there is also a search bar which can bring you direct results).


The cartoons are neatly laid out in a descending file, and when you find your desired cartoon, you will be directed to the watch page, in which you can now choose which of the available episodes to watch. When you choose an episode, you can now watch your cartoon, that is, if you have a flash player 9 or greater installed on your device. The play page is quite basic – no flashy displays here.

Overall, I have decided to give this website a respectable 8/10. Although this site can deliver cartoons, and although it has a broad range of cartoons available due to constant new arrivals, the site isn’t very attractive nor is it the easiest to use. In the hands of kids, it will be difficult for them to browse and find their favorite cartoons to watch online.


My personal favorite and number one on my list, this is a great website which is consistently up-to-date, attractive and easy to use. The website’s main heading is this – “watch cartoons online in HD on all devices” – which is seriously enticing. A major characteristic of this website is the fact that it not only delivers cartoon episodes and series but also cartoon movies, so you can get the best of all worlds with this website.

The homepage is laid out with huge images of the greatest cartoons around. At the top of the website, there are six headings which are drop-down boxes – Home, By Studio, Characters, Shows, Series and Contact – which, as you can judge for yourself, offer a wide range of cartoons. You can also search for your favorite cartoon by using the website’s search bar above the headings.


Each cartoon show, character, and studio as its own individual page. On the watch page, you can see the seasons available on the left-hand side and the episodes on the right-hand side – it’s all very easily laid out. Also, beneath all the episodes there is a comments section for users to interact with. Each episode has its legitimate title and year, and to watch a particular episode, all you have to do is click on the blue play button. Following this, you will be brought to the player, meaning your search is now over – simple!

I am giving this website a solid 10/10 – this website has not only a huge variety of cartoons on offer, but the search categories are brilliant and ensure easy browsing. There are, however, some advertisements throughout the website, but this won’t deter you from watching your favorite cartoon episodes.


One of many official Disney websites, this site is designed specifically for both kids and parents. On this website, you can find all of the Disney favorites, and it offers more than just video clips – you can also play Disney-related games and there are also activities on offer through the ‘makes’ option.


With its bright displays and the featuring of all the classic Disney characters, Disney junior is sure to keep your kids hooked. If your aim is to watch cartoons online, you can click on the red watch icon on the homepage and the site will open the watch page. Here, you can scroll through the characters and make a choice by clicking on their image. You can also browse the ‘new clips’ below the character scroll. Each Disney character has their own individual page, and on this page, you can choose which cartoon you would like to watch. After choosing, you will be brought to the Disney player – your search is now over.

A nice feature on this website is the ‘parents’ section. This area gives parents information and other things, such as a family fun section, holiday chances, and more parental tips.

All in all, my rating for Disney Junior is a very good 9/10 – I have deducted a mark due to the fact that this site delivers only Disney cartoons. Of course, this is obviously to be expected, but there are other websites out there which can offer more than just Disney. On the other hand, this site is completely legitimate, so you needn’t worry about vicious viruses or the prospect of watching a poor quality video clip. Overall, give this Disney a chance, especially if you have young kids who love Disney and their work.



Here we have another website catering to the classics, completely free! The website is quite plain and this works in their favour – you can find your cartoon quickly and easily.

On the homepage, you are given a wide variety of examples to look through. If these don’t please you, you can begin your search for your cartoon by using the headings at the top – you can browse for your cartoon by choosing: cartoons, characters, studios, and series. Some of the featured cartoon characters on this website are Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto, Minnie Mouse and much more!


Once you find the character of the cartoon that you are searching for, you will be directed to the play page. The play page is quite simple – all of the necessary stuff is there, and no superfluous distractions. A unique feature of this site’s player is that it comes in the form of a television. If you don’t like this, you can click to enlarge the screen and watch it full-screen.

I am giving this site a really good 9/10 – reducing one mark due to the fact that this website doesn’t feature any recent/modern cartoons. If you are a fan of classics, I highly recommend visiting this site to watch cartoons online, but if you are after more recent cartoon releases, you won’t find them here. Other than this, the site is easy to use, highly informative, and should become your go-to site for classic cartoons.



One of my personal favorites, this website has lots to give in the way of classic cartoons. With both all of the best classic cartoons on offer, this site should be perfect for all ages. You can create an account entirely free, which will give you your own profile page to comment on cartoons, favorite your favorites and rate cartoons. This cartoon website is perfect for your youngsters.

The nice blue homepage has lots of information on display and you can immediately spot some of the classic cartoon characters. Up top, the headings – Live! Cartoons, Blog, Toon Feed – are few, but, basically, all that you need. On clicking the cartoon button, your options open up. You can choose from: featured cartoons, Betty Boop, Felix, Tom and Jerry, Loony Tunes, Superman, Popeye and More Classics.

This site runs on YouTube sources, which basically makes it a website which has drawn all of the internet’s free video resources into one place. Every video comes with relevant and helpful information, and the streaming on this site (due to the use of YouTube) is very fast.

I am giving this website a fairly good rating of 8/10. I have reduced a mark due to the fact that this site runs purely on YouTube resources. This, however, does have its advantages, because it eliminates any threat of viruses and also ensures a quick streaming speed. Another reason why I have reduced a mark is that it doesn’t feature any recent cartoons, which is what a lot of today’s kids are looking for. Ultimately, if you are a fan of classic cartoons or if you would like to introduce your kids to the classics (if they’re not already fans, of course), this website is perfect.


Some Honourable Mentions:

  • – For all you South Park fans.
  • – The official website of Boomerang tv.
  • – A website with a huge variety of cartoons to watch online – almost made the list.
  • – A website dedicated to tv shows.
  • – Many free cartoons available here.

Some Closing Tips To Watch Cartoons Online

  1. Try using some websites which are the legitimate websites of television networks. For example, I have included Disney Junior and Nickelodeon on my list, but there are of course many, many more tv/cartoon network websites out there that offer free, legitimate and quality videos. It’s basically the same as being in charge of tv!
  2. Make sure you have updated player software installed on your device. Some websites (some of which I have mentioned above) may demand a certain version of flash player, so just be aware that some players may not play your video due to your out-dated software. In particular, Adobe Flash Player is in high demand.
  3. Some websites mentioned offer you the choice to download your cartoons, and this is worth considering if you want to collect your favorite cartoons like a digital library.
  4. Remember to bookmark your favorite sites so you can easily return to them – or, alternatively, bookmark this post!
  5. Stay safe! The mentioned websites are free to use, but some websites out there may ask for credit card details to join – beware of such websites and never give over credit card details for a website that claims to be free. Also, try to avoid clicking suspicious links or downloading cartoons from a website which you feel is not legitimate

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