10 Free Movie Streaming Sites To Watch Free Movies Online [Guaranteed Streaming]

10 Free Movie Streaming Sites To Watch Free Movies Online [Guaranteed Streaming]
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Calling all movie fans out there seeking to watch free movies online! We can all agree on the fact that there is barely anything as good as snuggling up to a good movie. What makes this even better, is the fact that you could be doing this within your own home, without having to pay for it.

Within today’s current technological world, it is now easier than ever to get hold of your favorite movie without having to leave your home. Thanks to the wonderful world of the internet, you have a whole range of websites to choose from when searching for your desired movie. You can constantly stay up-to-date with the cinematic world without having to throw your money towards your cinema – how? – watch free movies online, that’s how.

I have featured the best websites to watch free movies online for you to scroll through. These websites vary in their level of quality, some being better than others, some less so, and I have offered my own opinion to help you make an informed decision. With some websites, you can not only watch movies free online, but you might be able to get new releases within days of their release!

Of course, it all entirely depends on whether or not a website features the movie you are after. Some websites hold a larger collection of movies than others, and some websites can even offer more advanced features. Advanced features such as the option to watch your movie in HD, multilingual subtitles and even a cinematic blackout screen are available on some of the more hi-tech sites. Some of these sites may offer the option to download the movies, but it is perfectly okay and free to stream them online instead of downloading.

So feast your eyes on the list and you can soon get watching your favorite comedy, horror or whatever you taste is, or alternatively, drink in the sights of the new, hotly anticipated Hollywood blockbuster, all completely free! It’s never been easier to watch your favorite movies. I have also included a list of tips for you when looking to watch free movies online.

A Top 10 Of the Best Sites To Watch Free Movies Online

Before delving into the broader range of websites which offer free movie streaming, I have compiled a list of my own personal favorite websites to use when trying to watch free movies online. This top 10 list reflects the quality level of the websites and I have made a brief mention of special features which may separate these sites from others, which I will expand upon after the list.

1123movies123moviesA movie-news panel, showcasing current cinematic events.
Latest TV shows.
A request page - request a movie if you can't find what you're searching for.
Option to watch in HD.
2putlockers.chputlockerOffers TV shows to stream.
Advanced search box on home page - you can search for a particular director, year and genre.
Special page for 'new movies'.
3tubitv.comtubi tvNew arrivals and 'hot on Netflix' page
4popcornflix.compopcornflixWatch TV shows in addition to movies.
A new arrivals page.
Genre-specific pages.
5vumoo.atvumooA lightning bolt icon which enables high speed serves with no advertisements.
6fmovies.tofmoviesYou can watch movies in HD 720p
TV shows on offer in addition to movies.
Individual pages for new releases, most watched and genre.
There is a request page if you still can't find what you're looking for.
7evomovies.comevomoviesHD option.
Lots of recent releases, one of the websites specialising in new releases.
8newmoviesonline.wsnewmoviesonlineA wide collection of recent releases plus individual pages for genre and release year.
9snagfilms.comsnagfilmsTV shows.
HD option.
10housemovie.tohouse moviesUser comments, which you can join in on.
HD option.
Option to alternatively download the movie.

These sites, I feel, are the most accessible and perhaps the best out there at the moment. This table is based on just a few of many sites out there for you to choose from, so you can always broaden your search if these sites don’t meet your needs. Many sites will offer the same special features, but the following is an in-depth analysis on how each website separates itself from the others.

A Closer Look At Streaming Sites For Free Movies


This attractively laid-out site has much to offer. There is a huge range on offer, from documentaries to short movies to Hollywood blockbusters. This site is one of the easiest gateways to watch free movies online. The above snapshot is of the site’s home screen, which shows its simple layout which is complete with a changing advert board, a drop-down menu up top, and interestingly, a news box on the right-side of the page. First of all, the drop boxes at the top of the page make the navigation of the site very easy.

Pictured is the range of movie genres on offer. Navigation time has been cut big-time, making it relatively easy to narrow the search for your movie. As mentioned, an interesting feature on the website is the news bar. As an added bonus, you can browse the latest news from the cinema world, keeping you on track with what new movie releases there are, celebrity lives and other cinema-related activities.

123movies thus becomes more than just a streaming site – it is also partly a news site.
More on its attractive features, the site also features a modern, non-complicated viewing screen.

Featured on this playing screen are subtitles – marked CC, a HD button to watch in high definition from up to 720p, and another quite interesting feature – the ‘night mode’ feature – which when clicked, eliminates the white screen behind the movie, thus effectively ‘dimming the lights’ like you would in an actual cinema.You can make a comment beneath the video, and also beneath the movie screen links to alternative servers – just in case, the first version doesn’t function properly / suit your needs.

I’m awarding this site with a full score – 10/10.


A few months back 123movies.is changed its domain to gomovies.to but now it is again changed to gostream.is as the owner was facing some problems. But now finally it is working fine and you can again stream your favorite movies on this site. Gostream came with a purely different theme which impressed me a lot but regarding the user interface, there are not many changes. As I have mentioned above all the features are almost same and handy. So at the end, it’s still the best site to watch free movies online.

  • yesmovies.to

This site is very current in today’s online movie world. The attractive displays are just one way which proves that this site is modern and constantly changing. Like many of the best movie streaming sites, this website also offers some of the latest and best TV series.

On the main home page, there are drop-down boxes for country – you can choose a film depending on country, genre – you can browse depending on genre, and you can also access the top IMDb movies, request movies and also look at the recent cinematic news, all be proving that this site is constantly coming up with new ways in which to give its visitors what they want.

Furthermore, on the home page, you can browse through the latest movies by suggestion; the website offers pages for the top rated movies on the site, top favorited movies on the site, and also the hottest movies on the site at the moment. You can also create an account, which is recommended if you want to be kept up-to-date about the new movies which are being to the site on a daily basis.

Each movie is also well-annotated, so you don’t have to do your research before you choose a movie – this site has done all the research for you, so you can simply surf the site and not the rest of the web. The site also offers recommendations, meaning if you love one movie, yesmovies will lure you onto more great movies available on the website, making it easier to watch free movies online. The site player is both basic and efficient. Almost all movies come with an HD option, and all movies can be commented on by the site’s users. There are also multiple servers for you to choose from and a ‘turn off light’ feature for that dark, cinematic experience. And at the end, I want to include its Alexa rank which is about 1700.

My rating for this site is 9/10.

  • fmovies.to

This streaming site is easily one of the best on the web. On your search to watch free movies online, it is certainly worth stopping here for a search, for it truly helps you watch free movies online. It is one of the biggest movie streaming sites which has an enormous database and recently fmovies.to was redirected to fmovies.is

The site is attractively well-laid out and planned with ‘most watched this week’ and ‘most watched this month’ movies on offer. Some of the special features on this site are its HD features of up to 1080p and its quick influx of new movies. The site also offers some of the latest TV series, and the information given on both movies and TV shows is informative.

There is also a request section in which users can ask for movies which are not yet featured on the site.

The video player on this site is one of the best in comparison to many streaming sites. Like the 123movies site, this player also features a ‘lights out’ feature, which enables you to eliminate any bright light, thus placing you in an authentically dark cinematic environment. There is also the available option to download the movie if you would like to watch it again and again (or just save the link). An HD option of up to 1080p is also featured, as well as a rating out of 10 on every movie, which is determined by its users.

Beneath each player there are alternative servers, so you can switch to a different version if the one playing doesn’t meet your standards. Also beneath each player is a comments section, so you can get stuck in and start sharing your opinion on movies with many other others who have come here to watch free movies online.

A grand total of 10/10 for this site – I can’t highlight any major problems.


In terms of dedication, Putlocker has been around a very long time, delivering thousands of movies and TV shows to many viewers. One of the great things about this site, besides its durability, is its huge collection of movies and TV shows, past and present. For many people, Putlocker is the default / go-to streaming website when searching for a movie to watch online for free, and for good reasons.

One of the site’s most attractive features is its table of alternative options. The alternative options (shown below) allow you to click on external links if the Putlocker version does not suit you. Basically, Putlocker draws in the many legitimate versions of a movie and lists them, thus giving you the choice to choose. Putlocker, however, always selects a default version which should work perfectly well, but the options are always available.


As you can see, there is a wide range of alternative options to choose from. Please note, on the other hand, that not all movies or tv shows will come with this wide range of alternatives. The more obscure the movie or tv show, the less alternative links there may be on offer.

Having said all that, Putlocker features a huge range of movies and tv shows, so you are almost sure to find what you need with this site. I have attached above an example of the Putlocker playing screen. The player is quite straight-forward and supplies all your basic needs. There is an HD option with most movies, an enlargement choice, and with some foreign movies, there is a subtitles option. In sum, Putlocker should be both your starting point and default website when you want to watch free movies online. It will seldom let you down. I cannot place any major faults with this site, so I’m giving it a full 10/10.

  • YouTube.com

No, that is not a typo, I have included this popular website for good reason. This video-sharing giant can be perfect for a specific type of movies. Of course, YouTube has many laws which will stop you from watching movies online for free, but don’t let that impede you. You will never find a new release on YouTube, but you may, however, find old classics. YouTube has millions of videos – old movies or obscure foreign movies can sometimes pop up on the site, dodging the same copyright laws which would prevent a modern Hollywood movie from appearing on the site. From short movies to old black and white, Hollywood classics, YouTube can sometimes be a goldmine for the more obscure movies, so don’t knock it until you try it on your search to watch free movies online.

So if old classics or obscure, perhaps foreign movies is your thing, YouTube is worth giving a search. All of us are familiar with the site’s setup, so if you have an old movie in mind, try searching it on YouTube first and you might get lucky.

  • newmoviesonline.tv


This site is one of the most informative, with a huge range of movies, all specifically sectioned to make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for. One of the specialties which this site aims to give you is recent releases. There are three drop-down boxes showcasing the newest releases from the past three years. The offered movies range from comedies to documentary to animation.

For this website, you must sign up, but don’t let that deter you – to sign up it is completely free and should be easily completed in quick time. It may not offer you the choice to watch free movies online, but it’s still out there if you ever need it.

A total of 8/10 for this site.


  • vumoo.li


This modern site has a whole pack of movies on offer, but it doesn’t stop there-there is also a TV show section in the website which you can browse through. The site offers popular new releases as well as popular movies throughout the years. You can browse through movies ‘popular this week’, ‘new releases’, ‘recently added’ and movies which are currently being watched.

The site layout is very basic though stylish, making it simple for you to find the next great movie you want to watch. But the site seems to be very lazy. Its load time is above 5 seconds in some regions. But on the content basis, each movie is well annotated, offering some interesting information in case you don’t know what the movie is about.

A rating of 8/10 for this site.

  • popcornflix.com


Yet another great site, this movie streaming website features thousands of movies, many of the recent/new releases. On top of all its movies, it also gives you TV shows to watch, meaning you get the best of both worlds with this site. Popcornflix is divided into ‘pop pics’, ‘new arrivals’ and many genres to choose from. I will give this site an 8/10.

  • icefilmstube.com

At a first glance, the graphics on this site seem a little out-dated. This, ultimately, does not really matter, considering the information it gives on its wide range of movies and the fact that it is all entirely free to use. At present, there are a total of 790 ‘public movies’ on this website. This website is home to a community of members who all rate and comment on all movies.

The site is a bit behind in terms of digital display, but you can still watch some of the best recent cinematic releases.

I give this site a rating of 6/10.

  • snagfilms.com

With over 10,000 movies featured in this site’s database, this movie-streaming site offers one of the largest movie databases on the internet. The special thing about this website is the movie pages. Here’s what movies are offered on the home page:

  • ‘Honour Our Veterans’ – movies related to and dedicated to the upcoming Veteran’s Day.
  • ‘Pictures With Purpose’ – Some of the best documentaries of all time.
  • ‘Rockumentaries’ – Music-related documentaries for the more musical sort, seeking informative entertainment.
  • ‘Athletes and Their Stories’ – For the sporty viewers in search of a great movie displaying great sports stars.
  • ‘Perfect For Binge Watching’ – The addictive shows which are guaranteed to have you hooked from beginning to end.
  • ‘Stars You Know, Movies You Didn’t’ – Obscure movies which ironically feature some of the biggest stars around.
  • ‘Midnight Movie Madness’ – The weird and wonderful movies which you won’t find on any conventional movie site.

These pages are truly a rare feat when it comes to movie streaming sites, and it offers a really unique touch. This site becomes a favorite for many due to the wide variety of flicks which it offers, which ultimately reach out to many sorts of movie-seekers.

The site also offers TV shows on top of its thousands of wide-ranging movies.

Festival-related movies, Latino, War, Health and Food, Cult Classics, Bollywood, Foreign, African movies, Faith and Spirituality, Politics – this site has without a doubt one the broadest range of movies, guaranteed to reach any viewer who wants to watch free movies online.

This site I give a full 10/10 – recommended due to its uniqueness and its simplicity. It is easily one of the best sites to watch free movies online.

  • wolowtube.me

This movie search-engine site offers popular movies at a large number. It’s easy to use – just search for the movie through the search bar or alternatively just browse the front page. There is also the choice for TV series, thus giving you both the best in movies and the best in TV.

Each movie thumbnail comes with an information icon, which gives you lots of important facts about the movie or TV show in question.

Basically, this site harbors all the movie’s external links. Choose a movie and the site will direct you to many working links throughout the wide world of the internet. An added bonus is the lack of pop-ups and advertisements plaguing the site – no such annoyances exist on this site. It’s basic but ultimately it works!

My rating for this site is 7/10.


  • movietvhub.com

Like icefilmstube, this low-key site is home to a network of members, but you must sign-up to become a member in order to access this site’s plethora of movies. It is the major issue with these sites and recently movietvhub.com changed to 123movies4u.co. The site operates on external links, some of which, naturally, work better than others. There are HD options, a latest movies page, and lights of choice on every movie link. TV shows are also on offer here, as well as music, which is uncommon for a movie-streaming site. An interesting feature on this site which most others do not have is its ‘seen it’ button – a button which when clicked acts as a reminder that you have watched this movie, which can come in handy if you are a movie fanatic who watches heaps of movies on a regular basis. So I would rate it 6/10.


  • housemovie.to

“Your online cinema” is this website’s motto, and after searching through it for a little while, you can begin to understand why. Its layout is very simple but efficient, eliminating all confusion from the website. On the first visit, you are immediately looking at popular movies and new releases The main page links on the homepage are – movies, serials, genres and articles, which is all that anyone really needs.

Most movies feature the IMDb rating on top of the thumbnail, which means you don’t have to ask around or research the movie to know if it’s worth watching. Also when hovering over the movie thumbnail, you can see that fellow users of the site have rated the movie with a thumbs up or a thumbs down, which is helpful when making your choice. As for the articles page, like the 123movies site, this page gives you some great cinematic reading, which may very well lead you to discover your next favorite movie or director.

There are a total number of 4723 movies on this site at the moment, which is a lot more than some of the featured sites within this article. As an added option, you can download the movie if you don’t feel like streaming.

I give this site a full 10/10 rating – highly recommended.

  • amazon.com

It should come as no surprise that Amazon – one of the world’s leading websites – offers movies online. You may already be familiar with the fact that Amazon offers movies, but nonetheless, it is worth mentioning in this list of movie-streaming sites.

Unfortunately, you will have to sign-up and pay a fee but bear with me. If you are perhaps fed up with plowing through countless streaming websites and the many annoying pop-up adverts, Amazon will eliminate all this for you and give you your movie without any such hassle. Amazon also offers a range of quality selections, meaning getting the latest releases in HD is a norm on this site. Even though with Amazon you can’t exactly watch free movies online, it’s still worth thinking about using it as your website to watch movies on.

For £5.99 a month you can stream an endless amount of movies, TV shows, documentaries, whatever! So, if you are interested in getting yourself a single website which will give you everything and which will, therefore, and all your future, tiresome searches, it is seriously worth considering getting yourself an Amazon membership for the small fee.

I rate Amazon at 8/10 – eliminating 2 points due to the fee and due to the fact that the newest releases will take the time to appear on the site.

  • moviesco.cc [UPDATE]

This site was down for last 2 weeks. But now it is working again fine. But this streaming site has an astonishing number of 1129 pages of available movies, most of which can be viewed in high definition. The site’s movies are divided into three main categories – popular movies, latest movies, and new movies. A unique feature is its page of anthologies, which is an interesting idea, despite there only being four featured anthologies available on the site – The Lord of the Rings, Terminator, Matrix and Alien anthologies, respectively.

The video player is quite basic, with an HD option, a light off option, a widescreen version and a number of alternative versions underneath the player. Also placed beneath the video player is the comments section, which is interactive and open to all users.

All in all, this website offers one of the largest amounts of collected movies to watch online, and it is quite straightforward to access them all.

I rate this site at 7/10.

Some Closing Tips

On your quest to watch free movies online, there are some important things which you might want to bear in mind.

  1. Bear in mind that if you are searching for a movie which is still in cinemas, you may be disappointed. Movies take the time to appear online, so it may be a miracle if the latest blockbuster appears online whilst it’s currently playing at the local cinema. Just give it some time.
  2. Advertisements can be annoying, but unfortunately, they come with almost every online streaming site. Some sites are ad-free, but most will throw some ads your way – it’ll only take a few moments to eliminate them.
  3. It can sometimes be easier to download your desired movie than it would be to stream it. Download, or torrent sites, are just as popular as streaming sites. If you do not download movies but you are interested in doing so, get yourself some free torrent software and search for torrents. A tip: torrentz2.eu is one of the foremost torrent sites, and BitTorrent is one of the best programs for downloading your torrents.
  4. Make sure to let your link load before playing. Eliminate buffering by waiting a while and then launch into watching.
  5. If your link doesn’t work or it doesn’t satisfy you, try the alternative versions which are often featured beneath the player. Some sites will offer more external links/alternative versions, and some sites (depending on how obscure your movie is or how good the website) may not offer any alternative versions at all. If you want to watch free movies online at good quality, you may have to search through many versions before finding the right one for you.
  6. Beware of bogus sites or false links. When entering a false movie streaming website, there may be hidden viruses. Also when opening links you may be redirected to a bunch of pesky advertisements and other pages. Basically, if you find yourself unsure with a website and whether or not the links for the movies are legit, just use one of the many featured sites mentioned within this article.


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