Watch Series Online: A Better Alternative To TV

Watch Series Online: A Better Alternative To TV
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Many people are of the opinion these days that we are joyfully a part of the golden age of television, and by looking at all the great tv series on offer nowadays, you would perhaps agree with such a claim. In coincidence with this ‘golden age of television’ we also have the digital age of the internet, and so if we mash these two epochs both together, the result is something truly great – the ability to watch series online on demand and completely free.

With the help of the internet, it has never been more simple to watch your favorite tv shows in the comfort of your own home or on your way to and from work. One of the many positives of this is the fact that you no longer have to rely on television itself – you no longer have to wait around for your favorite tv series to appear. With the world wide web at your fingertips, you can summon your favorite tv series with the few clicks of a button, thus making the days of waiting around for your favorite shows to come on tv definitely a thing of the past. There are, however, an over-abundance of websites out there which claim to give you such a treat – so where exactly does one start on their search to watch series online?

watch series online

In this post, I have compiled a list of the best sites which allow you to watch series online. I have also included a thorough analysis of each individual site, which should help you find the your favorite tv series which you want to watch. By following the information given, you should be watching your favorite series online within moments.

So let’s get down to it – here’s a list of the best sites to watch series online, ranked.

A List of the Foremost TV Series Websites

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Diving In For A Thorough Analysis of the Sites

I will now begin scrutinizing each website that can offer you free series online, picking apart the good points and the bad points, finally giving you an overall, personal opinion. If you are want to know the ins and outs of each website and thus what exactly it can offer you, this information should prove useful.

  • Watch Series Online

This site is easily the best of the best sites to watch series online, despite what the website’s title regarding movies may suggest. This site is not strictly movie or tv series – it offers both, and it offers in large numbers.

On the homepage, you can immediately see an array of movies and tv series on offer – all of which are nicely displayed by images, legitimate images of the tv series or movie. Another helpful characteristic here is the episode icons on each thumbnail, which tell you how many episodes are available to watch online. One of the major characteristics on the homepage is the ‘filter’ option, which, when clicked, opens a very intricate and thorough searching system. With this filter system, you can narrow your search down to a fine point, thus fishing out exactly what you are searching for. Through this system, you can search for movies based on type (movie or tv series), quality (HD, SD, CAM or all), genre (broad range of genres available), country (many countries listed and release year (within the past five years or ‘older’). Alternatively, you can use the headings on the homepage: genre, country, tv series, top IMBDb, plus two unique features which score well with me – news and request.


Once you find your desired tv series, you will be brought to an informative page in which you can now watch your tv series. There is a very conspicuous play icon which you cannot miss, and on clicking, you will be brought to the site’s video player.

On the video player page, the player itself is great. There are many features which deliver a comfortable viewing – an HD button, a subtitles button and a personal favorite of mine – the ‘lights off’ option, which dims any bright light on the page, giving you a cinematic atmosphere. What’s also great here, is that the website has inserted a table on the right-hand side which features a list of all the episodes, which, when you have finished watching your episode, you can just click on to continue watching the next episode.

All in all, this website scores a perfect 10/10 – I cannot pick out any bad points here and I definitely recommend using it to watch series online. A helpful, modern, up-to-date website with a variety of tv series and features which are guaranteed to please – try it out!


Although a plain site with no flashy displays, this site, which is a tv series-only site, has a lot to offer. On the homepage, you can see from the outset that this site is quite basic in nature, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find what you’re looking for. There are only two headings – New releases and tv listing, which will narrow your search significantly. There is a search bar, though not very obvious as you would hope, on the right-hand side of the page, “search here” in orange font. Beneath the search bar, there are two extensive lists – ‘tv shows’ and ‘more shows’, both of which offer you many tv series titles in descending fashion.


When you find the tv series you want to watch online, the websites play page will open. Again, the video play page is quite simple, and the video player itself offers many features – HD, CC (subtitles), and a unique offering which I don’t often see – a download button embedded into the player.

Overall, this site works on a basic level and can deliver just as well as any other leading, modern video streaming site. It offers simple and effective searching, and a large database of tv series available to watch. I am giving this site a rating of 9/10 – deducting a mark due to the large amounts of pop-ups which slow down the search, though, besides this, it still allows you to watch series online free of charge, so no complaints here.


This streaming website giant is a popular favorite amongst many people seeking to stream online. This site has much to offer – almost anything watchable is obtainable on this website, so it may very well become your go-to site to watch series online.

The overall idea of the site is simple – you search for what you want using the site’s search bar and putlocker gives you as many options and alternatives as it can, whilst also offering you some helpful information. The site offers to stream for thousands of movies, documentaries, and tv series, so you can definitely find what you are searching for with this site. On first glance, this site may seem a little out-dated and perhaps not up to standard, but you may be surprised at the wealth of stuff that it has to offer.


You can stream your favorite tv series in high definition, and each video or episode should come with multiple external links to alternative versions, just in case the original version on the putlocker website doesn’t live up to your standards.

The site has so much on offer, that if putlocker doesn’t have what you are searching for, it is doubtful that anywhere else on the net has. For me, personally, putlocker is my go-to website for not only tv series, but also movies and documentaries, and indeed any video of any sort. I give putlocker a solid 10/10 in regards to watching tv series online – it is laid out simply, thus making the search for your video very simple and effective. You are sure to find what you are seeking with the aid of putlocker – simple and effective searching!


Just what you may think, this website is an official website of the American Fox network, which has brought its own great tv series to online platforms. If you missed your favorite Fox tv shows on television, this website makes up for the loss. As an official network, this website is constantly updated and therefore brings new tv series releases online on a daily basis. Furthermore, of course, you won’t ever have to question the realness of the tv episodes you have chosen, because they all come from the actual network itself.

The site is very well laid-out, with legitimate and accurate information on each and every tv series. There are individual rows for each tv show, making it easy to find your favorite tv series or programme. For example, one of the biggest features on this site is the ‘shows’ drop-down box, which displays all of the many available tv shows that Fox has on offer. From here, you can find your tv show very easily, and each tv show has its own individual, personalized page, complete with heaps of information given to you from the very source itself. If you are a follower or fan of the Fox network, you can also view the network’s tv schedule.


If you are tired of running into illegitimate sites and sometimes dodgy videos, an official website like FoxNow can give you what you need. Personally, I enjoy a lot of what Fox has on offer, and so I will certainly visit their website in the future to catch up on my favorite tv shows. I am rating the Fox site a very good 9/10 – reducing one mark due to the fact that the website offers only their own shows, thus restricting thousands of other great shows. But, of course, this is expected, so if you are a fan of Fox and its offspring, I highly recommend giving their official tv show website a try in order to watch series online.


Unlike the aforementioned Putlocker, this website is designed specifically for tv series only, and it well and truly does a good job. From a first look at the home page, you can tell that this site is both modern and up to date, meaning you have a good chance of finding some of the most recent and best tv series here. Ultimately, you can easily watch series online here.

On the homepage, you have everything on offer from the immediate outset – the most popular tv series are displayed in abundance, and up top you can choose a heading that suits you: Home, Series, Genre, or try the search bar. Down below on the homepage, you can see the recently added series, all of which are rated and accompanied by useful information.


After finding the tv series that you’re looking for, you will be directed to the watch page. Here, you can choose which episode of a particular series you want to watch. Down below, you will see three buttons – watch online, download and subtitles. On clicking ‘watch online’, the site opens up its own video player, which offers you the option to watch in HD. It’s all that simple. Alternatively, as you may have noticed, you can download the episode and thus add to a tv series library which you may have on your computer.

Overall, I highly recommend this website for all you tv series lovers out there. It’s attractive, easy to use and has lots of series on offer, all of which are up-to-date and available in high qualities, which pretty much ticks all my boxes. I give this site a top 10/10 – really can’t pick out any damning qualities.


An excellently laid-out site, the tubitv website is near the top of my list for several good reasons. The displays are modern and attractive, sucking you in on first entrance. It’s also worth noting that with this site you can do more than just watch series online, but also movies. On the homepage, you can scroll down and go through each section if you want, but this may take some time, due to the vast amount of movies and tv series that this site has to give.

The best way to the site and its goodies is through the ‘browse’ heading / drop-down box at the top of the homepage. On doing this, you will see a broad range of categories available, movies and tv shows, from tv dramas, to even Chinese tv. Without a doubt, this site has one of the unique ranges of videos available. There is a search bar, represented by a small, orange looking glass, which, in my opinion, would benefit the site if it were bigger and therefore easier to spot.


Although there are new releases available and things not on Netflix on offer, this site does not have some of the major tv series in its database. To watch your tv series, make sure you have Adobe Flash Player because this site’s player runs on this software.

To give it a rating, I am giving Tubitv an overall rating of 9/10, subtracting a point due to its lack of some of the most popular tv series. For example, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and The Wire do not feature on this website, so perhaps you can find some of the more obscure stuff on this website – there certainly is a unique range of tv series and movies on offer.



This website has so much on offer, it can make it difficult to find what you’re looking for. The homepage is sprawled with so much, it feels cluttered and confusing, but once you get the hang of it, it’s plain sailing. This site can even offer you live tv – something with most other sites cannot match. In addition to tv shows and movies, Uverse also offers music, apps and games, which depending on opinion can be three sweet bonuses, or just unnecessary, added clutter.

You can narrow your search via the headings on the home page, and from there you can choose categories such as all shows, free shows, movies, music, and networks. Once you find your tv series, which is easy to do, you will be directed to another page in which you can choose a series and an episode – all of which are nicely displayed in images. Please note, like the above tubitv, you must have Adobe Flash Player installed in order to watch your tv series.


Ultimately, this is yet another great site to watch series online. I am rating it a very respectable 9/10 – removing a mark due to the superfluous media which it has on offer – in other words, this site tries to give its visitors everything, which ends up causing cluttered distractions to crawl through to get to where you want. Still, it’s worth a visit, regardless.



Here’s a site that offers pretty much anything in the way of videos. On visiting the website for the first time recently, I was immediately impressed by the quality of the site’s layout and its modern displays. Everything is informative and displayed attractively, with lots of images to help you search to watch series online.

On the homepage there is an abundance of both tv series and movies listed: trending now, popular tv shows, popular movies, tv schedule for today’s date, just aired, new shows in 2016, new movie releases and popular on CBS. As you can see, this site is bursting with tv shows, and you can find both what you already have in mind plus maybe a new tv series to fall in love with. There are drop-down boxes up top – tv shows, movies and more – which are both easy to use and very informative, plus a website search bar. These drop-down boxes make searching for your favorite tv series a quick and simple process, and the search bar can direct you straight to your desired tv series.


When you find the tv series that you’re looking for, things seem to get a bit complicated. There is a ‘watch episodes’ list which has laid out all the episodes in order. The episodes may or may not have ‘sources’ – this means that there may or may not actually be a video out there for you to watch. Therefore, you must look out for the episode which has sources, and even then, things aren’t so simple. These ‘sources’ could be anything from trailers to short clips, meaning it will be hard to find an actual, full, legitimate episode.

I am giving this site an 8/10 – reducing marks due to the fact that this site has much less to offer than you might think. Besides this, it is easy to use, so maybe give it a try if you’re stuck in your search to watch series online.

Honourable Mentions:

  • – (both movies and tv series)

Some Closing Tips To Help You Watch Series Online

  1. Make sure your video player software is up-to-date and working. Most sites won’t pose any problems with this, but others (as mentioned above) may run on Adobe Flash Player, for example.
  2. Consider downloading your favorite tv series by using torrents. If you aren’t familiar with torrents, it’s quite simple. What you need first is torrent software (BitTorrent, for example) and after that, you can search for a torrent relating to your tv series. By downloading tv series with torrents, you can download huge amounts, even entire seasons, at quick speeds. See our other post on torrenting movies if you need more information.
  3. Try official tv network websites, like FoxNow. With these websites, you are guaranteed legitimate tv shows at the top quality, and also the freshest new releases from the network itself. It’s basically like having a tv on demand, so give it some consideration.
  4. Please be aware that some tv episodes within a season are sometimes not even released and available to watch yet. Some tv series websites will display certain episodes which haven’t been released yet, just to make themselves look good. So don’t get frustrated when they then tell you that such an episode is not available – it just hasn’t been released and uploaded onto the net yet.
  5. Stay safe! There are some websites out there which can hold harmful viruses, so follow the above-mentioned websites and ignore any suspicious links.

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