Free Sample Websites For You To Get Samples Of Your Favourite Things

Many would agree that when things are free, there is rarely anything to complain about. On the other hand, not many people are aware of the fact that you can find websites online which literally give out free stuff. There are websites which can give you free samples on a range of different products, from clothes to gadgets and more, leaving very little to complain about.

free sample websites

The following are some of the best known and the best lesser-known free sample websites out there on the net, which offer free samples on a variety of products. I’ve delved within all of the free sample websites as usual and offered an analysis of what each website has on offer, so have a look for yourself below.

The name says it all really. On this website, you can find offers and discounts, vouchers on gadgets, other merchandise and of course, free samples. You can find free samples on a wide range of things – here are just some options: baby samples, cosmetic and beauty samples, food and drink samples, and sports samples. There is also a separate heading for free things – books, bags, computers, games and much more.

“Because everyone loves a freebie”, and indeed we all do. Here, you can find great offers on a number of great things. There are also competitions to be won and printable vouchers up for grabs. (This website is not the UK version of the above website).

Here’s a website which is designed specifically to benefit money-sensitive students everywhere. Save the student has drawn in great offers and discounts from all over into one compact website, in which students (and non-students, if they wish) can find deals and discounts on things such as clothes and gadgets. There is also useful information on student life displayed on this site, so if you yourself are a student in need of a financial security, or you know a student who benefits from some deals and discounts, visit yourself or direct others to this website.

There are several types of free stuff on showcase here: pets, electronics, food, health and beauty, home and garden, and many more categories to choose from.

Their slogan reads, “we send you free samples. You tell us what you think”. It’s really that simple, and it’s one of the most legitimate free sample websites on the net. It aims to collect opinions on surfacing brands for research purposes. I highly recommend ordering a free sample from them in return for your opinion.

Listia is essentially a large online car-boot sale. There are thousands of people who sell or give away their unwanted goods through this website, and you can also join in and begin selling your things. The aim of the site is to “give and get free stuff”, and all you have to do is sign up (for free).

You will be immediately greeted by the option to sign up to this website’s “famous newsletter” – the newsletter is completely optional. This website is regularly updated, so you know there will be constant fresh stuff on offer. It aims to bring all the samples as provided by leading companies under one roof, so you can try them before buying them and has been doing so since 2002.

So, not everything on this website is completely free. Although it may not qualify as one of our free sample websites, it does have a section in which there are samples and other giveaways on offer. Ultimately, this website delivers deals on some of the newest items and offers whatever free samples they can find. This site is owned and operated by many “frugal” women who have roamed the internet for free samples and the best deals on new products.

Here’s another good free sample website which has bundles of free stuff to give away. Choose from one of the headings on the homepage to get started on finding the free stuff you want: freebies, coupons, deals, sweepstakes.

This site is one of my personal favorites. What this site basically does is provide a service, not unlike a search engine for the free item or sample you’re looking for. For example, if you are in search of free books, search for it in their search bar and they will run a search on all the sites out there on the internet which are offering free books. They draw in thousands of sources, all of which are free sample websites. It’s essentially not a free sample website but a free sample search engine, which is a great online option to have.

One of the leading free sample sites on the net, this website boasts of having “over 1 million samples requested this fall”. You must become a member in order to obtain complete access to the site and to receive regular updates on the free stuff added to the site – but don’t let this put you off, it’s all free! All in all, this website collects millions of free samples for you to try out, and the process is quite straightforward – register for free, pick your free sample and then wait for the “absolutely free” delivery provided by the website.

This website has one of the biggest arrays of free stuff I’ve seen, more than many free sample websites that I’ve browsed through. From free computer gadgets to free pet samples, to even a top 20 freebies page, this website has much to give.


You can then rate the sample which you ordered. For me, this is the go-to website for free samples, or, in other words, it’s my personal choice out of all the free sample websites.

With these free sample websites at your fingertips, you can now order yourself some free products to try out. Personally, I would try Listia, Vonbeau, SampleSource, and PinchMe for my free samples and free products. The choice is, however, of course, completely up to yourself, so get scavenging these websites and see what they can do for you.

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