KissCartoon: The Number One Site For Free Online Cartoons

KissCartoon: The Number One Site For Free Online Cartoons
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If you are in any way a fan of cartoons, KissCartoon is sure to be of use to you. There are many ways in which to watch your favorites. One of the best ways these days, of course, is online and were better on the net than on Kisscartoon! If you don’t know of this site already, it’s about time you did. There are many advantages of using this site for your main source of cartoons. First of all, it’s entirely free and also worth mentioning, is that there are many cartoons to choose from. Without further ado, here are some of the best things about KissCartoon which should draw you to using it for your cartoons.


KissCartoon: What’s So Great About It?

The Range of Cartoons and Movies

There are a total of 771 cartoons on offer, and this is just the TV show episodes. You can find many of the most popular cartoon TV shows, from South Park to Loony Tunes. All of which, are mostly complete will all episodes of all seasons. To put it plainly, KissCartoon should have exactly what you’re looking for. As for the movies, there are a total of 421 cartoon movies to choose from. You will find recently Disney and Pixar favorites, to some old classic animations. In other words, you can find both the most recent greats and the very first animated greats. In fact, you can go as far back as 1941 and watch ‘Mr. Bug Goes To Town’, or watch ‘Frozen’, thanks to this one great website.

Movies and TV Series

As mentioned above, you get the best of both worlds with KissCartoon. Watch either cartoon TV shows or animated movies – the choice is yours. You can browse TV series by choosing ‘Cartoon Series’ on the browse section on the left side of the homepage. From there, simply search for your favorite animated TV series. You can do the same for cartoon movies.

The Video Player Page

The video player on KissCartoon is basic and effective. You have all the necessary options, HD options, enlarging option, subtitles (if applicable) and the volume button. Beneath the video player, you will find a synopsis as well as a rating. You will also find buttons to look at the cast, trailer, images, and links. Beneath this, you will see a ‘similar titles’ option. Here, movies or cartoons similar to the one you are watching/just watched will be recommended to you. Finally, at the very bottom, you can leave a comment and become or start a discussion on the featured cartoon.

Lots of Genres To Browse Through

On the left section of the homepage, just beneath the ‘browse section’ you will find the genre section. Genres available to browse are Action, Action & Adventure, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama. Beneath this section, you can also browse cartoons by release year. You can scroll through this small box and choose a cartoon from this year, to right back in 1941, which is quite impressive.

The Site’s Appearance and Ease of Use

It’s important to mention the actual look of the website and how easy it is to use. One of the things I like most about the site is the use of official images on the thumbnails. Instead of just listing movie or cartoon titles, you are instead given an image related to the movie or cartoon. This makes navigation much easier, making your search for your cartoon a breeze. You can also see official snapshots from the actual movie on display, which is a great visual touch.

As I’ve mentioned before, the left side of the homepage has most of the browsing options. These browsing options are easy to use and are very effective. For example, the release year box is a great addition to the site, and greatly narrows down the search for a cartoon. Alternatively, you can use the search box at the top-right corner of the homepage, symbolized by a magnifying glass. At the top of the page, you can access cartoon movies or cartoon TV shows. You can also access the top IMBd section, which leads me onto my next point of interest.

HD Availability

A lot of the cartoons offered by KissCartoon are available in high definition. You can also download these files in full HD. On some files, you can select up to an impressive 1080p. Just look for the small, red HD icon in the corner of the thumbnails.

The Use Of IMDb

Another likable aspect about KissCartoon is the inclusion of IMDb ratings and information. In case you are unaware of IMDb, IMDb is a very popular movie and TV site which gathers information and ratings. It is accessed by millions of people on a daily basis and is a favorite amongst many fans of cinema and TV. At the bottom of the KissCartoon homepage, you will find top IMDb lists for both cartoon movies and cartoon TV shows. They are ranked in top 10 according to the ratings gathered by the official IMDb website. You can also choose to view the IMDb top 100.

One Negative Worth Mentioning

There are ads, which is one of the few downsides to KissCartoon. However, the website creators don’t try and deny this, which is admirable. The site claims, “they are the only way to maintain the server”. This is fair, and the ads experienced on this site only take a few seconds to get around. No major problems here.

And that pretty much wraps up this review of KissCartoon. One more thing to mention, however, is, if you fancy it, you can alternatively download the cartoon that you’re streaming. You can find the download links on the video player page. It’s a large icon, with a golden download symbol. Other than this, the rest of the site is pretty great. I recommend all fans of cartoons to try out KissCartoons. There are indeed many websites which offer free online cartoons, but not many are as good as this. Give it a try right away. I am confident you’ll find your favorite cartoon TV series or movie. Just have patience with the ads, and other than that, enjoy what it has to offer, which is plenty.

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