KissManga And Its Abundance of Free Manga

Since its creation, Japanese manga has grown in popularity and has successfully reached its way across the globe. Not only has Japan popularised the art form, but fellow Asian countries are also distributing their own efforts. In recent years, manga has found a market online, meaning you can now find and read the manga for free within seconds. One of the many websites that offer free manga is KissManga is a part of the Kiss series of websites, which specialize in Asian entertainment. You can find Asian drama, cartoons, and anime under these Kiss websites. (If this strikes your interest, try reading our other reviews on KissCartoon, KissAsian, and KissAnime). If you are already familiar with the Kiss websites, you will notice that they are all very similar.

Today, I will delve into the KissManga website and fish out all you need to know.  The site is ultimately a great place to find all your manga, and the following is how to do so. So, let’s get started!

Using the KissManga Site For Your Manga Needs

How Much Is Manga On Offer?

First of all, to find the portal to all the manga, click on the ‘manga list’ heading on the homepage. Here, you will find all of the manga titles listed. There are many titles listed per page, and there are in total a huge 238 pages of manga titles on offer. KissManga, therefore, has easily one of the largest manga databases on the net. KissManga also states if a manga comic is complete or not. ‘Latest Chapter’ will state either ‘complete’ or the last part of the manga to be updated.

You will find new manga here, as well as some old manga classics. You can browse this huge list alphabetically, sort it by popularity, or view the latest manga updates or the new manga additions. In addition, on the right side of the manga list page, you will see the array of genres on offer. KissManga offers a wide range of different genres. Browse between 4-Koma to Yuri, and everything between.

Are There Any Pop-ups Or Ads?

Like other Kiss websites, there are thankfully no pop-ups but some ads. These ads don’t get in the way or cause any nuisance. Ultimately, ads help websites run, and the ads here are harmless.

Usability and Overall Appearance Of the Site

My overall impression of the KissManga is site is fairly positive. Furthermore, upon first trying it, I found my way around the site quite easily. Here are some of the best things and whatever negatives I discovered when navigating the site.

Like all of the Kiss websites (KissAsian, KissAnime, etc.), the use of images/thumbnails is good. However, thumbnails are to be found mainly on the homepage. When browsing the manga list, there are no thumbnails. Nonetheless, I am sure you will find the manga you are searching for by using the search options. In regards to search options, you can use the search bar at the top of the homepage. This search bar allows you to choose between searching for either a series name or an author/artist.

Keeping with the homepage, you will find several different helpful boxes. There is a ‘latest updates’ box, which is self-explanatory, and below this, a top 10 box. This top 10 box, as I have noticed, is a great feature on all the Kiss websites. It showcases the top 10 in the new manga, as well as the top 10 in most popular. Lastly, in regards to boxes, you will find the latest updates on manga on the right side of the homepage.

Headings next: ‘Manga List’, ‘Comic List’, ‘Report Error’, ‘Request Manga’, ‘Forum’, and ‘Watch Anime’. I have already explained the manga list – the portal to the entire list of available manga. ‘Comic List’ and ‘Watch Anime’ will open up different websites. The comic list will direct you to ‘ReadComicOnline’, a great site for comics. On the other hand, ‘Watch Anime’ will direct you to KissAnime – the anime website version of KissManga.

Returning to the manga list, you will notice the use of some icons next to the titles. KissManga has inserted ‘Hot’ and ‘Updated’ icons to let you know if something is currently popular or has been recently updated.

Manga Viewer and Special Features Worth Mentioning

When you have found the manga you want to read, you will be asked which chapter you want to read. Following a choice of the chapter, you will be directed to the viewing page. Here, your manga is displayed very well and it is fairly easy to navigate the viewer. At the top of this page, you will see three important boxes – ‘reading type’, ‘chapter’, and ‘page’, as well as two green, left and right arrows.

The left and right arrows will allow you to toggle between next page and previous page. With reading type, you can choose to either read one page at a time, or view all the pages at once. With chapter, you can choose which chapter you want. And finally, with page, you can skip to a certain page you want. In addition to all this, there is a comments section beneath every manga viewer.

One of the best features I found on this sight is the information given when hovering your cursor over a manga title. It’s not only effective, as it gives a summary of the manga, but it also boosts the site’s appearance.


What Are the Negatives About the Site?

All in all, the negatives regarding the use of KissManga are few, if any. The only minor distraction were the ads, and the ads don’t matter much as I have already explained. All of the titles I have accessed were given in English, so you will have little worries finding manga in English. Ultimately, KissManga is a very impressive site, and a must for every manga fan.

This concludes the review of the KissManga website. If you want to discover more about the Kiss websites and the Asian entertainment that they offer, read our other reviews on these sites!

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