Alternatives To Microsoft Office – Some Free Software Programs

When you own a computer, there are some features which are not only desirable but vital. One such program that most computers are not quite complete without is Microsoft Office. This software package has been around since the dawn of the computer and has since serviced billions of computers throughout the world in both homes and offices. Indeed, for business purposes, having an office software package like Microsoft Office is a must. Companies can depend on it, and likewise, having some writing or database software is a great addition to any home computer. The bottom line is that Microsoft Office makes both life in general and online life much easier. On the other hand, there is one downside regarding Microsoft Office, and it has nothing to do with its excellence – Microsoft Office can be very expensive.

But don’t fret and frown just yet, for there are some alternatives out there online. Of course, being so successful as it is, there have been many imitators of the software package. Many of these imitators or alternatives are often free and do just as much (if not more) than MS Office. So, why isn’t everyone using these alternatives? These software office alternatives could potentially save you a cool few hundred dollars. Some may not be quite up to par with Microsoft’s creation, but it can still be worthwhile if you are saving lumps of cash. All in all, the alternatives to Office are really worth a try, and we at Filmbiz are here today to introduce just some of these great, free office software programs. All you have to do is decide on one and begin your download.

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Alternatives To Microsoft Office – Some Free Software Programs

The following alternatives to Microsoft Office are not ranked in any particular order. We have listed all the best features of each program, as well as how to download them, how much they will cost (if anything, though probably nothing) and more information you need to know when using the software.

  • Kingsoft Office Suite

Kingsoft is a favorite amongst many users. Importantly, Kingsoft Office Suite is completely free and does much the same as Microsoft Office. When you download Kingsoft Office, you will be given the Kingsoft writer, spreadsheets, and presentation programs. Of course, these are alternatives to the word, excel, and powerpoint and they also offer many of the same features as the MS Office programs which they imitate. With the writer function, you have all the standard writing tools at your disposal.

One of the great things about the writer function with Kingsoft is that you can edit documents which have been downloaded from other people. For example, say you receive an application online which warrants your signature and details. This can be a tough task, for there aren’t many free programs which allow you to edit other people’s documents. However, with Kingsoft writer, you can open said document and begin editing hassle free. As for the other programs offered by Kingsoft, the spreadsheet and the presentation applications offer many of the same features that you will find in standard MS Office. There are also no limits to how long you can use Kingsoft, no trials, but just a one-time download followed by freedom. All in all, Kingsoft is a solid alternative worth considering.

  • Apache Openoffice

Another popular alternative to MS Office is Openoffice, supplied by Apache. Apache Openoffice is essentially a more basic version of MS Office. With Openoffice, you get a range of programs: text document (writer), drawing software, database program, spreadsheet feature, presentation feature, and a formula program. Openoffice offers more programs than the above mentioned Kingsoft Office program, but it does lack in some quality aspects. For example, with the writer feature, there are some tools which are missing and the features are not quite up to the standard of MS Office. For example, you won’t be able to open doc.x documents with Openoffice. Furthermore, it can be difficult to insert and position images and other posted items with Openoffice.

Nevertheless, Openoffice offers the basics, which is perfectly fine if that is all you need. You can also export documents in PDF format. If you don’t want the advanced features which are found in the likes of MS Office, Openoffice has everything. Openoffice is free, there are no trials or limits, so all you have to do is visit the website and begin downloading.

  • LibreOffice

This software has been long in competition with MS Office. In many respects, LibreOffice is the better alternative, and the people at LibreOffice make it their duty to oust MS Office in every possible way. Furthermore, as the name suggests, LibreOffice is free. This software is always self-improving, which makes it a great alternative choice to MS Office. One of the crowning aspects with this software is that it supports a broad range of extensions. So whether it’s importing or exporting documents in foreign formats, LibreOffice is at hand to eradicate the problems which would normally arise within the case of MS Office.

  • WPS Office Free

Just like Kingsoft, this package offers a writer, presentation, and spreadsheet programs. Furthermore, each of these programs is near twins to the MS Office programs. In fact, WPS Office Free may very well be the most similar to Microsoft Office out of all these listed alternatives. There are some minor differences, but all in all WPS Office Free will make you feel like you’re using MS Office, which is just what you want.

  • SoftMaker Free Office

Again, SoftMaker offers TextMaker (writer), PlanMakter (spreadsheet), and SoftMaker Presentations. SoftMaker replicates Microsoft Office in many ways, yet it does have its own individual tools. It’s great when it comes to languages; a translation dictionary offered in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German. Ultimately, you can do much the same with SoftMaker than you can with Microsoft Office.


And so there you have it – a selection of Microsoft Office alternatives that won’t hurt your bank. All things considered, any of the above are great alternatives. They all have many things in common and they’re all free, so you have nothing to lose.


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