Best Rust Admin Commands To Improve Your Game

Rust, the huge online multiplayer game, has many thousands of players immersed in its world. The world of Rust is often a rash battleground, in which survival of the fittest is paramount. The aim is to do your best to survive by whatever means possible. The wild animals will tear you apart. Human enemies are often out to kill you and steal your hard-earned stuff. Radiation is another harmful factor in survival. You need food and to keep yourself warm – cold and starvation is a reality here. Just like in real life, you must battle the many difficulties which life may throw in your face.

rust admin commands

In order to survive all the barbarity, sometimes you need some advanced admin commands. There are many Rust admin commands which will instantly improve your game, and the following commands should help you survive the abrasive life of Rust to the best of your ability. I have also included some useful console commands beneath the Rust admin commands as an extra bonus and to help you that bit more. Get using and good luck!

Some Great Rust Admin Commands To Further Your Survival

moderatorid STEAMID

By initiating this, you can give another player access to all the admin commands. This Rust admin command will certainly boost group teamwork and therefore, perhaps survival.

kick NAME

If you want to boot that annoying someone out of the server, use this command. For example, “kick Dragon01” will remove this player from the server. You don’t need to enter the full name – partial letters will sometimes work.


This puts in action a kickban, which is then shown throughout the entire server for all to see.


This is the only Rust admin command that is not broadcast throughout the entire server. By using this command, you can ban a player from entering their Steam ID.


If by chance your server crashes following a lot of kickbans, all this information will be lost. Therefore, all the previous actions will be redundant. This Rust admin command will make sure that the server saves all the information on all bans/moderator ids. This will keep those players out for good, regardless of your server crashes or not. Make sure to run this command after every ban to keep things freshly up to date.


If you want the console to print out a record of all the connected players along with their Steam IDs, IP, and ping, use this Rust admin command.

inventory.give (ITEM AMOUNT)

(For example, type inventory.give wood 2000, and leave a space between “give” and the item, and the item and the numbered amount). This command will ultimately give you free stuff without putting in the effort. This command particularly works well with large amounts of items, due to the fact that the items menu is available with the F1 interface. In addition, use only the short name for the item, or, the item ID when entering this command.

say “I am server console”

If you want to speak to the server, use this Rust admin command. Remember to include the quotation marks, otherwise, this command won’t work.

server.globalchat 0

By utilizing this Rust admin command, text chat will now become local. In other words, only the players close to one another can now view each other’s messages. The default quantity is currently set at 1.

find *

This command will list all the available console and Rust admin commands.


Use this command to save player inventory and the world map.


The name of this Rust admin command says it all. Enter and begin an airdrop.


This crafty command will complete all current crafting jobs being done by everyone. Like an act of God, all work will be magically completed, which will save you lots of time and make some incredible progress.


inv.giveall “item” “amount”

With this command, you can give every single player a certain item. Furthermore, enter a certain amount and this will determine how much you give all your players.

env.time 0 – 24

One of many Rust admin commands on time, this admin command allows you to change the time. Leave 24 as it is, and enter a number which you would like your day to be at. (24 representing the 24-hour clock, of course).

teleport “playername”

You can now teleport a player thanks to the newest Rust admin commands. To use this command, simply enter the player name to have them teleported. This will draw them in from huge distances within seconds, saving heaps of valuable time.

env.daylength “amount”

One of many Rust admin commands related to day length, this Rust admin command determines how long the days will last. (env.daylight 16, for example, ill give your 16 hour-long days).

env.nightlength “amount”

On the contrary to the above day length, this command will determine how long the nights will last.

teleportany [entity]

This admin command will allow you to transport to a certain object or “entity”. For example, to teleport to the nearest house, simply type – teleportany house


This toggles noclip between on and off.


By using this command, the camera will be taken off your player and placed on another player which you are viewing. This will enable you to have a stealthy look around without players noticing you. To slow it down, hold the space bar. To speed it up, hold the shift button. Note: it is really useful to have this Rust admin command binded. If you don’t understand what binding means, see below regarding the console commands.


One of a few weather related Rust admin commands, weather.fog changes the chances of fog, based on your desires. This will come in particularly handy when the huge giants are in the middle of a scuffle. To use it, weather.fog 0.35 will increase the chances of fog to 35%, for example.


Another one of a few Rust admin commands for the weather, this command will adjust the chances of rain on your server. A handy tip – this will often improve your FPS (Frames Per Second). This command follows the same decimal system as the above fog command.

Some Extra Console Commands (If You Need Them)

fps.limit -1

This console command is all about the frames per second that your computer is adjusted to (hence fps in the command title). In case you don’t need all those frames per second which your computer is dishing out, you can lessen the fps with this console command. It may not be useful for many Rust players at the moment, but it’s good to know that it’s there for future use.


Short for ‘performance’, this Rust console command will display your computer’s performance. In other words, by using this command, you will be able to view how much strain your PC is under due to playing Rust. ‘perf 1′ will display frames per second only, whereas the command ‘perf 2′ will display both frames per second and RAM usage. (This command is a good replacement for the command ‘fps.graph’).


There might be some vagueness as to what this console command means. Sometimes, the world of Rust can become too much and you will want to start afresh. That’s where the ‘kill’ command comes into play. This command will kill you off – suicide, if you will – followed by a minute of ‘cooldown’.

censornudity true/false

If you want to censor the nudity or not on your game, it might be easier to use the options menu. Alternatively, you can use this console command. The ‘false’ command is currently the default nudity option, but the ‘true’ option, on the other hand, ill bring some often hilarious results.

Binding Keys

If you find that your attacks could be much quicker and better if they could be executed better, there is an efficient solution. By using binding keys, you can mash a few moves into one command, eliminating any annoying sluggishness which could ultimately cost you your life. There are a few different types of binding formulas. Here are some of the most useful and popular:

  • bind m attack;duck – Also known as the ‘AutoMine bind’, this attack bind will allow you to duck and attack at the same time, making it easier for you to protect yourself during an fight.
  • bind q forward;sprint – There is an easier way to press w and shift to make you run, and this bind will do just that for you. By implementing this bind command, you can concentrate on what’s going on around you, both in the game and, usefully, in your actual room.

Here are some more useful bind commands:

Use Q to auto-run, to cancel, simply press Shift and W. bind q forward;sprint

Use Z to continually crouch and auto-attack, click left and use the control button to cancel. bind z attack;duck

Hold Z to crouch and auto-attack (only while being pressed.) bind z +attack;+duck

Use C to permanently crouch, use Control to cancel the action/ bind c duck

To implement these binding commands, simply press F1 to bring up the console and begin typing. In order to save your commands, make sure to type writecfg (just like that, no spaces). If you want to clear your commands, just choose ‘reset to default’ in options.

client.connect ip:port

If you ever enter the master server lists, and suddenly can’t find the server you want to play, this command will certainly help you out. You can alternatively use ‘client.disconnect‘ if you prefer, which is just the same as pressing escape and ‘disconnect’. Also, take note, that if the server you want to play is not a compatible version to yours, you will need to fix that, which is more than a command can do.

streamermode 0/1

By using this crafty command, you will enter into streamer mode. This mode hides your server and keeps you under the radar, warding off any threats and snipers. Server names and player names will be either be modified to something random or completely hidden. Do be warned though, this command is not totally foolproof and cannot guarantee your safety. It will, however, help you out to some degree.


By using this command, you can output the map seed of the server that you’re using. This number will bring up the map, which is given to you via the procedural mapping system. Alternatively, due to the latest advancements on Rust, you can receive these details from the F1 menu beneath system information.



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