The Best Guide To Choose The Perfect Career For You

Having a job and a steady income is one of the most important things in life. However, what’s even more important is choosing the perfect career. Prior to any long-term job you must a clear idea of what you truly want to spend the rest of your life doing. Such is where years of happiness and comfort, or stress and sadness, is made. Thus, it’s worth spending weeks, months, maybe even years sifting out the best jobs for you. Nobody wants to work simply to live, but on the contrary. It’s the dream most of us have in common – living for your work, but unfortunately, it’s not something we can all achieve.

It’s never too late to hunt down the perfect career. Even in the Winter of your years, there’s always happy to be gained, so don’t be put off the idea that one is ‘too old’ to change career. There are much more things to bear in mind when thinking about your career choices, all of which we are here to outline and guide you through. With a careful examination of your career possibilities, you can ultimately determine the rest of your life, and therefore your future happiness. So, such thinking should never be taken too lightly, or, you can never over think such matters.

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A Guide On Choosing the Perfect Career:

Avoid Being Influenced By the Preferences Of Others

First of all, this does not mean ‘don’t ask your friends about the perfect career’. Seeking advice from friends is usually a good way to gather opinions and points of view. However, when it comes to the ultimate decision, don’t take the advice of your friends over your own thoughts and opinions. In sum, it’s okay to be influenced by the thoughts of your friends – to a degree. Talk it out with friends or family, but in the end, it all boils down to you and what you want.

Seek Advice From Those Who Are Part Of the Career In Question

Of course, if you want to know about the job for real, talk to those who do it. It may be difficult to track these people down and to force them into what may seem like an interview, but the knowledge gained here can be extremely valuable. It’s okay to gather advice from newspapers, the internet, and so on, but these are secondary resources. First-hand resources, or people, will really enlighten you and give you the inside info that you need.

Don’t Take On A Career Simply Because It ‘Runs In the Family’

This is a tricky one, for it involves family and potential family divides. If you have your heart set on a certain career, it’s always good to follow your own intuition for your own happiness. Never should you submit to a career which has been carved out for you – one which you don’t want to pursue.

Just like the above statement regarding influence from friends, your family should only influence you to do a certain degree. The perfect career is not something for a person to be built around, but for the job to be suitable for the person. In the case of taking your father’s or mother’s job, you have been built around (or rather forced into) the job. If your family does ultimately pressure you into a job, the problem is not with the career but plays in your family. Don’t be afraid to break away and stand your ground. Your happiness depends on it.

It may be a no-brainer, but acquiring all the facts and statistics regarding a career is a must. Many times, people will enter a career expecting happy results, only to discover some harsh truths about the job. Make sure you really put in the research surrounding the career. Salary, work benefits, work conditions, health benefits, and so on, you should spend a long time gathering all the official information regarding a career. Furthermore, this information will change over time, so make sure you stay updated.

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Consider Where You Will Have To Be For the Career

Location usually tears people apart. Sometimes you may find the perfect career, but it’s 3000 miles away. The point here is to figure out whether you are willing to travel, or whether you prefer remaining where you are. Commuting to work is another issue which needs to be solved. Ultimately, be realistic on job location. Ask yourself, truly, if the job is worth packing up and leaving.

Don’t Let the Salary Override the Happiness

This is one of the main problems with finding the perfect career. We live in an avaricious age (unfortunately) in which people pursue careers based on how much money they will earn. What they thus put aside is their happiness. It’s an old story, from King Midas to today’s bankers – never should you place money before your happiness. Most of the time, these people who pursue well-paid jobs won’t make the cut. They will ultimately discover that the job is not suitable for them. Often, they will lack the basic skills or knowledge and will find that they have wasted their years.

So, the point is to choose a career which you are good at. It may be simple, and it is, but don’t be put off by the low wages. In this case, being seriously unhappy, stressed, dragging yourself out of bed every day, but rich is the reality. Choose something you can excel at, and of course, choose something which offers a decent salary – possibly something which enables workers to climb.


Always Bear In Mind Your Future

A job may be good for you within the next few years, but 20 years from now, you may be miserable. Always think long-term. Try to choose a job which offers a career ladder/promotions and pay raises. Furthermore, ask yourself if you can see yourself doing a particular job 20 years from now.


Deciding on the perfect career is never easy. The truth may very well be that there is no ‘perfect’ career out there for you. Some jobs are ultimately better than others, plus you may be still growing as a person. Nevertheless, planning is always good, and if you should grow and find a better job, c’est la vie!

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