English Preparation Now Becomes Easier With These TOEFL Websites

The TOEFL test (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) is a compulsory examination which every student from a country in which English isn’t a first language, who wishes to study in an English-speaking country, has to undertake. The test consists of four separate parts: a writing test, a speaking test, a reading test, and a listening test. Many students from all over the world flock to some of the world’s greatest universities in countries like the USA, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and other English-speaking countries. If you or somebody you know is wishing to study in an English-speaking country, they will need to practice the TOEFL examination before taking it for real, and where better than with TOEFL websites?

After all, practice makes perfect. Thankfully, the internet has many TOEFL websites in which you can receive some valuable practice before the big test. This post is run-down of the best TOEFL websites in which you can look at some practice tests, read more information, and more regarding the test. The following websites are in no particular ranking order. I have also included some additional websites which can help you improve your level of English.

The Best TOEFL Websites To Use For Practice


  • Goodlucktoefl.com

This TOEFL website offers a range of practice tests and tips on all things TOEFL related. “Everything you need to do well on the TOEFL is right here”, claims the website on the homepage. There are seven sections of this website which you can find on the left side of the page.

The first section deals with the TOEFL basics. This will introduce you to the basic information regarding the next. The second section is based on the TOEFL skills. Here, you can exercise and learn about the different reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. You can also find speaking samples and sample essays in this section, as well as grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary skills. Following this section is the resources section, in which you can find many helpful guidebooks. Section 4 deals with test anxiety and how to reduce and handle your anxiety on the day of the test. On the fifth section, you can TOEFL videos. The sixth section is a blog, and the final seventh section is a TOEFL bookstore link. Alternatively, you can jump straight into a practice tests by selecting one of the headings on the homepage.

  • Notefull.com

Notefull offers a free online TOEFL course, which will take you through the four key main areas of the test (reading, writing, listening and speaking). There is also TOEFL help and tips available, and a page dedicated to mastering your test confidence. It is not the best of TOEFL websites, but there are some featured videos which can offer some help. Ultimately, this website is but a sample of the NoteFull TOEFL software programme which costs money. What the website offers for free, nonetheless, is quite helpful.

  • Toeflgoanywhere.org

This is a great website which offers a lot of helpful information, practice tests, and a stable step-by-step programme for you to prepare for your TOEFL exam. You can explore TOEFL information on all of the world’s leading universities, as well as practice and plan for your TOEFL test. You can also connect with TOEFL communities throughout the world and share knowledge and experiences. Ultimately, there is little that this website doesn’t offer.

  • Learn4Good.com

Learn4Good is a huge website which deals with all things education related. One of the sections on this website is dedicated to TOEFL. You can find the TOEFL section on the headings on the homepage. After finding and selecting it, a page of many TOEFL resources will open up. You will find valuable information and practice tests/structure practice and TOEFL vocabulary practice.

  • Examenglish.com

This website offers many different official English practice tests. You can find TOEFL practice tests and tips, as well as tests for Cambridge and Trinity examinations. The practice tests are often multiple choice questions. This website will offer you practice tests in everything but writing. The site is completely free to use, and there are also lots of useful tips on all the featured tests.


  • English-test.net

This is not the most attractive of all the featured TOEFL websites, but it does, however, offer some useful practice papers. If you ignore the heaps of text and the ads, you will find simple links for helpful preparation tests. On the homepage, you can find the TOEFL page amongst the other tests which they offer. A lot of the tests are multiple choice questions. This website, importantly, is completely free and there are no required sign-ups.

Other Websites To Help Improve Your English

  • ESLfast.com – (ESL means English as a Second Language) this website covers reading, writing, speaking and listening, which is perfect for TOEFL preparation. You will find many fun and interactive activities on this site to help improve your level of English.
  • EngVid.com – Award-winning free English video lessons, which also features a quick quiz. You can find many videos which are dedicated to certain areas of the TOEFL examination, all of which are designed and shot by the people of the website themselves.
  • Usingenglish.com – This website features a free self-test, as well as many other tests. You can also browse tips, idioms, articles, and other resources like a spell-checker and language tips.
  • Ego4U.com – This site covers all areas of the test – reading, writing, listening and reading. There are fun activities for each area in which to practice.
  • Why not use YouTube? There are many free English lessons on YouTube, from beginners English right up to advanced English lessons. If you haven’t been using YouTube already, you can basically get yourself a free teacher and browse particular lessons. You can also try using MetaCafe which has tons of free TOEFL videos to help you prepare.

To end this post on the best TOEFL websites, try being creative about learning English. Some of the best ways to learn another language do not involve academic tests. For example, try listening to or even learning songs in English. Watching movies in English is also another great way to improve your level. There are many different ways which will help you master the language.

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