Deciding On Your University Degree: The Best Guide

Deciding on what to study at university or college is a pivotal point in anyone’s life. The decisions made at this young and ripe time will have a major effect on the years that follow. Of course, some people’s lives are influenced more by their university or college success than others. What you study ultimately doesn’t have to determine the rest of your life, but nevertheless, it’s still a big decision. It’s best to get it right (preferably the first time around), for further education isn’t cheap, and it’s an extra pain to pay back thousands on a degree or major which didn’t improve or affect your life like you thought it would. So, if you decide to take the extra step to university or college, make sure you step on solid ground.

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The following is some tips and information which should help you decide on what to study at university/college. With some careful planning and a thorough inspection of what the next few years might look like, choosing your major or degree might be one of the best and easiest decisions you ever made. Choose wisely!

Deciding On Your University Degree: A Guide

Do You Want To Do It and Are You Good At It?

So here’s where you need to start – the basics. You may be surprised at how many people choose their university degree without having the fundamental skills and/or desire for the subject. Making the choice for you university degree should be based on your skills and desire. Often, many people will choose their major having one of these, either skill or desire, but not both. This is fine, but it may lead to some future problems.

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The point is to try and choose something which you will both enjoy and excel at. If you find something that you will be good at, you can secure a sense of success, but not necessarily happiness. On the other hand, if you select something that you will enjoy, you can secure a sense of happiness, but not necessarily success. It’s a tricky one to suss out, but it demands thorough thought. Whatever you do, do not choose a major or university degree because your friends are doing it. Friends are not forever. If they do happen to last longer than the 3/4 years a major takes to complete, you may end up watching your friends become successful and happy, whilst you struggle to find work and/or be happy. Ultimately, it’s all about what you want, so think carefully.

Consider Your Career Path After Graduation

Naturally, when it’s all done and dusted, you’re thrown out into the big bad world. So, make sure you have a career plan when you’re on your own. Many university courses may offer certain things which won’t be needed for what you want to do. Therefore, make sure you really know everything about the courses. Furthermore, make sure you have a backup plan. If all doesn’t go like you thought it would, which is likely, your degree should hopefully be flexible. This means if you don’t get the desired job, you can still drift into something else until the dream job comes along. Ultimately, make sure you’re not left hopelessly unemployable after the ‘best days of your life’ come to a close. Always have a strategy.

Will This Degree Open You Up to Many Career Avenues?

As mentioned above, make sure your degree is ‘flexible’. By having a degree or a major which encompasses a lot of jobs within a specific career, you ultimately have a lot of career choices. Again, you may not get the job you dreamed of, but if that should happen, your degree can come to your rescue. You should never choose a course which offers only one very specific career avenue unless you have your heart set on it. All in all, the more job prospects your qualification will give you, the better.

Judge the Future Employment Market Well

The modern world is a fast and confusing world. Jobs and careers can change within a matter of a few years. So, make sure you know how worthy your major or university degree will be within the next 5 – 10 years. There’s nothing so disheartening than putting in a lot of effort to achieve your qualifications, only to discover that the job you want is no longer a decent or needed area. Some jobs can practically disappear overnight. Some jobs are increasing in worth. For example, from 1980 – 1990, jobs in computers exploded, and those who didn’t invest in computers were ultimately left out in the cold. The same goes for science-related qualifications, for the field of science is constantly evolving, and evolving quicker than ever before.

Basically, try to choose a university degree or major which will make you employable/needed in today’s world. You can judge this by keeping an eye on the latest news in your desired career. Technology is paramount in today’s society, as is science, and it’s also worth looking into public sector jobs. Keeping an eye on salary, benefits, and overall the availability is crucial to choosing a worthwhile university degree or college major.

Consider A Master’s/Ph.D./Further Education

Does your course offer steps to achieving a master, Ph.D., and other further education, after the initial course has ended? The reason why this is important is because of these days, almost everyone has a university degree. Not everyone has a master or a Ph.D. Unfortunately, therefore, in order to be more employable, you might have to splash out more and take the additional steps for a Masters or a Ph.D. This is a fairly recent phenomenon, and it’s worth considering. You will also have to seriously consider when you should undertake the further education. Many people find it almost impossible to pursue a Masters or a Ph.D. whilst they are employed. Stepping back into the student lifestyle in many cases means giving up your life, so think when’s the best time to attempt the further education.


There are many things to consider, but hopefully, these things will put you on the right track. Another thing to seriously consider is whether or not university or college is actually right for you. There are many successful and happy people out there who didn’t pursue higher education. Again, choose wisely.

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