Top 10 Apps To Know Your USCIS Case Status Instantly!

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is a vital component of American homeland security. Millions of people have been involved with the USCIS due to emigration, and at present, many are currently undergoing American Visa and citizenship processes. Thus, it is important to keep track of this process. Today, there are numerous apps which will track your American Visa or citizenship progress. Some apps are free, some apps may cost a small fee of a few dollars. In addition, of course, some apps are better than others.

The following apps have been selected from a wide bunch of USCIS case status apps. There are 10 in total which all have their positives and negatives. So, have a browse through them and decide which of them is most suitable for you.

The Top 10 USCIS Case Status Apps: A Review

  • Case Buddy Free

First on the list of USCIS case status apps, is free of charge Case Buddy. In its most simple form, Case Buddy tracks your USCIS status. It’s very easy to use and it won’t cost you a penny. The newest version is Case Buddy 2.1, and with this version, you receive the following:

1. The ability to add, edit or delete your cases.
2. PlaceĀ a friendly name to your cases.
3. Pull to refresh all cases or refresh individual cases.
4. Share case status via email.
5. Background case status update (Note: This is NOT a push notification. This completely depends on app usage frequency).
7. Visit various USCIS and DOS frequently visited sites with one touch.
8. Generate your I-94 history and export to PDF or print using AirPrint.
9. Look up your case status and export to PDF or print using AirPrint.
10. Remove Ads using the in-app purchase option.

  • Visa News

This app operates on the 13-digit receipt number issued by the USCIS. By using this digit, you can easily track all your cases and progress. With this app, you can also keep track of Visa bulletin news and other important Visa-related updates. This app is a product of Z3 technologies

  • USCIS Offices

Again, this app is not free – it costs $1.99 to download and use this app. However, this app is quite different to the rest of the USCIS case tracker apps. The USCIS Offices app searches for the offices and establishments which can help you with your Visa applications. In addition, and for example, you can search for and locate buildings that can help you with things such as fingerprinting. If you have trouble finding the places which help you with your USCIS applications, the USCIS Offices app is essential.


  • Case Status Lite

For a cost of $1.99, the Case Status Lite app will enable you to track all things regarding your USCIS applications. You can also access the official USCIS website with this app. Simply use your 13 digits issued by your application and you can track your Visa progress.

  • Case Status Plus

Perhaps the most expensive of all these USCIS case status apps, Case Status plus costs $3.99. So, why does it cost so much compared to the rest? With Case Status Plus, you can track up to 5 different applications at the one time. You can check recent status updates and current ongoing processes. You can also directly access the official USCIS website, just like Case Status Lite.

  • I-Tracker Lite Free

I-Tracker Lite is another free, quick and easy USCIS case tracking app. You can save and track up to 5 different USCIS applications at one time. It also operates using the 13 digit number issued by the authorities. Here are some of the positives using this free app:

  1. Save & Track all your USCIS Cases without having to log into the USCIS website.
  2. Easier navigation compared to opening websites on your mobile device.
  3. View Visa Bulletins.
  4. Store encrypted images of Notices & Cards you receive from USCIS.
  5. Receive free automated notifications when Cases & Bulletins get updated.
  6. Request Help with Documents Submission.
  7. Locate USCIS Offices, Service Centers & Civil Surgeons.
  • I-Tracker

For only $0.99, you can download the I-Tracker app and use its simple and effective features. It is step-up from the I-Tracker Lite app above. With this upgrade, you can store and keep track of up to 20 different USCIS applications. It is essentially the same as the above app, only the features are extended. In particular, the tracking of more applications is essentially what you are paying the 99 cents for.


  • Peter Loblack Law Firm Free

Peter Loblack is a prominent attorney figure in Florida. For those of you who are battling immigration issues in Florida, Peter Loblack and this app is a must. With his free app, you can receive important information and advice, as well as track your own Visa and emigration processes. Ultimately, with this app, you get a sense of personal protection and solid advice.

  • USCIS Case Tracker & Searcher Free

Here’s one of the best free USCIS case status apps on the app market. It is entirely free to use. This app supports all of the following USCIS case receipts: EAC, IOE, LIN, MSC, NBC*, SRC, and WAC. If there is an update on your case, the USCIS Case Tracker & Searcher will immediately notify you. In addition, you can also track the following:

I-485 (Adjustment Of Status)

I-140 (Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker)

I-131 (Application for Travel Document / Advanced Parole)

I-765 (Application for Employment Authorization)

N-400 (Application for Naturalization)

And the following: I-90, I-102, I-129F, I-290B, I-130, I-589, I-601, I-730, I-821D.


Another one of the great free USCIS case tracker apps unlike most of the rest, this app allows you to schedule important interviews with authorities. You can also receive important advice and updates on USCIS laws and other news. It is also designed to help businesses with immigration laws. In sum, it is an app which offers quality advice to both individual people and corporations, whilst offering help in scheduling important appointments.

All of the above apps are in no particular order, and none of them will necessarily break the bank. Most of them are simple tracking apps, whilst others track official authorities and source a wealth of information from official law firms.

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