123movies Certainly Delivers the Cinematic Goods

123movies Certainly Delivers the Cinematic Goods
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It’s a well-established fact that movies are consumed and loved across the world. Throughout the years, things have gone from the cinema to the internet. Between that, you can also bring the cinema to your phone or any other modern gadget. The possibilities of watching movies are certainly growing, which now turns our attention to the internet. 123Movies.is is just one of thousands of sites out there which can bring you great movies online for free. From traveling to the cinema and spending money to sitting at home and clicking a button, you can now watch great movies within seconds thanks to great websites like 123Movies.is


A few months back 123movies.is changed its domain to gomovies.is but now it is again changed to gostream.is as the owner was facing some problems. But now finally it is working fine and you can again stream your favorite movies on this site. Gostream came with a purely different theme which impressed me a lot but regarding the user interface, there are not many changes.

So, what’s so great about it? The following is a review of the goods which gostream has to offer. If you’re not already familiar with the online cinematic world, gostream.is is a good place to begin. On the contrary, if you’re a seasoned online film-viewer, gostream could become a new favorite for you to frequent. Let’s get stuck in and see what it has to offer.

Gostream.is- Watch Movies Online Free

Tell Me About the Movies

Of course, the most important thing is to showcase the wealth of movies, and gostream certainly has a lot. Many of the featured movies on this site are recent releases. You can bet that you will find most of the newest Hollywood blockbusters right at your fingertips. There are literally thousands of movies to choose from, and many genres to browse through, too. As well as new greats, you can also find the old classics. Search through latest movies, requested movies, or dip into the many selections of genres of country-movie options. Ultimately, gostream has very little that you won’t find. Or, in other words, if gostream doesn’t have it, not many other sites probably have it either.

Another point worth noting about this site is that it also offers TV series. There is a grand total of 112 TV series pages, with 40 titles on every page. You can do the math – that is a lot of TV series to choose from. In addition, the cherry on top is that many of these TV series are also some of the most popular, new releases.

HD Options on 123movies

You can find many movies which come with the option to view in HD. The HD icon is also quite easy to find. On the homepage, for example, all movies are clearly stamped with either ‘CAM’ or ‘HD’. Furthermore, on the A-Z list of movies, all movies have a status, which declares them as HD or not.

Using the Site / Usability and Graphics

Sometimes a website can offer a lot, but it can also trip up its users due to its complicated and messy nature. If a site is not well kept, it becomes a mess and therefore a nightmare for users to search through. With gostream, however, this is not the case. Everything on this site is very neatly displayed. Everything is quite visual, meaning, for example, you don’t have to read much to know that you’re on the right track, or that you’ve chosen the right movie. In other words, the use of thumbnails or images will help you navigate your search.

Let’s take the homepage, for example. The use of visual displays sends a strong message of professionalism. The homepage abounds with information. There are headings which will open up your search massively for you, helping you find what you’re looking for. The use of drop-down boxes with the headings is both attractive, effective and saves time. All in all, the creators of this site have certainly put a lot of time into beautifying their site’s appearance, and it has truly paid off.

Extra Positives Unique To the Site

IMDb: Like most great movie sites, IMDb is included as an added movie guide. If you’re not familiar with IMDb, the IMDb website is perhaps the most popular online movie database, where movie lovers share their ratings and view information about all things cinema. On gostream, IMDb ratings are included to give you a broader perspective.

Movie News: On the homepage, as well as through its own section, you can view movie news, showcasing all the latest happenings regarding the film.

Request: If you haven’t found a movie that you’re searching for, you can alternatively ask for it through the request page. Many users of the website have done just that, and as a result, you can browse through the requested page, which holds an array of different movies which users have shouted for.

Free Music: The best of both worlds – movies and music, gostream also offer free music and this can be found on the homepage headings. On clicking, you will be directed to 123Music, which is effectively the musical equivalent website of gostream.

Resume Playing?: Say you begin a movie, but watch only 15 minutes because you fell asleep. The following day you want to recommence, but you can’t remember where you left off exactly. No problem! 123Movies.is tracks exactly where you stopped and offers you the choice to begin watching where you had ended. Like a bookmarker, this addition to the site is one of my favorites.

The Video Player

There are not many video players out there which are as attractive and useful as the gostream.is a video player. It has all you need: HD options, enlargement, use of night mode (a personal favorite, which dims all background light for a dark feel). There are options for different servers beneath, in case the gostream server doesn’t suit you, and there is also a comments section, a movie recommendations section (“you may also like”) and a wealth of information on the movie.

The video player

So concludes my review of gostream….. Just a heads up – like many other movie sites, there are ads and pop ups which may irritate. But, all things considered, they’re worth dealing with in order to be rewarded with a free, quality movie. 123Movies which is now changed to gostream will certainly deliver the cinematic goods, more so than many other free movie sites on the web, so get stuck in!

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