Review: More Than Your Average Movie Streaming Site

Movie streaming sites are without a doubt both a major pleasure and a major concern online. On the one hand, we have free thousands of free movies which we can watch at any point within the comfort of our own homes. On the other hand, there are numerous instances of copyright and piracy laws being infringed, as well as movie streaming websites which wreak havoc on users through scams and viruses. All in all, there are both positives and negatives when it comes to watching movies online. But not to worry, for we at Filmbiz are here to help guide you away from such havoc. We understand that movie streaming websites are often unreliable – some are solid one week, and malicious the next, or perhaps even vanished from the web. In this, the constant pursuit of the perfect movie streaming website, we are here to help.

So with so many free movie sites popping up and disappearing as the days roll on, it can be hard to solidify a go-to website and one which we can┬átrust to constantly deliver. One such website that we believe is both of top quality and trustworthy, is Alluc ( Surprisingly, this great movie website isn’t as well known as other big names, like 123movies and Putlocker. This gem has been quietly lurking in the realms of the web away from our sight. On conducting the initial research, this website has been received a lot of positive reviews. On further inspection, Alluc is a little bit different than what you would normally expect from a free movies website. With Alluc, the operation is more of a search engine based service. Don’t be put off by this, for it actually works out quite well, as we will now explain.

In a nutshell, Alluc is a movie streaming search engine. In other words, it’s much like the Google version of the free movie world. Alluc searches and retrieves many millions of movies from across the thousands of free movies websites. Basically, with this website, you have all the many thousands of free movie websites under one domain name. From obscure free movie sites to Youtube, this website scours the web in search of what you want, and you can trust that it will deliver. It’s all very straightforward. Review: More Than Your Average Movie Streaming Site

So, if you are in search of a trustworthy free movies streaming website, allow us now to fully introduce you to the Alluc website. The following review compiles all the information we feel that you need to know when using the website. From the best features to the terms and conditions, we hope this review will have you comfortably watching movies in no time.

Do I Have To Sign Up In Order To Use This Site?

The short answer is no. No account is required in order to watch anything on this site. In fact, there isn’t even an option to sign up. Alluc is free for all to visit and use at their own will, no hassle involved.

Will Anything On This Site Cost Me Money?

This website remains loyal to its title as being a ‘free movie streaming’ website. Nothing on this website will cost you any money. You can visit as a first-timer and watch whatever you like without having to either sign up or pay any money. It’s couldn’t be easier.

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How Exactly Does This Site Work?

As mentioned above, Alluc is practically a free movies search engine. The website layout is very basic, which works in its favour as a search engine. Simply search a movie title, and the website will fetch literally thousands of results. All you have to then do is choose which one best suits you and then begin watching. Furthermore, you can filter your results according to language and server (the results page can become quite extensive).

Can I Download Movies Through This Site?

If you want to download your movies, unfortunately you can’t do it through this site. There are no options for downloading with Alluc. This website is streaming only, which should be sufficient considering the great job it does.

What Is the Selection Of Movies Like?

Well, it’s hard to pin down what exactly this website can offer without saying ‘everything’. Furthermore, it’s not so much a ‘selection’. A select number of movies haven’t been ‘chosen’ to feature on this site. The reason for this is because Alluc searches the entire web for all videos related to your search. This means it basically throws the net out into the internet and draws in everything. To cut to the chase, Alluc offers millions of videos. From the latest releases just fresh out of cinemas, to movies that were born before the modern cinema, you are sure to find whatever it is you want with this website. As mentioned before, the results can be quite extensive, which is not necessarily a bad thing. In sum, if Alluc doesn’t have it – the internet itself doesn’t have it.

Are There More Than Just Movies On Offer With This Site?

Absolutely. As you know by now, Alluc pulls in all videos from the internet – movies, documentaries, TV series – whatever can be classified as a moving image is not out of the reach of this website. This website offers just the same services with TV series and documentaries as it does with movies. Thus, you will find the freshest and best things in TV just as you will find the freshest and best in cinema.

Anything Else Worth Mentioning?

Alluc does a great job of organising search results. As there are heaps of movies which can arrive through the results, you also have extensive options to narrow these results. On the left, you will find a language filter (watch in many languages), a server/website, a series (if applicable), and more.


And so there you have it! One of the best movie sites which isn’t quite a movie site, or, a movie site which differs from the rest – both in quality and in looks.

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