ArcGames: More Than Your Average Video Games Site?

One thing that has left its footprint on modern civilization more so than anything else is technology. When it came to entertainment, we once had only the physical world on offer. Now, we have a whole technological world full of possibilities. There is rarely any boundaries when it comes to online and digital entertainment, and at the speed that technology is progressing at, it seems that boundaries are being broken by the day. One such form of entertainment that has we humans hooked for a few decades, and a form of entertainment which is rapidly evolving, is video games. We all remember the classic games of Tetris and Space Invaders. Now, we have online multiplayer games and video games that come close to replicating real life. It’s no wonder that most of the planet is captivated by video games.

In the past decade or so, video games have taken a massive leap in terms of quality. From modern warfare to driving a Ferrari through the streets of LA, video games has brought us closer to our dreams than ever before. Thus, it’s no surprise that millions of us are spending lots of money and hours dedicated to video games. A lot of the money spent on video games is through online purchases. Furthermore, a lot of the actual playing is now done online. There are many great websites out there which can introduce to you the best in modern gaming, and one particular website which we at Filmbiz would like to introduce to you is ArcGames ( This website is not the typical website where you can buy and receive your average Playstation or Xbox game. This website, on the contrary, enables you to play online with the website.

ArcGames: More Than Your Average Video Games Site?

As we know, there are thousands of online gaming sites. However, not many of them are at the same level as ArcGames. This website is designed to give people the best online experience in games, without having to purchase the console, the equipment, and all the games that come with it. In many ways, it’s an online community of gamers open to anyone who is interested. What we are left with is a range of excellent games, from multiplayer sagas to fantasy epics. So if you’re a fan of gaming, whether it be online or in general, this website has a lot to offer. The following review of the official ArcGames website will point out to you all the best features, the information on all the games, plus all you need to know when it comes to using the site.

Do I Have To Sign Up In Order To Use This Site?

You can create an account if you wish and it’s completely free. For some parts of the website, though not all sections, an account is required. ArcGames also stresses that you must be over 13 years of age in order to sign up to this website. Once you sign up, you can then manage your worlds, receive personal notifications on all the happenings in the ArcGames community, and also message your friends and teammates through the website’s messenger service. (Yes, you could potentially make lasting friends through this website).

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What Games Are On Offer?

An important thing to mention is that the games offered here are not like, say, for example, Call of Duty or GTA. Instead, the games on offer, like Neverwinter, are fantasy multiplayer games. At present, the top 5 games on this website are Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, PWI, Blacklight: Retribution, and Forsaken World. So, if you like MMO fantasy games, this website is perfect for you.

How Do I Play the Games?

If you have created an account and you’re still baffled because you find yourself unable to play, don’t worry. You must download the ArcGames software from the website. This can be found at the top of the page – ‘Install Arc’, which is placed next to the sign in info and the language options. Once downloaded, you are good to go. Please also note that ArcGames recommends using a desktop for these games as opposed to laptops. Desktops contain better technology for the games, allowing better gameplay overall.

What Are the Benefits Of Using This Site (As Opposed To Having A Console, For Example)?

One of the obvious advantages is of course not having to purchase the console, the controllers, and all the other equipment. With ArcGames, everything you need is on the site. Another great thing is that you can save your campaigns, your created characters and worlds, and so forth. (There are no Playstation memory cards needed here folks!) ArcGames allows you to basically create your own gaming experience and safely keep it within the website. Nature is in the name (‘arc’). Furthermore, and importantly, a lot of the games here are free to play. Plus, for the games that are not free, the cost is fairly low. All of the information on prices will now be discussed in the following heading.

What Are the Best Features On This Site?

The best thing about this website is that you can create and manage your own other-worldly community. This, in fact, is the very essence of ArcGames. Once you have downloaded the software, you can also use the support provided by the website, in case you should need help, and you can also message your friends and receive notifications when something important takes place. Another great thing is that you can purchase points through the ‘billing section of the website’. At a certain cost, these points will help you race ahead of the competition. To do so, you must first activate your account and enter your unique code. Once all that is taken care of, you are free to purchase those sweet points.


All things considered, ArcGames is a fantastic place for lovers of MMO and fantasy to get involved. With such a great online community of like-minded gamers on this site, it would be silly not to give it at least a try.


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