Review: Need A Hotel Or A Place To Stay?

It’s a fundamental fact that when you are booking a holiday, trip, adventure, whatever the case may be, you need a good place to stay. Location is key, utilities are important, and an inexpensive price is imperative. All in all, if your accommodation is not up to par with your expectations, your exciting time away could potentially become a pain. In short, you need to grab yourself a great hotel. When searching online, there are thousands of websites that can do this for you. However, one website which is at the forefront of online booking is If you have ever booked accommodation online, the chances are you’ve probably already used this site. If you have never used this site before, it’s worth looking into, which we at Filmbiz are here to do for you in this review.

At present, boasts of featuring around 1,196,501 hotels across the world. Very few hotels on our globe are not featured on, and likewise, there aren’t very many countries, cities or areas that you won’t find through this website. indeed covers a lot of ground, and it also does a good job in finding the best hotels for your needs. This website is essentially a large online search engine dedicated to hotels. The premise couldn’t be more straightforward, and it is often the first website anybody will try when in search of accommodation for some time away. Furthermore, with so many hotels featured on this site, it’s almost guaranteed that you will find something that suits you. With so many hotels featured in a range of destinations, a visit to should solidify your accommodation. Review: Need A Hotel Or A Place To Stay?

Just a quick note before we get started on the review: when in search of accommodation, there are some other alternatives. One alternative is Airbnb, which, in case you have never heard of it before, is a website which also deals in accommodation, but instead of hotels, Airbnb focuses on property renting. This means you can stay in somebody’s own private property, whether it be a home, an apartment, a room in a mansion, a log cabin – the possibilities are endless. If you would like to know more about the Airbnb website, please feel free to read our review here on Filmbiz. As for now, the following is an in-depth look at the website. All the best features and how to information is featured below. Happy searching and hopefully happy booking!

Do I Have To Sign Up In Order To Use This Site?

You don’t have to sign up with the site in order to book a place to stay. But, when you do book a place to stay, you will have to provide a range of details, which is much the same as signing up. If you would like to sign up to the site, it’s free. You will find the ‘register’ option at the top of the page next to login. By signing up, you can book a lot faster as your details are already provided. You will also receive exclusive deals via email.

Will the Services On This Site Cost Me Money?

Nothing on this site will cost you any money – except, of course, booking your hotel. offers all of its services for free, and all you have to do is book your place to stay.

How Do I Book A Place?

It’s very simple. From the homepage, you will use the search box. Enter a destination, a check in date and a check-out date, number of rooms, and number of adults and/or children. The results will be many, and all you have to do is choose the right one. You can narrow your search according to the least expensive, closest to your location, and so forth. When your place is booked, you will receive a confirmation email.

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When Booking A Place, Bear In Mind…

Bear in mind that you often ‘reserve’ a place rather than pay for it. This means that the room is yours, but you will pay on the property. This is the case with most of the properties featured on this site. If this is not the rule, the website will state it as so. You must enter your credit card details, just like you would like you are paying, but this is only to reserve your stay.

In addition, when choosing where to stay, you should look at the ‘house rules’. There is a range of information that is listed on this website in regards to accommodation. The important stuff you must note are the house rules, the perks or amenities (such as WiFi, breakfast, and so on), and check in and check out times. All the important information is there, so please look out for it and get familiar with it when booking.

Are There Only Hotels To Book Featured On This Site?

This site deals mainly in hotels, but this doesn’t mean that other properties don’t quality. You will find bed and breakfasts and other forms of accommodation with In short, hotels are the main focus, but not the only properties on offer.

List Your Property With

On the flipside, you can place your property on this site for booking. You will find ‘List Your Property’ at the top of the page next to Register. Follow the instructions and you could gain some customers thanks to this website.

Any Special Features On This Site Worth Mentioning?

There are many additional features. There are numerous filter options, recommendations, reviews and ratings from past guests, and much more nice features that will give you a well-informed picture of your accommodation.

Conclusion may very well be the leading website in online accommodation booking. It’s hard to avoid when booking accommodation online, but the fact is, it should be avoided, for it offers so much in the way of accommodation. All in all, this website should be included in your hunt for accommodation and will often come to your aid.

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