CMoviesHD Review: An Analysis of This Free Movie Streaming Site

It’s no secret that the internet has millions of free movies stored on many free movie sites. Many of us may already have a go-to website when in search of a free movie or TV series. However, with so many such websites popping up and disappearing by the day, it’s difficult to find a reliable free movies website. Due to piracy concerns and other lawful measures, your favorite movie’s website could be available one day and gone the next. So, we at Filmbiz feel like it is our duty to recommend people to some of the best free movie websites that are currently functioning and available to all. One such free movies website which we would like to introduce to you today is CMoviesHD (

This website name has been around for quite some time. However, as aforesaid, due to piracy and copyright reasons, the website has had to reform and improve itself. At present, and something which you might want to remember is that this website claims to be totally legal. Importantly, in regards to the mentioned piracy and copyright, CMoviesHD officially states on its website that it does not actually host any files on its server. All movies found here are linked to third party movie sites. This allegedly means that CMoviesHD is not lawfully responsible for illegal copyright. As for the website’s content, CMoviesHD is in many ways what you expect a free movies website to be. CMoviesHD offers many of the latest releases, from movies fresh out of cinemas to big hits from the past few years. (You can also find some older classics).

CMoviesHD Review: An Analysis of This Free Movie Streaming Site

All that being said, there is still more to be found within the CMoviesHD website. If you would like to potentially use this website in the near future, the following review will outline all you need to know, from signing up, to actually watching the movies and more.

Do I Have To Sign Up In Order To Use This Site?

In order to watch anything on this site, an account is not necessarily required. Signing up to this site is completely free and optional. You can visit this site once, watch your movie, and never return if you so wish. On the other hand, there is the option to sign up, and if you do so, you can enjoy “use the full range of functions” available and stream all the movies displayed on the site. This may sound like there are may be restrictions on some of the movies. But, having used this site for quite some time, I have never been prompted to sign up.

Will Anything On This Site Cost Me Money?

By all means, CMoviesHD is a free movies website. There are no hidden tricks here. All the movies are free to watch, as is signing up to the website. In sum, at no point should you be entering your card details on this website (and if you do so, which is not likely, be wary of a scam).

What Kind Of Movies Are On Offer?

With this website, there is a wide array of movies to choose from. From the most popular titles from classic Hollywood to the Academy Award winners at this year’s Oscar’s awards ceremonies, you are sure to find something you will enjoy with CMoviesHD. To access the plethora of free movies, the headings are the most useful way to do so. In the movies section, you can view all the amazing free movies presented in a mosaic of thumbnails. At present, there are 30 movies per page and a staggering amount of 385 pages. This makes a grand total of around 11,550 movies on offer with this website. In addition, as the website’s name suggests, all these movies are available to watch in high definition.

When searching, you can narrow your search by quite a bit through using the helpful filter options. With this, you can select the movie quality – HD, standard, CAM, 720p, and so on – film type, genre, country, release year, and sort by most popular, latest releases, and more. You can also have a look at all the movies through the homepage. You will find here the movies placed into sections, such as recommended movies, most watched today, top rated movies, top IMBd-rated movies, latest movies, and requested movies. In sum, CMoviesHD has a huge pile of movies, and with the great browsing features, you can browse this selection fairly easily.

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Can I Download the Movies?

There are links which display the download sign. However, these links will direct you to third-party websites, which, I suspect, are not legitimate. In my personal opinion, it’s best to ignore these download links and instead only stream the movies. Such download links are most likely malicious and containing viruses.

Is This Website A Movies-Only Website?

Despite what the website name suggests, this website also allows you to watch TV series. You can find the TV section by using the headings. Here, the TV series are in the same fashion as the movies section, including the same filter options. At the moment, there are again 30 titles per page, and in regards to the total amount of featured TV series, there are 143 pages, making a grand total of around 4,290 TV series to choose from. In addition, in the same way as the movies, you will find sections for TV on the homepage.

Anything Else On This Site Worth Mentioning?

One of the best aspects of this site is the aforementioned filter/search options. Rarely has a movie website got such an extensive list of options? On the other hand, as with most free movies websites, there is an annoying amount of pop ups. With a bit of patience, however, they can be ignored, and you can enjoy a great, free movie.


To sum it up, CMoviesHD is a forerunner when it comes to free movies websites. As a word of advice – try using it while it still lasts.


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