Dollar Tree Review: Only One Dollar For All the Great Items

We all love a good bargain, and where better to find them than on the thousands of websites online. Some websites may only feature a particular sales or clearance section of a website, but there are however websites which are dedicated completely to bargains alone. One such website that serves up some amazing bargains is Dollar Tree ( This website attracts a lot of people due to one very simple but amazing premise. That premise is – everything on this site is one dollar. That’s right, all products sold by this site cost no more than $1, which makes it a great place to shop if you’re in search of some great handy items that won’t break the bank. The premise is exactly like your normal pound store, only you don’t have to go anywhere. Plus, there’s much more on offer through the website.

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In fact, Dollar Tree is an official brand that owns many stores throughout the United States. You might even have a store near you. This company has around 60 years worth of history. From small beginnings in a store in Virginia, Dollar Tree has expanded into many large department stores throughout America. At present, the company owns around 5,000 official stores, and one very special website. With around 6 billion dollars worth of revenue and at one dollar per item, this company has sold a lot of products. The items sold range from common domestic items, such as mops and glasses, to fun merchandise, like party supplies. This company has all the small things that many stores leave out, and all of it is only a dollar each.

There are thousands of items of all shapes and sizes, so you can definitely find something useful when it comes to Dollar Tree. If you’re already familiar with the Dollar Tree stores, you will be pleased to know that the website¬†does much the same as the physical store, only a little more. On the other hand, if you haven’t shopped here before, please allow us to introduce you. The following review will unveil all the aspects of the Dollar Tree website that you should know about when it comes to shopping there.

Dollar Tree Review: Only One Dollar For All the Great Items

Do I Have To Sign Up In Order To Use This Site?

No account is required if you just want to buy something. It is not mandatory, but there are some advantages to signing up to this site. If you sign up for an account with Dollar Tree (which is free), you can speed up your purchasing process, check your order status at any time, create a shipping address order book, write your own product review, and join the ‘value seekers club’. You can also order by phone – 1-887-530.

Is This Website Of Any Use To Me If I Do Not Reside In the United States?

Unfortunately, Dollar Tree does not offer international shipping. Therefore, if you are purchasing from outside of the United States, Dollar Tree cannot deliver your items. At present, this company ships to the 48 contiguous states, plus Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

What Items Are On Sale Here?

On the website, you can browse by department or by business. The department sections include household, floral and home decor, food, candy and drinks, party supplies, health and beauty, office and school, and more. Each of these categories has many more subcategories, so there is a lot on offer. As for the business categories, you can browse florists and gift shops, restaurants, bars and hospitality, weddings, caterings and events, care facilities, religious and non-profit organizations, and cleaning services. In sum, you can find anything from mugs and party hats to bath sponges and classroom decorations. Also try browsing the many sections on the homepage, such as items of the week, popular products, and more.

Will Anything On This Site Cost More Than A Dollar?

Technically, all items cost only a dollar – this is true. However, some items you must buy in bulk. This means, for example, a water bottle cannot be bought on its own but must be purchased in a pack of four, thus costing four dollars instead of one. Effectively, each water bottle is only a dollar, but in total, you’re paying for four. Plus, there is a small handling fee which you must pay for when checking out. (Plus shipping fees and tax to be added to the overall costs).

Returns and Refunds Policy Information

If you are unhappy with your item, Dollar Tree, unfortunately, does not offer any refunds. On the other hand, the company claims that they will ‘gladly’ give you an exchange if your item is unopened. If your item is not what you expected it to be, damaged, or any other problem, contact Dollar Tree’s customer support center and they will try their best to resolve the issue. The contact number for customer support is 1-887-530-8733.

Delivery/Shipping Information

When it comes to delivery, there are mainly three options. The first one is the basic option, UPS Ground Delivery, which will take around 4 – 5 working days to deliver. Another option is express shipping via UPS Air, which is quicker, delivering your item within 2 – 3 working days. The final option is really one worth considering. If you have your order shipped to your local or nearest Dollar Tree store, you can have it delivered there for free. All you then have to do is collect it in store. The delivery time for this is around 7 – 10 working days.

Anything Else Worth Mentioning?

There is also a heading on the website for tips and ideas (DIY crafts, celebrations, etc.). You can also browse the Dollar Tree ads and catalogs from the website headings. If you don’t know where your local Dollar Tree store is, use the store locator at the top of the page.


All things considered, Dollar Tree has a plethora of items of all shapes and sizes that couldn’t be much cheaper. For all the little things that some stores miss, this website has truly got you covered.

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