eTrailer Review: Vehicle Accessories, Trailer Hitches and More

There comes a time in almost everybody’s life when they are a proud owner of a vehicle. With such pride comes a responsibility to your vehicle, which means keeping it in great working condition. Taking care of your vehicle and equipping it with high-quality accessories is something that a lot of people invest in. Indeed, it can make a huge difference to your car and can restore, if not boost your vehicle’s performance and appearance, and therefore your pride in your driving machine. So, when in search of the best accessories for the job, where can you go? It may be difficult to find such gear depending on where you live. Luckily, the internet has a lot of great websites which sell top of the range accessories and other equipment for your vehicle. One website, in particular, is eTrailer, which we at would like to now introduce.

eTrailer ( is an American company which has around 70 years of experience behind them. The company started out humbly at the end of the second world war and has since grown to be one of the leading sellers in vehicle accessories. One of the great aspects of this company and website is the overall sense of personal service. This company claims to work with its customers every step of the way, providing one-to-one service as well as many customization services. All in all, this company is dedicated to customer satisfaction and takes real care to ensure that all customers and their vehicles are dealt with in class and with confidence. The company has carried out over 35,000 personal installations on vehicles, as well as more than 400 hours of training. It’s safe to say, these guys know what it takes to service a car.

eTrailer Review: Vehicle Accessories, Trailer Hitches and More

eTrailer is suited to many different types of vehicles. With such excellent customer services, you can rest assured that the team at eTrailer are behind you every step of the way, and are employing all the knowledge and skill when building and customizing the many vehicle parts. So, if you need a reliable company to attach a towing accessory onto your vehicle, or trailer parts, bike racks, and so forth, let us now fully introduce you to their official website. The following review provided by us at Filmbiz outlines all the important aspects of the eTrailer website, as well as the information you need to know when using their site. With our guidance, we hope you can have your vehicle parts fitted in no time.

What Cars Are Eligible For The Services?

There is a wide range of vehicles eligible for services/products available for a wide range of vehicles. At the bottom of the page, the website displays the following vehicles that you can ‘shop by’: car, wagon, SUV/Jeep, minivan, truck, and RV/camper. There are many different items for sale within each of the vehicle categories, which is duly explained in the following paragraph.

What Exactly Is On Sale?

The website’s headings display the following options: towing, sports and recreation, trailer, vehicle, RV and camper, and our brands. Each of these headings has many subheadings which display more items for sale. Below is a range of some of the items available for sale within each category:

Towing: hitches, towing components (ball mounts, wiring, and more), enhancement accessories (brake controllers, towing mirrors, coolers, transmission and oil accessories, and more), tow bars, hitch accessories, and shop by the type of towing.

Sports and Recreation: cargo (carriers, boxes, etc.), cycling (bike racks, locks, storage, accessories), off-roading accessories (winches, recovery straps, etc.), snow sports accessories, and water sports accessories.

Trailer: tires and wheels, brakes and hubs, lights, parts, cargo and accessories, and you can also shop by trailer brand (camper, trailer, landscape, etc.)

Vehicle: racks and cargo, exterior accessories (boards, airbag suspension, vehicle lights, and more), interior accessories (floor mats, seat covers, and more), performance accessories (coolers, mud flaps, and more), and emergency supplies (tire chains, recovery straps, etc.)

RV and Camper: exterior accessories (stabilizers, jacks, levelers, etc), storage, campsite and patio (grills and fire pits, and more), replacement parts, and interior accessories (furniture, electronics, and more).

Our Brands: Roadmaster, Taskmaster, Konig, Yakima, Rhino-Rack, Truxedo, Erickson, Tekonsha, and many more brands.

Is This Website Of Any Use To Me If I Do Not Reside In the United States?

Unfortunately, if you live outside of the United States, there are shipping restrictions. This website does not offer international shipping. For more information on delivery and shipping, see the following paragraph.

Delivery and Shipping Information

As mentioned above, this company does not ship outside of the United States. There are however only a few exceptions to this rule. eTrailer ships to the following places: The United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, and FPO or APO addresses. Shipping costs will vary from order to order. If you want to check how much it will all cost before purchase, simply add the item to your cart and proceed to checkout. All the costs information will be found here. As for delivery and shipping times, all deliveries are done by UPS. Delivery times will of course vary depending on your location. However, you can track your order through the website.

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Returns and Refunds Information

You can return your item within 60 days of receiving it, provided that your item is unused. To begin the return process, first, contact the customer service team to receive a return authorization number. Then following the instructions set out by the customer service team. A full refund is guaranteed if all guidelines are followed. The website urges customers to allow 14 days for the receiving of the refund. For full information, visit the ‘ordering information’ page. This can be found by clicking on the ‘100% satisfaction guarantee’ at the bottom of the page.


All things considered, eTrailer is a dedicated company who have been in the business for a long time. They have an amazing range of items on sale, as well as excellent customer service and customization services. If you love your vehicle, you should give them a try!

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