YouTube Is Also A Free Movie Streaming Website?

It’s one of the most popular websites in the world, used by billions of people on a daily basis, but not all of us know the full potential of YouTube. In its most simple form, YouTube offers videos. However, these videos are often short, often no longer than 10 minutes in length. Furthermore, most of the videos viewed on YouTube are much shorter than that. Music videos, funny snippets, and instructional videos are rarely longer than 10 – 15 minutes. Therefore, we have come to know video as a video streaming site – videos which won’t take up a lot of your time. This is a far cry from what YouTube can also offer – that is, free movie streaming.

By this, we mean full feature length movies, lasting longer than an hour, sometimes two or three. Aren’t there already websites out there which offer free movie streaming? Of course, there are, and there are in fact thousands. The point is, not many people are aware of the great things that can be found on YouTube. In many cases, YouTube is just as good as your average free movie streaming website. It is also a lot safer, eliminating viruses and hazardous links, not to mention easier to use. Therefore, why isn’t everyone using YouTube to search for movies, instead of wandering through the many mines that are the dodgy free movie streaming websites? That’s what we are here to guide you towards, for YouTube has lots to offer besides two-minute videos of funny pets.

Is Youtube  Also A Free Movie Streaming Website?

In regards to ‘dodgy free movie streaming websites‘, there are of course some reliable ones out there which you can use. If you are indeed interested in free movie streaming, please feel free to browse our many reviews on such websites.


Not Free YouTube Movie Streaming

YouTube attracts users who are willing to pay for their movies. These movies are supplied by YouTube and are therefore 100% legal to watch. There is a Movies section on YouTube, and it contains many of the biggest names in cinema. Recent Hollywood blockbusters will cost you somewhere between $2.49 – $3.49 a viewing. If this interests you, you can sign up to YouTube for free and then simply select the movie you want to watch and follow the payment guidelines.

You won’t find popular, recent blockbusters on YouTube for free. This website is always heavily monitored at all times. Thus, if anyone should attempt to upload something that has been released within the past 10 – 20 years, the administrators at YouTube will not allow it onto their system due to copyright law. (If you should ever find a recent release uploaded onto YouTube, free to watch, consider yourself lucky and take your chance, for it won’t remain there for long).

Free YouTube Movie Streaming

Before we get any further into what YouTube can do in regards to free movies, please note that there are free movies on YouTube and movies which you must pay for. The free movies are those which have been uploaded by YouTube user accounts. The movies which you pay for are those which have been officially provided by YouTube itself. (There is more on this in the following section).

For now, YouTube is in many ways an unexplored treasure chest full of hidden movies. As mentioned, the free movies are uploaded by the users themselves. Therefore, you never know what you could find here. Many of the movies to be found are obscure classics. This is good news for those of you who love a good obscure French New Wave movie. Independent cinema finds its way onto many rare corners of the internet, and one such corner is indeed YouTube. Foreign movies are also in abundance here complete with subtitles. All in all, there is a motley collection of movies, all free to watch, and some which you probably won’t find in the most praiseworthy free movie streaming websites.

To watch these movies, it’s the same as watching any other clip on YouTube. No sign ups are required. You will often find some false movies too, just to let you know. These clips will often display an official poster or image of the movie in question, will also be the correct length in minutes, but will play nothing but more than an hour of that one single image. If you’re confused when this happens, the most likely occurrence here is that the movie clip was removed due to copyright issues.

Not Just Movies But Also TV Shows

Just like all the movies it has to offer, YouTube also contains the yin to the yang. There are many TV series and episodes to be found here, both free to watch and not free but to be paid for. Again, there is a TV shows section of the YouTube website. An episode will cost you less than a movie – often $1.99 per episode. Of course, on the other hand, there is the free TV series to watch. Again just like the movies, these TV series are often obscure classics. (Personally, I managed to watch the entire series of Freaks and Geeks a few years ago, all through YouTube, for free). All in all, you must search in the right places and search well. There are some gems in there ready to be fished out.

YouTube Sources/Where Do These Movies Come From?

For the YouTube Movies and TV Shows section of the website, these movies are provided by official sources. All copyright laws are kept in these cases. This is much the same as watching movies or TV shows on Amazon Prime or Netflix. On the other hand, the free things are supplied by the YouTube users. This could indeed be anyone. However, YouTube does, in fact, offer some official movies and TV shows for free streaming. Again, you must know where to look.


More people should be using YouTube for movies and TV shows. Besides this, there are also full-length documentaries to be found, proving that YouTube has many goodies waiting to be discovered.


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